Friday, November 13, 2020

Synch with Themes related to why they proceed from the seed that was planted/ Covid19

 Theme Synch about following a thread of synchronicity into wonder. I should say that all my synchs grow from one initial intent that was similar to a conversion to "KNOW YOU MY LIFE" that started in wanting to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus in 1979 which gradually changed to knowing the SPIRIT that Jesus knew that spoke through him which lead to the storehouse of ancestrial memory known to be in the dna-tree.

I am swept into wonder when I find a sanctuary or a place to walk and wonder. Usually a theme shows up related to "spirit of place" that my councelor/ancestors who are as one speak through. 

the example of common themes of synchronicity is as what I felt related to the dancers in these two videos that came into my reality today



Once I feel a synch through what is showing up I may also connect it with similar synchs in the past like the one that predicted the Epidemic on feb 2019


This also will show up in another synch today but first

 Last night and the two comedy themes that used a set or "spirit of place" to write the comedy themes.



I noticed that both these two comedy skits had something in common where they picked a particular theme like the boxing club or the desert wreck scene and something inside me wanted me to see the connection.

Then this morning the news was about why Covid19 effects some people more than others but the reason I interacted with the SPIRIT in 1993 about the epidemic and what it would say was related to those hiding behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from the SPIRIT as a marker similar to the marker synch related to dna in that it is related to wether you took on an interpretation from like or like Adam and Eve "clothed yourself" from your nakedness when it was the SPIRIT that was meant to clothe you. So the intention was to reveal hearts and those HIDING BEHIND A VEIL OF INTERPRETATION CALLED RELIGION without True Intention of Heart, especially such as judge others with that veil over their eyes. We are meant to live unveiled before the SPIRIT while getting our life from our connection to SPIRIT and this makes the least of them greater than those veiled by beliefs who are not themselves.

Here is the article related to my thoughts about what I intended 

Here are related synchs with this theme and how I must reach you in order to stop the virus and the division






Your presumptions will get you killed especially if you love lies, conspiracies and sowing such and it won't necessarily be your enemies for as you intend separation you create it in your body.

There are those that are meant to recieve this message at this time as we all intended to meet at this point but it is the SPIRIT that will make this happen and make you realize who you are in "Christ"

It was intended that what you believe was going to happen would be transmuted by one person's true intention of heart toward the SPIRIT as in "ask anything of the father and it WILL BE DONE FOR YOU" for if you found that everyone had overlooked the SPIRIT and loved ones that had misunderstood "interpretations" were in danger what would you ask of the SPIRIT?


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