Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Smart, knowledge, vs the right information at the right moment.

 Education vs the right information in the right moment

So I was having synchs with the following last night 

Which is greater?

A man that may not have the answer but recieves the right answer for the right moment


A man that portrays he is smart and seems to have a lot of answers/lies that may or may not work but when the smallest of points overlooked shows up it is revealed he fails.

(Pam got the last plum from the fridge and I told her it may have more bruises as it is the last piece)

I then got the image of fruit being saved such as in verses in the bible of real things that happened but that this fruit has lost its savor and become different than when it was freshly picked from the vine and that is the point the word of God is said to be eternal but that meant the fruit as it is taken from the tree/vine,,,, not so much those that religion has interpretted away the True SPIRIT to.

The best interpretations are to only become stumbling blocks now as you must let go of that and seek the word fresh from the SPIRIT.

Trump and  his base is also meant to reveal how these presumptions based on interpretations overlook the SPIRIT and thus the smallest of points that changes the whole equation and renders all the interpretations meaningless.

The SPIRIT knows all the points in the equation, while the smart man can only approximate to create the conditions and duplicate phenomenon. You must let the brain die and become utterly reliant on SPIRIT in your life as all those that presume are drawing to themselves what they have overlooked.

Surprise I do love Trump as through the SPIRIT even a manipulator is used by the SPIRIT to reveal "perfect love" while his intent may be something else the SPIRIT 's intent is to allow anything while it may not turn out as the manipulator intends.

By not using my presumption about what should happen to Trump I must let the SPIRIT do it's perfect work while I can say what the SPIRIT gives in the moment.

Tesla on Hulu

To allow the SPIRIT to work without thinking but rather observing and wondering, waiting without filling the cup, like an inventor that observes lightning and sees something that causes wonder,,, holding that question without letting past beliefs/learning to presume,, then something fresh and new has room to grow and be created into your reality.

Like food, large portions hurt the body and things are similar, lots of things hurt the soul, having what we need in this moment is the way the body stays healthy.

Too much information clogs the wonder

I have always said even in electronics everyday understanding about nature helps to give us a similtude from which life can bring the right answer to our mind in the right moment.

If you have all the information in the world but must use your brain to filter through to a close enough answer to fit a new moment then you will come up short at the moment you most need it. You must nurture another kind of wisdom that is of the SPIRIT.

The world is changing, and the salvation you look for will not be from an interpretation but worked out between YOU and I, the SPIRIT and the individual.  There is some things I don't want to remain and there is so many that are a part of what I want to remain but if you are stubborn to what I am saying about presumption then we go all the way to if those days were not shortened.....

do not be presumptuous as what we know is presumtion in Trump and base will not help those presuming their interpretation will save them either as this thing is now set in motion.


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