Saturday, March 25, 2023

You and I, Each time we meet

 Each time I meet YOU in another form I learn an aspect of who YOU are

It causes me to wonder

And there in such a place there exists an emptiness that only YOU can fill

                    Perfect Love

And when I dream of you and meet you in another form YOU teach me through this new aspect of YOU

YOU and I, we shared so many things

A treasure!

I know now that you will keep it

And when I see YOU again, even in another rhelm

YOU will remind me of all that YOU and I shared

As in the stories that Pam and I shared together back in California

I learned this clearly in our time together

There seems to be these people that are in my heart before I meet them

And before, when I was alone, there was only YOU and I, and I kept my attention on YOU,

Think of the wild heart like John the Baptist alone in the Wilderness where do you think his attention was?

Synchs today 

Alien Force

I tore apart a wooden box today

The Two Lights, the Sun and the Moon and how I see more of YOU in the subtle light

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Jacob's Ladder Love Passion

 Before the Veil of Presumption because of attention to the law their was #Love and #Passion

Jacob's Ladder as a lifetime of relationships with true intention of heart reaches a man to the heart #jacobsladder #christian #presumption #synchronicity

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Poetry this Morning

I tried to post this on twitter, but I guess I am being blocked out like on all the other forums before. 
It is ok, I was done there and everything was said that needed to be said as the rest will be said to those that seek to hear from the SPIRIT anyway. I am doing a video to show how I am being blocked and will make that available on here. Update, turned out that it is my laptop as there must be a way for someone to stop posts from that device.

Now when I remember springAll the joy that love can bringI will be rememberingThe shadow of your smile