Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Russian Hackers, Elective ignorance, two seeds, Deaths, Volcano Speaks

Democracy and voting is meaningless if it is used to manipulate with lies as Trump has done. If all that has been done was for a meaningless interpretation then nothing has been done!

Today began with me thinking about the Russian hackers and how Trump goes after Iran when our democracy is being most violated by those Russians. If you want to do something for democracy then it would seem like those enemies of the constitution in the republican party should be doing something about this but it is obvious what is really going on except to the "eldest sister/Trump base" that is blinded by the SPIRIT because they need what is coming so they will let go of a Veil of Interpretation given them by those that never knew me,,, says the SPIRIT.

This related to a synch on this date in Jan 15th 2017
Here is the eldest sister synch related to what happened to my family and what is now happening
http://www.stephentree.com/cgophanger/       This is the warning which all on both sides will be humiliated for overlooking the hundreds of synchs that have happened and are happening. To sweep it under the rug will come back to destroy yourselves.

March 15, 2016, 06:25:12 AM »
So, besides the obvious intentional misreading of the post because I have left the struggle and the anger is what is to be growing in society I need to say that these synchs began as the true message of the SPIRIT leading to truth rather than dogma and that those messages were rejected on the forums and hoards of manipulators came in to humiliate and rather got humiliated themselves by the synch  with the presumption hurricane that came on my father's death date. Because the SPIRIT says, I will reach you. Meaning the message of the SPIRIT will reach all hearts and those who ONLY SEE SPIRIT will pass through the coming storm which is what all this is about.
This LAWLESS INTENTION to say anything and cover up the truth is related to three parallel scenarios. Like my families experience with the man that married our handicapped sister and stole the inheritance money by using measures which were not the intention of our mother or the purpose of marriage. In other words using the law against the purpose of the law. So it is that Trump can say anything and the cohorts want to believe a lie therefore they help him by voting. So it is that the whole world will follow a lie and especially the so-called church.
Update on my family's lawless beast that uses the law in a manner not intended. All of my remaining siblings have signed a letter and the lawyer has put together the terms and forwarded it to my eldest sister and her co-hort. All this speak of the pathological liar on tv shadows what has happened to our family and our family is ahead of what is happening on the planet. Anyway, we will see if they will accept the terms this week for peace which includes forgiveness but they must give up all further claims against the estate.
Another synch with all this is the Nazi salute on tv, Pam and I watched "Contact" which mirrored the intention to get past the dogma of religion to the truth and SPIRIT which is a technology humans have rejected up until now.
It is amazing how so many in America, The town I live in, and on the forums (the three matching scenarios) want to believe a lie so much that they would allow what is coming. And hate so much they cannot hear anything but a lie. But when the storm does come and even now the horizon is growing very dark, these same that wanted to start something will cry peace, peace,,, and say can't we just go back to getting along after they secretly wanted to destroy whom they hated so much that they wanted to believe every lie that came along.

Let those that hear the synchs and do nothing begin to to be reached to the heart so that they ask the SPIRIT "what is what" for the time is coming that all will say "Why have you forsaken me" because all interpretations will fail.
You too will begin to draw your own end if you do not begin to lift up the SPIRIT.
The synchs with deaths increasing and You lie, Your children die
Real deaths begin to happen related to blocking SPIRIT

The two seeds

In 1993 a seed of intent was given to the SPIRIT because "YOU ARE ABLE" and the SPIRIT is using the intentions of those that want to lie to send a deluding influence to these evangelicals and Christianity in general in order to reveal that they have followed an idol of interpretation which was not the original intent.

I am sure about the same time the "right people" that believe themselves righteous therefore they believed that they could use that veil of interpretation to do something in their own power. (chuckle)
The way the universe works is these two seeds grown side by side and everything is already known.

The reason the synchs are all coming true is because of what has been given to the SPIRIT to reach the world to the heart. There is nothing especially hidden that will not be revealed so that all those believing that their lies are working are actually

Lying to Themselves

Like in Egypt where you might say these are praying to their interpretation (they have built, lol) For some that is a golden calf, for some it is the words of a book that those that saw Jesus or the SPIRIT through Jesus wrote down, but the problem is that without the SPIRIT all that is meaningless. The only power in that is that others believe the same lie and like a pack of wolves they go against whom they hate. Sort of like the women in the forums and their god which is their "self rightness". There is coming a sense of embarrassment for those that gather together against anyone but they themselves are sinners, they themselves do not get their truth from SPIRIT. 

But the tables will turn.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Without SPIRIT you are nothing, the only message is Knowing SPIRIT

It is very important to understand the only real message is that interpretation about God is nothing without actually getting your perspective from SPIRIT.
I don't know how to love my enemies but YOU/SPIRIT do
If you have forsaken the SPIRIT of God to follow an interpretation/idol
 then you too will be forsaken
Interpretations are seeing scripture through carnal eyes, while knowing the


Volcan, Volcano, synchs of late
The Monster, the fire dragon, the volcano synch spewing and how it relates to human movements.

The fire on my property and loss of tools was the beginning of the Vulcan, Volcano, synch and today was a program with the Spanish word Volcan Nomadic Movement in Panama.  And then this video which we watch also synchs with volcanos today. When you search Volcan today you get the volcano in Philippines named Taal.

Volcano synchs began and are related to fire and monster that will overcome Hitler/Trump

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Volcano, fire, spewing fire, January

Is Volcano Activity up? I have been drawn to two eruptions lately in Alaska and Mexico. And the synchs and meanings behind such an event

I feel the poetry of Spewing Fire related to this synch, 
Now on to the synch of Fire

I began my evening last night with the synch of the Shape of fire as I saw in the stopped image on my tv fire with forms in it of doves. I then went to youtube and looked up how fire shapes and shapes seen in fire. The word ignite then came via my own thoughts. Pam began to watch the new startrek show and it was about Vulcans and it popped in my head "Vulcan Fire Ritual" and so I looked that up and it turns out that Vulcan is the god of fire.

Vulcan (Latin: Volcānus or Vulcānus; pronounced [wɔlˈkaːnʊs], [wʊlˈkaːnʊs]) is the god of fire including the fire of volcanoes, metalworking, and the forge in ancient Roman religion and myth. ... His Greek counterpart is Hephaestus, the god of fireand smithery. In Etruscan religion, he is identified with Sethlans.


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