Thursday, January 11, 2018

Oprah Mudslide, and how the movement will change

When humans did not understand how the reality of germs and microbes caused infections and how cleaning hands would be a good thing toward combating what was once misunderstood. Well there is another "idol" of interpretation that if you tell them that what is happening to them they will all hate you and want to kill you just like when they misunderstood how not cleaning their hands was responsible for so much death. I am talking about the sexual harassment movement. One side demands men in particular take ALL THE BLAME for what happens to them. But it is that same misunderstanding of how reality works. (You mis con strued my intent) The problem is that since civilization started to hide behind a veil of interpretation we chose to live without knowing how reality is really created.
   I really appreciate Oprah and she knows how life works to some degree, but the fact of the mudslide happening three days after her making women feel like their interpretation is going to be worshipped I think is indicative of the future of what is going to develop. The problem with men is the same problem with women. Father forgive them (men and women) because they do not know what they are doing. They do not know that they are responsible to the degree that every thought must be taken captive toward the covenant one shares with SPIRIT.

"If that was dictated to us we would have followed the rules" came on tv right now as related to the mudslides.

You see one gender believes it follows "the book" much better than the other gender. But following the interpretation is meaningless, especially since it has nothing to do with what really happened 2000 yrs ago. It is not just an idol that the snake, (a man that wants power through interpretation) and those that are easily swayed such as women that did not go to the SPIRIT for all truth as was dictated by Jesus. So anyway, I am not saying anything about what is right, as my whole intent was to say "if you want the truth go to the SPIRIT" and my life was to reveal that, but those hating men and SPIRIT wanted to make it about the pain in my life that caused me to die to interpretation related to a lie about sex.

Women have no idea of the true intentions of the heart of men and because of their idol interpretation they do not care to understand.

20 yrs could not reach America, therefore your hearts will break! UPDATED

The reality is that many men are recieve sexual misconduct while interacting with women everyday. The level of rejection and INTENTIONAL MISUNDERSTANDING by women everyday in order to  change the situation where they can humiliate a person whose intent was to ask the time of another human. YOU AS A WOMAN HAVE NO IDEA and the fact that men don't huddle together to share such intentions as women do makes them appear as sheep to the slaughter every day they interact with women. When I worked with women, I had no beauty or majesty to attract them to me therefore everything I said was treated as though I was not asking the time or a business question but failing at being suave. That all changed for a period while SPIRIT was showing me how real attraction works but it also revealed why our thoughts are responsible for what we get that we blame others for. And actually, you will not be able to DO IT. As it was written, with man/woman it is impossible, but with GOD/(actually SPIRIT) all things are possible. Until you who worship an interpretation actually do what was required you will get nothing. Until you really do go through the shame and humiliation of Christ by stop faking it and allow SPIRIT to fix your deficiencies you have not begun and those you judge are greater than you are in the eyes of SPIRIT. The gender that is good with appearances will even believe themselves to appear better than others because of appearances, but in reality they have not even begun and their love is really covering a deep hate without SPIRIT loving through them.

Everything will change and your hearts will break! But if you were told the truth you would crucify the one telling you so you cannot blame anyone when the wave of mud takes you away.

One more thing about what is creating the reality that we all love that when you take the joy of passiojn away from men you will not understand why your crops will fail and your water will turn toxic, and storms will come trying to reach you to the heart, because you are dead in your separation and self rightness, and there are hoards of those you have offended while you spew your vile for you do not know what you say.

This is what is happening right now, and this is the idol of interpretation she judges the beast which is men who also do not know what they are doing.


All the synchs reveal that you do not know, but also I do not know without the SPIRIT teaching me in this moment. I looked hard and asked the SPIRIT about what was written and cried over and over to take away the passion and thoughts (like if dreaming about a lover was bad) that I could not control, but YOU/SPIRIT revealed your perfect will and what was burned/covered which is the reality of the humiliation that Jesus spoke of, for he suffered to reach you and was rejected before he walked up to John and the dove appeared above his head. That humiliation he alluded to while giving those who would otherwise not allow his words to reach to this age to believe a deluding influence so they would carry what is hidden in plain sight.

In my experience when the SPIRIT draws a woman to a man and they experience the passion that they don't understand yet with true intent toward SPIRIT they have written on their hearts the trust that is necessary for a real life, but the whore takes a shortcut and cashes in on the EASY shame for money that comes by igniting the hate of the masses of misunderstanding beings.


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