Monday, September 10, 2018

Ignite Passion!

This morning I awoke to hearing these two synchs coming together Explosion of Passion and Ignite the fire synchs come together today and I feel it being those that have been stomped on by the right. The the way the right has pushed others aside to push their ideologies that did not come from SPIRIT is as what you sow now you shall reap as those that have been mistreated grow in passion.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The ideologies are about shame and blame so it is to be heaped upon those that believe in such, while those that want peace will leave the struggle and the SPIRIT will turn the right people on the left against the right people on the right to turn up the heat! But those standing at the altar seemingly silent are pouring passion toward the SPIRIT! Those needing reached to the heart on the left and right, democrat vs republican, woman vs men, islam vs christian, let what is separating us be melted like a plastic veil.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ignite fire spark godzilla synchs

YOU and I collide and August

Also like leaders that have set themselves above the SPIRIT so also the evangelists and even the women that hated the SPIRIT and demand Men worship their interpretation of men.

Like the post given me by the SPIRIT just prior to the death of the North Korean leader so these will be brought low!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit


The coming Orange EVENT posted Oct 21st 2006
Remember to replace the word asylum with prophecies as that forum hated prophecies website

The woman OR man that puts there trust in SPIRIT rather than in other's hate and manipulation will find the SPIRIT WILL MAKE HER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

For a long time, I didn't understand DNA's posts and then slowly it became clear to me (as far as *my* understanding goes, that is). When he writes, it reminds me of the things I thought about when I read Hugh Prather's 70s works, like "I Touch the Earth and the Earth Touches Me." It's about being in the now and looking at things with no preconceptions about meaning. Like Hugh said, we look at an egg and think "egg" because those are our preconceived notions - but if you look at an egg or a thing or a situation without the "word" in your mind - if you just look at it in the now in relation to other things and with no preconceived notions - you just might see some truth there. It's like Spirit is there in everything, there is no past or future, there is only the now, and if we pay attention to what is in front of us, we will see what Spirit wants us to see. Naw, I'm not smokin', LOL!
Thank You ROCK gal as such understanding is the ROCK that true faith is built, that of wanting to "KNOW YOU" before I judge You/ YOU. (You would have to know me) 

The problem is "words" 
But if You get to know me and my relationship with Spirit then You begin to understand many things about prophets of old, that what could be interpreted as fearful is transmuted to a wonderful thing by understanding the "true intention of the heart". And, for those that see something different in scripture I tell You that I have been shown from Spirit that this love is such that YOU MAKE ME RIGHT! In that if You have not faith but interpretation then the coin toss will be given to those that love the Spirit that is life and love according to that Spirit not according to the idol that is lifted up by religion. 

It is coming down to because of the passion given to Spirit in faith that REALITY changes due to that love similar to a husband and wife where if a husband saw his wife being treated wrongly because of those that never knew him, that they say she is wrong and mistreat her, it is then that Spirit would reveal a small point overlooked that would...... 

MAKE HER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It never was who is right, that is a misconception of reality, but rather who is loved and who loves. 

I am here to lay my life down that all might see the hypocracy of interpretation and also that they might see the power of the love of Spirit that fulfills all the love towards family and children. Get Ready for the wild Ride!!! 
Now as for understanding the fearful nature of prophets words. 
Take fire, to those that read my posts and even prophets that went before us this is a terrible thing, to those that learn from the Spirit they RECOGNISE the opportunity and it becomes passion. 

Again, true prophecy is related to knowing the Spirit that gave that gave that prophecy and the intention is not to be plain so that You have facts given You that make You say OK, this is this, but rather to IGNITE WONDER. 

We are all in for many surprises even the greatest prophet knows that it is beyond his "interpretation" but in "KNOWNING YOU" I come to recognize and not fear the mountains crumbling into the sea. 

The interpretations and scripture have been given a twist by Spirit in order to make it impossible to interpret that we might surrender our knowing to Spirit, that each block of our experience might be given us from YOU that the tree grow into it's true purpose which could be seen as a "New Creature" unlike your neighbors except that the relationship with Spirit is recognized. 

I am That I AM in order to reach folks lost behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from Spirit which will amount to everyone on the planet. But the catalyst for such an event is the Message of Jesus. But it is not necessary to know the name even of Jesus but that the Spirit that was in him be evident in Your life, which once all is said and done the miracle will be that ALL OF US ARE ALREADY THERE FOR IN OUR TWISTED LIVES OF MISUNDERSTANDING, DENIAL AND REJECTION we have been baptized. Now it is best displayed in those that allowed something real and those desiring only to be right believing that was important will find themselves last.


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