Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Election Night... Emotionally Bumpy and The Veil of interpretation Separating YOU and I in America

 The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I in this country/world

We should never have believed in shame and blame

Remember the pain in the garden

You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears

And like a veil You have hidden yourself from each other/ME

Remember the covenant we share

Remember "WE created the sunrise to remind ourselves to start new"

So the SPIRIT showed how it makes my liberal reality/life "right" through coordinating to make it work in love with those around me.

As in "I can do all things through Christ the SPIRIT who strenthens me though I be different than such as concervative like Trump. Let's say that Trump was being made right by the SPIRIT but ONLY if it is the SPIRIT coordinating through him. If he overlooks the SPIRIT I don't care how smart he is,,, he has overlooked the smallest of points which the SPIRIT can then reveal that. But the SPIRIT can make your intentions right but the fruit of the SPIRIT was not evident so I would project that the SPIRIT has overtaken him and reveal this.  Following the SPIRIT to learn from YOU I found that the SPIRIT could/ would strenthen you to make your intentions work... Forget who is right, knowing the SPIRIT everyone is right and never seeking the SPIRIT to fulfill your interpretation then  your rightness is dependent on the law you profess. Both sides are wrong,,, cooperate in love,,,, no your interpretation for others is not right,,,

Emotionally   Bumpy election for many people

Anyway,, right,, You misunderstand Love

Watch the SPIRIT make me right!

You know Pam does not understand but she is open to the SPIRIT. I think that is what is important because really I pretty much want everyone in my world,, but I want them to let go of the veil of interpretation given them by those that never knew the SPIRIT. Start New! Or be born of the SPIRIT and the book,,,, but even without the book you can be born of the SPIRIT. I think that is the real cruelty  of the right that I intended to reach them about anyway. Can't reach anyone that does not love me,,, they cannot begin to understand the least ot them, nor how the SPIRIT can connect the two through love. Not our love,,, silly,, the SPIRIT's Anyway,, not this republican party,, but closer to the true intentions of the heart of Jesus. Neither are right without the SPIRIT,,, but the SPIRIT can join the two perfectly. The liberal and the concervative. This is why I went from concervative to liberal. That does not make me a liberal,,,, it makes me both.. as the SPIRIT coordinates the two in love.

Edited to add:

Remember Jesus was counted among theives and robbers by the "right people" at the time. They never knew the true intentions of his heart and they believed their interpretation which was not of the SPIRIT saved them just like the "right people" now do. These are they that climbed over the fence and did not enter by the door which was the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus. You cannot understand the difference without seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart and soul. These such as Trump's base that believe themselves right because of "might" or their interpretation have overlooked the smallest of points which is the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. Do not resist them but seek the SPIRIT with all your heart and do not follow this leader.

Only the SPIRIT can make this right between YOU and I on this planet


Republicans sin in one way which offends the left and the Democrats sin in another way. Both fall short and need the SPIRIT which they both reject and both are then condemned by their own beliefs.

edited to add: Desolation is inevitable, I intended at this point that you would see the smallest of points overlooked which only comes from the SPIRIT and let go of trying to win and let the SPIRIT do it through you. But at what cost will it take to reach America? The abomination of interpretation based on winning is desolation. They falsely believed it was interpretation when it was seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart and strength. They want you dead in order to be right according to interpretation, but faith without love is nothing. Smart people will fail, only finding the SPIRIT allows the path to go on past the end.

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

Desolation is inevitable, your going to die anyway, offer up your body to the SPIRIT and allow them to draw their desolation. The path will then go on after death as Christ also rose from the dead. They are not winning, they are dying without the SPIRIT. I have given what I found from SPIRIT and my body will fail but through the SPIRIT I will live on. There is no other way, there is no other life, except you be led by the SPIRIT and not follow the lie of the wolf in sheep's clothing which is the interpretation without the SPIRIT. This was the message of the humiliation of the cross. It is very clear to the SPIRIT which of those have true intention of heart as they would not follow after such a monsterous interpretation.  

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

what does it matter if you lie cheat and gain the whole world deceptively yet lose your soul?
Faith without the SPIRIT that IS LOVE IS death. 


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