Monday, January 15, 2024

Synchronicity with stopping Trump and my original intention in 1993

  In 1993 I intended the Christian right to follow a lie and a liar and that it seems like the end but that does not mean it is. This is an attempt to reach the Christian right to the heart about what they have overlooked because they follow interpretations of men and do not understand what is meant by seeking and following the synchronicity of life which grows like a tree. The natural way of growing and learning was never by interpretation but by a connection with a growing synchronicity in your experience. The idea of interpretation was a veil over the eyes in the poetry of Adam and Eve which was YOU and I in the beginning.

   This morning as Pam and I were watching videos about Shelter Cove and remembering our trip we noticed a synchronicity with our conversation which was parallel to what we were watching this morning in that we had been talking about the intention to stop Trump which actually started in 1993. But the problem is that both sides are overlooking the SPIRIT and the right will lose because of it and the left will not benefit because they do not believe it. But it was my intention that grew like a tree given to the SPIRIT that was intended to answer this, and to reveal the SPIRIT as the answer that has been overlooked. I realize since both sides reject this and Elon Musk now owns Twitter that my message is not able to get out without the SPIRIT doing it. But at this rate whichever side begins to see what has been overlooked and synergize in love with my intention will also lead to cooperation between parties and the first to intend and cooperate will benefit. That being the case I am here to say that the Perfect Love that results in freedom in the SPIRIT is a very liberal thing. But the Love and Intention as well as Attention given tot the SPIRIT is the original intention that always gets turned into a law/dogma by religion resulting in interpretation which is always misinterpretation without the SPIRIT.

OK, let me get to the synch this morning we were talking about how the SPIRIT was to thwart Trump again like it did with the Pandemic and the presumption by those believing Trump is unstoppable is intended in order that all those that follow lies and presumption and also that hate their neighbor would be sucked into following after a lie. It was intended in 1993 that "HE" be everything the republicans CANNOT RESIST so that they would be led astray by believing he was unstoppable. 

The conversation was about how the fishing had to be stopped in shelter cove as the salmon were going away and other fish too so they had to put in place rules to keep desolation of the species from happening and Pam said they had to stop it and at the moment we noticed the next video which said nothing can stop us now. The next video was about how the left intended to stop Trump and that led back to our earlier conversation and we realized how all this fits together. It is better to wonder  about this and not interpret it either. So here are two videos about the moment we noticed the synchronicity and the video we watched about Shelter Cove and why they had to stop the fishing industry. Also while searching Youtube I noticed the only thing that the voice control would not hear was how to stop Trump with Rick Wilson. It would give you anything else like boobs or babies but not anything about stopping Trump so I will do a video about that too.


Presidential third parties are deceiving the public. They claim to offer a choice, but what they’re offering is an illusion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNElLFB2A0s 

Jake Mitchell, charter boat owner and President of the Shelter Cove Fishing Preservation, shares some of the rich local fishing history https://youtu.be/wlweNpbFYvg?si=OHA8GlelJnuVdWS0