Friday, August 10, 2018


On the tv was the words Smoke from the Holy Fire... would that not be Holy Smoke!
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

The level of manipulation at all levels is staggering and WILL render the law USELESS. And though it could not be believed when the synch began it will be like a crime to follow a leader after what is coming.  It is like the whole world is following after the same lies and manipulations of the Manipulator and Chief and doing the same thing themselves. I cannot believe what is being pulled right now on so many. I mean if everyone around the leader that he chose is a liar and a crook and yet we are stuck and cannot do anything about it because so many believe and follow a lie and because the SPIRIT is leading the sheep to slaughter by their own intentions. You don't realize what is coming and the humiliation that it will carry with it. Everyone that follows after that liar will be thrown into a hell of their own creation. And there seems to be no way to reach them.


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