Sunday, September 17, 2023

He believed the SPIRIT and it was counted to him as righteousness, not believing interpretatio

 He believed the SPIRIT and it was counted to him as righteousness, not believing 
interpretations of men, it was said that doing all that doing what was necessary to 
become what Jesus spoke if was impossible, but by the SPIRIT all things are possible. 
So everyone using shame and blame reveal they never really knew the SPIRIT. If the 
SPIRIT Points out this to one manipulating others with such shame and blame such as 
with Lauren Boebert on Aug 27th it was a synchronicity to reveal what is being hidden 
such as revealed by Lauren at the Beetlejuice show.
So it was shown the words of the SPIRIT through such as Jesus like to love your neighbor and do all that was said in the scripture was not to be accomplished by an interpretation of religion, it was said that was impossible, but through coming to know the SPIRIT and growing in that until you experience as he experienced that spoke those words and then by believing the SPIRIT this was what was counted to him as rightiousness. And what the Religious espouse is therefore antichrist and not of the SPIRIT. It is actually the shame and blame with that veil over your eyes that makes you wrong. It is not by keeping the law either it was by seeking the spiritual fulfillment of the law by believing what the SPIRIT does in you and through you and once you begin to grow in the SPIRIT such as through synchronicity you begin to be guided through experiences very much what somebody who interprets would not understand but it was said this is very important this right here is very important he had faith in the SPIRIT and that was what was counted to him as righteousness do you see what that means after somebody's known the SPIRIT a long time and went through all the trauma and the shame and blame and manipulation by other people who misunderstood the true intentions of their heart while their true intention had it they had no true intention so this is the equation all that is showing shame and blame and following interpretation believe that that's what's going to save them but it did not save them from following a lie as in politics and Trump. It was before know that nobody ever would actually do that which is why it was said they would kill you and be responsible for all the blood shed in the name of religion since the beginning of interpretation. 

You were given an interpretation which became a veil over your eyes and then you begin to seek the SPIRIT not wanting to believe any interpretation until the SPIRIT lays the foundation and then you are like Samson or Jesus to experience something that makes you see it from a completely different perspective which leads to that veil you were given being torn and you begin to live in Romance with SPIRIT and growing in your intentions born from the true knowledge of what has been revealed to you and that is what holds all the power not according to the interpretation that is like a masquerade propelled by a fantasy which is the  Christian Interpretation not rooted in the SPIRIT.

Everybody experiences this in their own unique way their new creature for they grow in the SPIRIT and then they learn through their Wild Heart what such as Sampson knew and he was betrayed by Delilah and they were very intimately close and Jesus showed that betrayal through such as Judas and the Heartbreak that brought on wanting to be alone with YOU my life but it's just YOU and I come to find out that's what it was all about it really is only YOU and I and this Veil of interpretations that separates us and as I got to go through the synchronicity and the romance with spirit and the endless Adventure which leaves you with a lifetime of stories but your cross like Samson's would reach you to the heart and teach you this about the relationship with the SPIRIT and once you grow in that relationship then drawing others so that it is only YOU my life coming to me in many forms and different experiences with people. Like poetry like synchronicity and when he and she meet they only two that exist on the planet and she and I first you and I is learning from you my life through my DNA synchronously with my experience what the fragrance of the heart attracts to me only the SPIRIT can do this can prepare you to do this you can't imitate this you can't start playing like you're doing this there's nowhere left to hide because religion is a lie as it is interpretation without the SPIRIT, for if the SPIRIT was to speak through such as one of them the rest would kick them out because of their mind stumbling over their presumption of interpretation. 
Anyway all this to say that Trump and those that follow after him are antichrist. But those with true intent will reach to the SPIRIT and grow even to share in that experience that reveals the true nature which is revealed by such as the cross.