Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Amorizm vs the Self Rightness that leads to Terrorism both sides

Dove/Dnatree wrote

The subject of amorism like the other thread about the crazy woman and trump has also been a synch as there have been so many people talking about random acts of kindness the last couple days. 

What I would like to say about it is that it was always a great direction to keep youself feeling in a good place and also it was important to be doing it to the SPIRIT as this attention to the SPIRIT really increases the synchs and toward a good end. 

By making all things as though it were "unto YOU" and it is YOU that I do it for makes the attention to SPIRIT that much more powerful and meaningful. 

But then I also must say that if it is not the SPIRIT doing it through YOU but yourself it really does little for you. It is better to cultivate the SPIRIT bringing the opportunity to you and the SPIRIT interacting through you and this blesses the most. 

Like the HONEYBEE that does not know that 90 degrees to his own natural intent to interact with the flowers he is also pollinating and increasing the abundance via what it is not even aware of. This is the power of PRECESSION in our lives when we are in the flow of the SPIRIT.

You couldn't have said it better.  I only strive to be in a place where I ask unto spirit to lead me where thy wilt.  There have been times in my life where I have felt a leading by spirit.  That is a very good place to be.  Thank you for your thoughts on PRECESSION.  Can you explain more? According to some sources " Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating body. In an appropriate reference frame it can be defined as a change in the first Euler angle, whereas the third Euler angle defines the rotation itself."  Are you saying that even the slightest shift in some individuals we can change the whole direction of the future to be more positive.  I have been thinking this lately.  My husband asked "Well, then if some can do this through positive thoughts and action, how come all those negative energy folks don't weigh in as strongly to make a force for negative change?"  I intuitively said "Negative energy does not have as much force."  Is this true?  I hope so.  Pax vabiscum, (not small :D)

Dove/Dnatree wrote
I have found through experience with SPIRIT that 90% to our passion that is excited within us by life itself that another process is moving, growing creating,, call it "synergy". And this is why all those negative folks/energy amount to nothing in the end. 

Because only those things that fall within the creative intent of mutual love amount to anything. You might see it as a pulse, or wave that when one side, say man, meets the mutual intention of the other side such as the poetry of loving a woman and their intentions meet the wave of billions of years of intention is in synch with the the two lovers. If we could see the billions of lives that are within each person such negativity does not stand a chance though in appearance it seems to matter. The smallest of points overlooked changes everything! This is why it is most important to dream and love according to THE LEADING OF SPIRIT for it is guiding us to this synergy of events where one overcomes a million. All who are led by their naive brain feels that it is important to be right in front of people, these will deny this (And therefore deny SPIRIT) with every  fiber of their being though it has happened many times right in front of them.

I have experimented with this synergy between You and I and SPIRIT for many years and I would visualize the graph of this combination that works in the  following manner. Words cannot reach neither can graphs but only the SPIRIT can reveal what I am saying to you. This is for those with true intention of heart. Those that do not lean on their own understanding but wait for the SPIRIT to reveal the things of the SPIRIT.

Herein is the perfection  between the father, son and the SPIRIT