Friday, July 14, 2023

Hit the Mark!

A man had great belief to know the true intentions of the heart he chose to live without riches until he had first found the most important treasure. He was down to $2 and decided to use his belief to get what he needed so he began to ask his life for the numbers to the play five Lottery all day he got certain numbers but they were only four of the five numbers he needed as the drawing was coming soon he played the four numbers twice knowing they were correct but was unsure of the last number. He won on both tickets four out of five and made $75 and was happy for the $75 but asked the SPIRIT why when he asked to hit the mark that he only got four out of five? The synchronicity returned when he walked in the library and decided to look at a book that was laying on its side on the top shelf. As he pulled the book off the shelf a bookmark fell to the ground and he looked at it and it read always hits the mark he disagreed with the synchronicity how can this be and he said that all the layers of his heart was pointing exactly at 4 out of five. Why! The synchronicity  then came back because "I am" the other layers of your heart came back therefore now this man gives the intention to "YOU" that it be made perfect. So even a Greed demon as #republicans seem to be has great belief but if it believes it is the whole equation it finds out it is wrong. If one is waiting on the SPIRIT then that one must lose his way and experience a jolt (poetry of crucifixion) such as to give them the correct perspective. Otherwise interpretations lead to presumption

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Quiver and where to put the anger and sorrow

Looks like everybody's down on Twitter today

I was so angry about this, I had nowhere to put the emotions. There was this thunderstorm raging so as trees were falling all around us and then the power went out. I was angry that I was asking the SPIRIT for 3 or 4 names of Republican Congressmen and getting things like one woman and two men and I just wanted something from the SPIRIT that would reach them about what they have overlooked.  I was giving the passion and feelings to the SPIRIT about this and decided since all I had was a flashlight I would take out the old writings from 1994 which were about this moment. I had forgotten that I had the quiver synch back then and even what it was about. So there it was in the dark with a flashlight.


And the videos from last night



This pain given to the SPIRIT to create perfect love out of all this rather then killing someone as there is nowhere to put the anger



The Quiver also is a synch about my Friend Mark's liver

and these posts from Twitter