Friday, February 04, 2022

Two Movie Plots commonality, and the conspiracy against the Tree

The synch with how these leaders are being allowed to USE  lies, countries and religions or anything for power and profit but then EVEN what they believe they possessed, the lies, countries, scriptures (ideologies), power, and money etc will be taken from them and the lengths of betrayal and even murder that they go to in order to manipulate and cover their tracks.

I am feeling that the deaths related to the plots below will begin to grow such as the birds that conspired against the tree and began to fall in ever increasing numbers

quote the Conspiracy against the Tree synch from Jun 2011

So the dream grew like a tree and the branches filled the sky and the birds of the air came and lighted on the branches and all was well until one day some of the birds got together to CONSPIRE against the tree to devour it. The Tree knew this and very soon the birds began to fall from the branches and at an ever increasing rate. This caused the other birds involved to Sing out their part in the conspiracy that they might not suffer the same fate. And the closest bird to the Tree turned to the Tree and said "DID I NOT SHIT ACORNS FOR YOU?"
To which the Tree replied, You did that for Yourself but if You really knew ME then I would know You and those that fall from the branches do so in order to reach You to the heart that YOU and I might remain together.

The synch last night was about the commonality of plot between two movies

Goodbye Lover 


Three days of the Condor

the main thing between these two movies was the way money or power corrupted and made no one able to trust another. In Goodbye Lover it was lovers using passion to take advantage and everyone (wives/husbands lovers) turning on each other to get rich. Loyalties are short lived in this movie.

In Three days of the condor it is more politics and money causing many to get killed and manipulating to cover up the truth.

So I expect this synch to be about short lived loyalties and the cheapness of life in politics, money and power.

The whole world seems to  be following after these leaders/beasts that makes life cheap and the pursuit of money and power makes hell on earth.