Thursday, October 11, 2018

Saudi checked my site two days after the abduction

It is interesting that the United Arab Emirates 

had 118 hits on my site 
on the 4th of Oct and the abduction was on the 2nd. Also, 
now feel the Today synch on Oct 5th 2017 
 may have had to do with Saudi. 

If my own country does not start taking what so many others have found to be true
and follow the Synchs of the SPIRIT and what they have to say I would imagine that
those knowing about them and but not getting this message out will personally experience
accordingly. Coming Humiliation for all agencies and news organisations that block this.

The coming GOP Humiliation (They are not smart enough to manipulate SPIRIT)

What the predictions have said about this time

Trump Predicted as early as 2006

Men Women and this collision predicted in 2001 Coming Fire So Hot


Prediction of desolation due to men and women separation as dem and gop and islam /christian are representations of YOU and I  collide

DNATREE: Women and Men in America, the separation and the ...


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