Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I don't want to live without you

 I don't want to live without you


The Veil of interpretation is what is separating You and I, we should  never  have been taught shame and blame.

They demanded the law, and a king, but that was partial and  not the complete. they would not accept the truth. Therefore it was said, then SPIRIT would lead you into all truth.

Attention draws more of what you keep your attention on. Seeking the SPIRIT with all ones heart and strength.

The Pharasees were all about interpretations of scripture, but they were rejected because they did not get their truth from the SPIRIT.

What is coming will reveal that religion actually blocked the SPIRIT, and those seeking the SPIRIT would be rejected by such as have a veil of interpretation they believe.

So like a veil over the eyes like all those after hearing the law given by Moses had a veil come over their eyes, That is what reading the book does when your attention is not on the SPIRIT.

Those that would love the interpretation were caught in this net for their own good. They thought that they had truth and all others would therefore be caught when the end comes,,, but it was these who believe the words but never sought the SPIRIT first that will recieve according to their presumptions.

But we all were brought up in presumption.

We have to love each other even in the presumption. We of course cannot DO this as even keeping the law was meant to be impossible without attention kept on the SPIRIT as through this was meant to accomplish what the weakness of the law could not do. It was never to be done through interpretations.

So, as two lovers, both lacking, but they love each other though they are hurt by the other's inability to understand their perspective, it was never meant to be done by such persuation, but by attention to SPIRIT seeking Perfect Love to reach the other to the heart. You don't do magic, you allow the SPIRIT to do all things through you. So what if we get frustraited, it is really disbelief and taking our eyes off the SPIRIT.

In reality, we have always been these two lovers as we were in the one, and we were always one. The presumption of scripture caused separation/sin, but attention to SPIRIT will bring about the fulfillment of the promises. Is it not the tears of the presumptuous that are to be wiped away?

There has always only been You and I, though now the two are called Republican and Democrat, or russian and Ukrainian,,,,there has ALWAYS only been YOU and I.