Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pie Perfect!

In my experience when all the pieces come together to make the perfect delicious experience it is called "Pie Perfect" to include the passion that is walking with SPIRIT.

As the SPIRIT is perfect You also are to be perfect

The Shell was baked but it seems the fruit was not yet ripe. Will the pieces come together to make the perfect pie.

Pam is baking a pie and she already baked the pie crust but then we feel the peaches are not ready yet.  I even did a short video about the idea of pie perfection as we have shared this phenomenon before many times related to how the SPIRIT through JOY creates the perfect experience. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNk5WGXLqW4 Watch the video!

Some of the synchs related to pie perfection are as follows.

Your attention (worship) to something, keeps it in your pie.


Attention to it puts it in your pie!

Now also there is a storm coming, a storm that will reach you to the heart. This has been eluded to many times through the synchs such as those physical storms that were predicted to happen on the 26th of August which was my father's death date. But to walk right through the storm and have it be perfect so as to benefit is the intent here.

From the post Listen Up! Which is related to the music/sound synch that came up in Mairin's posts lately.

Each day You would have to be freshly excited in order to stay in love with a passion that is going to grow over a lifetime. Take today, YOU made it new again as I walked I was thinking about how You always say it fresh to me each day and how growing fresh each day enlivens the tree. YOU are that freshness.

Today while thinking about this I stepped on a apple pie cover with a picture of an apple pie on it. I let it register and then I went back to feeling the sun on my face as I walked and thinking about freshness. Then I saw the ingredients for the pie come together as though orchestrated by a symphony and the pie became ready to bake. And then how do we know when it is ready?

"No one knows the minute nor the hour" It was said when they asked when Jesus would return. "only the father"

Baked Apple Pie Opera Chef is how that You do it through me, and tomorrow I find a new story that keeps me fresh thinking about YOU and in that fresh story is what I had overlooked about the last experience.
I saw the layers of the heart like a symphony, and You KNEW ME and how to make it perfect. A crazy man like me could do it. If it is YOU who performs the symphony.

I called Pam from where I was walking and told her this and then I just said.

When the pie was opened
The birds began to sing

When I dreamed reaching You while I was alone it was like the passion and intention and Spirit of being an Opera Singer. As though I was there with You,,, reaching You.

And so each day something new kept this dream fresh and kept it all upheld. Like a tree that grows new each day I find YOU fresh and then I learn through that day how that synch applies to the day. This taught me to recognize YOU in all my ways. And especially those veiled ways that the world would not understand, I stayed unveiled and uninhibited that I might learn from YOU truly what is life. It is like a love that came each day to me totally new and fresh and what I had overlooked was the unexpected part.

There is even a film related to the experience of the Perfect Pie.