Saturday, November 07, 2020

Lady Liberty stood up and through the American People

I wrote the words below in anger but then Biden's Speech tonight came on and as I listended I felt an intention within me as if

  Lady Liberty stood up and through the American People (undivided) came the Wind of the SPIRIT's breath  blowing away what came before

standing up and living by the SPIRIT instead of presumption and interpretations that were not given to us by the SPIRIT 

 If the lies and manipulation have not stopped and it takes the SPIRIT drawing from the depths to obliterate the ( )house that has been sullied by so many lies over the past four years that now there is only separation and division continuously we don't need that desk filled if only to manipulate and it leads only to further division

We need true servants

More I got tonight

Don't worry about what they speak, those under Trump's hat, for they are being caught in the SPIRIT's net. Keep your attention on the SPIRIT that is leading to newness and unity as we operate in synchronicity with each other in love


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