Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The synchronicity of Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem

 Day after the Election,

Pam was reading tonight on her phone "Do not go to the nearest polling place, go to your polling place" and straight away came the thought

Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem in order for "to be counted" and  I heard "in order so their vote will be counted"

I thought then about the fact this story how it was a synchronicity that they happened to be there when she went into LABOR. As it was a fulfillment  of a prophecy.

Then the thought about the LABOR as related to another time in reality where we would travail as a women in labor in periodic painful events birthing the world that is to come as it is the end of the old world and a new dream is being birthed. Each person will be as a new creature. No Fear just relax there is a lot of wonderful things about each of us. If you could ask anything of the father,, what would it be and from what true intention of heart would be best to access memory in our dna. Joy to the World I have found is very effective. Not like those that demand you worship their interpretation when the attention we all seek is a wonderful meeting. Like being in sanctuary with YOU/MY LIFE.

So the Control Freak sent out three of his most wise ass polititians to find out if the SPIRIT had been born in the house of bread or the dispenser of what was to eat. "Provision"/ Bethlehem and why Herod REALLY wanted to know this.

Then I thought about them taking him to the land of Egypt and how the Jealosy of Herod and of David's brothers and about hiding in Egypt during such periods.


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