Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Why GOP is Anti-Christ, Abstract and God as an idea developed through experience with SPIRIT

It was intended that those that are religious but do not actually seek to know the SPIRIT would fall for an interpretation even though you were told not to follow the interpretations of men. We were to seek the SPIRIT and he would come and guide you into all truth. I am here to tell you that IF You did this you would be banished by those that presume to know the will of God by interpretation and treated as Jesus said "they" would treat you. It was also said that these would do all manner of things to you believing they would be doing God a favor. But those that would never accept the SPIRIT hide behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from the SPIRIT. Now I am going to tell you something that they interpretted away that has to do with exactly what has been going on with the belief about Jesus and that is without ever being led by the SPIRIT, which each person hoping to know the True intentions of the heart of Jesus were admonished to seek the SPIRIT to lead them but none did. Oh, they have an interpretation about the SPIRIT also but because as soon as you begin to move in that direction those believing themselves rightious because of their presumption about an interpretation would reject your experience and you will be led out of their congregations as I experienced in the 1980"s. Now if it was known that they would do this then it is also known that they would use the interpretation and demand you worship the MAN JESUS and if you don't they would even kill you which has all come true and is even now related to "Christian Nationalism" When you see things from the same perspective as was given to another because you have been led by the same SPIRIT through synchronicity (hear the word) and you grew in that to know from what real perspective such as Jesus was motivated, or shall we say in the same Name having learned from the same one SPIRIT through the story may be different you would know what is in agreement with that perspective and what is not. The perspective of the interpretation is based on what was demanded having to do with a king and a law but we were never to follow a man even Jesus, but we were to be led by the SPIRIT into truth. Now what if what the SPIRIT was to teach had nothing to do with what the presumptuous would expect? This is why EVERYONE that followed after the interprtetation were led into a net and those caught but have true intent were to experience a trauma so intense likened unto the cross that it would draw out from their own being blood and water which is the experience and understanding that is taught by the SPIRIT. This is impossible without True Intention of Heart. Like most Christians I was mystified by the words of Jesus Abstract YOU are in me The Mystery of YOU "The Mystery of YOU" was on the tv on Antique Roadshow right after I had said "The Mystery of YOU as a belief because I came to know you through many experiences with YOU in synchronicity with life. The story will always be new because each experience is new and the story is made up of experiences with SPIRIT in synchronicity. Like the word ABSTRACT which is something that exists as an idea, but does not have a physical or concrete existance. When they spoke of the Mystery of Christ in you Collosians 4 they are speaking of something that you do not learn from an interpretation of a book or by acting like an idea is real but by real experience with the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus. As I began to have real experience that those around me could not see I experienced the rejection over and over and was led into a world of only YOU and I my life. After 12yrs I had such an experience that opened me further so as to match the experience that draws that blood of billions which went before us to come as one being to me and I was ministered to and shown things that no one else could communicate. By taking on the belief related to the presumption of scripture it is intended that you will believe something that will draw to you the experience that was what you interpretted was for those that were wrong. People in my circle of course are being reached first. My neighbor was taken in a very odd way and now my friend in Florida was just told to speak to hospice and the synchs have been related to this. I did not know how to communicate the synchs of late but they are all related to the ticking clock and how important that the time is that you reach to the SPIRIT, especially those that have believed an interpretation they were not led by the SPIRIT to have. That interpretation will cause them to believe things that will become stumbling blocks to the SPIRIT because they did not start with the SPIRIT but covered up with an interpretation like Adam and Eve covering their shame. Synchs of late Clock is Ticking Feeling prepared not by getting ready but by learning to be in the moment with SPIRIT Tide Windy Gap NC when I was 14 and then meeting a girl with a shirt yesterday from the Treasures of DNA Earliest humans did not possess a veil over their eyes like religion, but knew the SPIRIT because of not having the answer but needing the answer in "this moment" This is the season for Miracles Dimentia songs and the SPIRIT synch They knew they were not supposed to interpret but because the SPIRIT "seemed to tarry" they presumed and then took on a veil over their eyes which is now the state of "christianity" Those following the interpretation of the right and the left are like on two trains that are going to wreck. You don't want to be on this train when the lights go out. Leaky faucet, fights division When you joined what is called "Church" which is not the assembly of people related to the SPIRIT but a group interpretation that is required to believe.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

The Perfect Dream is worked out through coming to know the SPIRIT, Iran


It’s a very narrow door, the dream must be perfect and you don’t do it… you allow it to happen.

Anything less it can easily go awry. Therefore I need the SPIRIT that is able to make the dream perfect. I give my dream to YOU and then I wait and hear how it is to be done. I pick up on a synch about what I have put out intending or what I have received that is the will of the SPIRIT. Then having synchs I recognize the dream when “she” arrives. Because YOU (SPIRIT) came to know me as I came to know YOU and if there is anything I might overlook you made me right by making all the petals of the flower and the fragrance of the heart to match. This was worked out with great passion to know YOU.

The fearful demanded a law because without knowing “You can do all things through the SPIRIT” they did not believe and therefore demanded you follow an interpretation and a law so you cannot do what they believed would go awry for them. You must reach to the SPIRIT and allow the dream to happen because you do not DO magic rather allow it. They believed someone could get hurt but in a perfect dream only those that did not dream it and did not join with true intention of heart will have problems. They do not believe and they limit what you can believe but the SPIRIT will deal with their presumption.

This is going to take you to the breaking point, without the SPIRIT you, they will fail. You must be willing to experience what those that went before you experienced to know the SPIRIT.

What has happened in my reality is what the SPIRIT did in my life, you don’t imitate me or anyone, you reach to the SPIRIT and through passion and experience you come to see what is to be your life and gifts. Seek to know the true intentions of your heart.

For me the synchs began in 1979, it was a lonely path but now my life is perfect timing.

Iranian Synch

Several Iranian synchs including


Top Gun Maverick

I taught Missile Electronics at Redstone Arsenal Alabama in 1979 and in the 70’s they had several Iranian Military  students back then but there is no way they are as focused now as then because the regime now is following a presumption of religion like republicans and I am sure they have a block to reality that covers their eyes and limits synergy and cooperation. We have come to see how lies for power and profit like Putin and Trump always lead awry unless they are fooling other liars like them it does not work well, but if Iran is anything like they were under the Shaw they might be something to reckon with.

America amazed the world for a very long time and the whole world followed after like a young Asian boy that was amazed by Hollywood movies like Top Gun and dreamed of being more American. The future looks scary and like we could all be to blame but throw away the interpretation of the bible and believe the SPIRIT is able for you. That is the moment you find you have followed a lie by following an interpretation, as anything you believe yet  overlook the smallest of points by not following the SPIRIT usually becomes what you draw to yourself to teach the need for the SPIRIT.

797 Synch

Perfect Timing synch

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Eagles, Wolves, Abortion, Your creations, Dieing to thinking, Silence


Eagles (watch Sea Wolves  to wonder after this synch) 

If a pastor keeps interpreting/feeding for the “pup” what they presume of the bible how is he going to learn to reach to the SPIRIT

If a parent keeps “interpreting” for the child how will the child ever reach for the SPIRIT

Mark 9:42 

And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

A single well fed chick has a greater chance of surviving and thriving than two thin ones. The Eagle must choose well, when (abortion) and what chick should survive. Without all the factors being met for life this choice cannot be made by some other bird believing they know better or interpreting what is right as chances are that other bird has an agenda anyway. Abortion is none of your interpretation of God as you did not get anything for another from the SPIRIT anyway. The presumption of the self right is a veil over the eyes which leads to pain.

Such as the religious are to be put in such a survival situation (revelations) as they believed for others. They presumed and believed an interpretation of scripture but were not led by the SPIRIT and therefore let what they presume for others by the battle they must endure. This is like the cross that they draw an experience that reaches them to the heart about what they overlooked about the SPIRIT. Why did they not cry to the SPIRIT that it not be as interpreted as all flesh are condemned by the letter of that interpretation.

Interpreting Revelations without the SPIRIT. You gave your attention to the presumption, you created it but for yourself. Your/cross/end Yes, you created it, the fragrance of your heart draws what you need/give attention to. It is your fault, you draw your own punishment by judging by an interpretation you did not get from the SPIRIT. Without reaching to the SPIRIT how will you pass the “impassable way”

The birds that conspired against the tree began to fall at an ever increasing rate

The Impassable way


In the eagle’s world it pays to be bold

Boldness syinchs

Number Nine synchs

The part of us that needs to die, to find life fresh and new

Die daily, or even each moment (such as if fear arises) that the freshness of no worry but rather being in a state of awe about what is in this moment as that is what you need rather than to worry about impending situations. When that moment when it seems life is over it may be but you are alive in this moment and to worry about “it” draws “it” but to die in your squirrel brain and just be letting the moment talk and not your brain, this is the secret to startingnew in EACH moment. What does it matter anyway, allow the storm/situation topass over and see the benevolence of the SPIRIT and you will see that you worried in vain. Worry is actually creating what you fear as your attention/worship is on the problem and not on the synchronicity/wonder of this moment. Speak that life knows what you need and silence the mind and grow in synchronicity and all will become new.

Pushstart, and Cool Runnings