Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DESOLATION is a part of life/death

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DESOLATION also known as death is something that one passes through.
DESOLATION is not the end of things however.

For as YOU suffered and passed through

So we too "our old lives end and new life begins"

It is the power to believe unto heaven that resurrects from hell

Adolescence could be spelled desolation

The creation story like my new beginning was order out of chaos through passion and intention

The way the SPIRIT made Pam and my dreams come true that we dreamed of finding home and removed the harsh aspects through inner peace.

YOU, are the sum of those who went before us, who dreamed and created the peaceful waterfall.


Be kind to those passing through. Be the hope of Heaven
    That they might find SPIRIT and be guided to Heaven

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Janis Joplin and passion and the Owl

I finally got "the least among you is the greatest"

I have been walking and working on this home/farm and the feeling of what is important now in my life came over me.

Watchin Janis Joplin and the passion and remembering my moments alone with candle light dreaming of such passion and now realizing the value of being alone and ....

That's what looking at the way the intention to reach you...how it evolved and what some wanted it to appear like.

So I am very happy doing what I am doing and growing again in SPIRIT.

You must be born again and again and again......
Thoughts about Trump
For the whole world of the GOP will have to follow after the beast (Ryan)
Now for the Owl synch
    We have had these two owls around probably because of the squrrels that are around because of the bird seeds.
We went to Sparta to find freshness and found this old brass owl candle piece and I bought it for Pam.
Anyway then the Tennessee Owl commercials began to show up on Roku. Havin fun with it.
Think these are also prominent because of the Bird synchs already in my reality as to why they are so proliferate.

WGU Tennessee Sage the Night Owl Bedtime Commercial - YouTube


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WGU Sage the Night Owl Workout Commercial - YouTube


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WGU Sage the Night Owl Break Room Commercial - YouTube


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Fly Through What You Know, Focus on What You Don't — WGU Sage ...


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"Just Listen to the Bird" - WGU Sage the Night Owl Bedroom ...


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Friday, May 06, 2016

Sparta and the Dominican Synch

Had a synch with the Dominican Republic starting a couple of days ago. One person spoke of going there on vacation and we spoke of almost going there but instead going to Maine. Then yesterday we met a woman "Nina" at the Caribbean Restaurant in Sparta where we had black beans and rice. Then this morning I felt a connection between the these synchs and the two flights that had turbulence. One from a Muslim country and the other from Dominican. Waiting for more clarity such as a Muslim related to coming through Dominican Republic.

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the walk park in Sparta and visiting some of the places there and got Pam an Owl lantern at a Tea Room. Met many wonderful people especially at the Chamber of Commerce where we met Jenny, Hilda and Marvin and I found I had much in common with Marvin in our pasts. They were so helpful that we now know we have much more to see and do in Sparta.