Saturday, November 14, 2020

Juliet Trump America Desolation! Self Preservation


Juliet Trump America Desolation! Self Preservation

If Trump knows he lost I can only see one reason for these moves and it is not good if it is a plan before Biden takes office and if not all these must be let go on day one. I and a synch with Juliet which led to this


Google Trump Juliet 

Trump mindset because of the trouble he is in.

If I cannot have my love/vision for HER/America I will destroy her and myself because they will ruin my life anyway (arrested)

Democrats must get ahead of Trump as it is not unlike him to destroy everything given the "pickle" he is in.

From all we have seen and reports of how he acts when he loses it is important to stop any action he might be planning as this is obviously not in the nations interest only in his and it is SELF PRESERVATION.

Given what you now know about Trump then anything he would do in the time remaining seeing the great "Pickle" he is in, would be self preservation at the expense of the country. If you do not want horror to come or near desolation of the financial engine, you would remove him immediately. 

https://www.businessinsider.com/mary-trump-president-trump-will-lash-out-during-transition-period-2020-11   I would take this more seriously that Mary Trump even knows

I do not believe Donald Trump won in 2016 but rather a machine that manipulated and that machine/algorythum takes in all known (believed pertinent) points but Trump was created by another dream which is the smallest of points his brain overlooked. For that reason and all the things that he would do in self preservation someone better override the system because you do not have a president that was really elected in the Whitehouse so somebody better stop the BEAST from destroying something big because he is in SELF PRESERVATION MODE, and he knows what else he is hiding. Like the El Faro the captain set the course for the center of a storm and then told everyone not to bother him.

Investigate for America's sake, America is on the edge of desolation and does not know it.

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Notice: If you are unaware of all the synchs and what they have said and how it all came to be then DO NOT overlook this message, go investigate!


I go to wait for more synchs related to Juliet


Next just found my @JoeBiden account on twitter had been muted and I did not do it.

7:25Pm I have been outside because of the tv I needed to keep my attention so I walked around the truck like a sufi dancer keeping my attention on YOU in the form of what my synch is about 

Ok, so we were talking about the Donald being in SELF PRESERVATION mode and from all we can gather from how this ride has faired so far what happens in SELF PRESERVATION MODE would not benefit Country or Christians but Donald Trump.

Walking around the truck and attention,,,, same way you create an ear so you can hear, all things YOU created through attention to SPIRIT

I need whatever creates division in the body removed as it is a cancer and not the SPIRIT of Love

the movement of Russia on our west coast see bear synchs

Neither You or I want it to be said I told you so

thoughts about Trump's intent tonight

If I cannot have it I will destroy it for everyone

The Trial at the end of relationship

Self Preservation mode and money Judas and the Russians

Once an "interpretation" that evolved away to gather flies or like salt which has lost it's savor then what do we do with it.

then walking around the truck like Moses and the burning bush or like a Sufi and the lover I began to see the beast and he had the Christians and the proud in themselves and those they hated in the pot whom they blamed for everything they did but wanted to cast their blame on them and he was tellin the them how he the Leviathon or one head thereof planned to boiwwl whom they hated and how the temperture was rising and they liked what the beast said but they did not see the smallest of intents and that was they too were in the pot.


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