Monday, June 29, 2020

I no longer care

I have come to realize that even though all the synchs have come true, nobody would care about the point I was trying to make for 40yrs. The point that changes everything, but is so meaningless to anyone that has not experienced it. So since everthing came true and everything is happening.. sure this process will complete and the intention will play out. But what I wanted to happen, and how I wanted to reach hearts, relative to my own life, has not happened with one person and will not in this manner. So I quit! I have spent 40yrs and now I am not sure for what. I need to go in a new direction. I need to leave this rock that got stuck in my tire by the side of the road and forget about reaching America. No one sees the value in seeing these predictions before they happen, and that causes me such anger that I want all of them washed away. Everyone that has read them and sidelined my intent. I no longer care how many will die, I want them to now. I don't care because you/they don't care. In fact I want all of you washed away because you will not be reached. You need to be gone just like those you believe are wrong on the opposite side. All of you! Because you will not be reached and the fact that not one person in 40yrs though all has come true cares to understand it except those who already understood it, that is why there is no reason to go on with this intention.

Obviously what was needed and mutual with SPIRIT happened but what I expected to happen and the joy of being understood and reaching another human and the life I wanted to live after this collision/communication I don't see happening ever in the way I wanted it to so I will go back to my table alone and create a life in a new direction.. related to the poppies. And leave all of you to find out what you have overlooked except it will be too late.

I don't care how many die now because the true message could not be understood,, in fact now I want it all washed away.

You don't care I no longer care about your loved ones either. So all of you, get off this planet within three years. You will not be reached, you cannot be reached as the SPIRIT originally indicated.

You will never get it, nor why you cannot go on without it, so go away and wait for what is intended for all of you now. Of course it will be by your own words and by your own hand.

If possible MY LIFE, please start with the lying manipulating family in the Whitehouse and the 1% who worship greed so that those who remain for a short period can see that. All the other predictions have come true. You need to see this so you can get feel the anxiety I have felt in trying to reach you for 40yrs before you are washed away, let it be a hose of things not the least of which being a multiple reentry vehicle payload for a ballistic missile. You do not know what I know because of the synchs, best we end this for the world's sake as you will not adapt with that veil over your eyes.

Let's get this party started,, Hang them all on Pennsylvania ave. I will not listen to that Orange Shit anymore as time is short for this country now anyway.



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