Monday, June 29, 2015

Shark synch related to Terrorist attacks and envious people

shark attacks in the news


it's terrible and insidious enemies you will face in life. Chasing and attacking predators mean imminent failure, because you fall into despair. Sharks, frolic in the clean, clear water, mean that at the time, while you enjoy blagodenstvuete and sorority some envious person wants to deprive you of peace and happiness. Dead shark symbolizes the return of calm and well-being.

So this morning I have had many synchs with this related to the news and the line of "some envious person wants to deprive you of peace and happiness" is very close to home with someone that hates Pam and therefore me also because of their hate for Pam. This person lies at the drop of a hat to influence others looking for reason to hate. We just ignore them and wait for the SPIRIT to turn the tables as usually occurs. I also see this as related to those that hate America because of our prosperity and freedom and want to find a way to "deprive you [us/Americans] of Peach and Happiness."
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Newest Cycle of Presumption


Story of last years rejection and presumption

Story of 2011 rejection and presumption that led to the prediction on May 21st of the coming storm on my father's death date



This years rejection and intentional misunderstanding by those that hate SPIRIT

May 21st is a spiritual end date for one world and beginning of another based on what the SPIRIT will create.

This year Pam and I began our new life in the cabin on that date and we were hated and intentionally rejected by a group of folks
around here in the same way of the presumptuous of 2011. These presumptuous laugh at the fact that we said these things even happened 
and their egos will not even allow them to look at what they laugh at. But on the other hand there is a group of folks we have met
that know already in their hearts that this is true via their own life experiences. The Folk Medicine Festival the other day in
Red Boiling Springs was a meeting of many folks we met that we are in common with. 

Now I awake the working of the SPIRIT here among these people in Tennessee.