Tuesday, September 22, 2015

To read a book and claim "God's authority" without knowing THE SPIRIT is the same as ISIS


To read a book and claim "God's authority" without knowing THE SPIRIT is the same as ISIS. The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I on this planet. We should never have been taught Shame or Blame, remember the pain in Your secret garden? You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears and like a veil You have hidden yourself from ME! The SPIRIT through Jesus is not the interpretation you demand others worship. Consider this: It was the SPIRIT through Jesus speaking saying "I am the way" All who worship the interpretation without actually knowing SPIRIT.... NEVER KNEW ME! These are they that have been caught in a net. Google dnatree presumption

When I walk I reconnect with SPIRIT and remember "Who I Am"

Quote from post 9 years ago

Once there was a man that intimidated his ex-wife and told her (in order to control her by fear) that he would put her at the bottom of a lake in her car. I told her (as the synchronicity had indicated) that she did not have to fear him and that anything that he tried against me would be done to him by the SPIRIT. The next evening I was keeping her company in the store in the small town of Munson and this man (300+pound into wrestling) came in and decided to attack me. I was almost laughing as the synchs had put me in such a mood and he grabbed my arm but I was able to easily elude his intent. Others asked if he had hurt me and I told them no but that his arm would be broken. That very day he was at a truck stop and fell over cables breaking that arm. From that day on he respected the spirit and me.