Sunday, June 21, 2020

Mountain of Dirt on Trump as He has done to SO MANY

First let me say that IF such as Trump and Barr and all the others under him are not what seems obvious and have good faith toward Americans and are not influenced by greed then they have nothing to worry about.
But the synchs over the years were to put such as these in the seat of our fathers in order to draw all that have such an intent under them as the synchs will show and then reveal hearts to change the world.

It was before known and they were allowed to do what they did in order to cause those hiding their intent as well to be drawn out and join under his hat thereby leading to this moment.
And according to their own words and "right hand" it is established that they will condemn themselves. Not by their enemies or by me, but by their own intentions toward those they hate.
I intend from this seed planted in 1993 that a mountain of dirt like the dirt Trump likes to have on others be lifted up and land on Trump, Barr and all of those that are hiding behind an intention of heart that is greed and manipulation and lies. So much so that they cannot lift up again to be heard. And so that the humiliation upon them will be seen by the whole world because of their true intention which is known by their very dna.
"We will bring hell down from on high" (synch on the tv as I wrote this) as they also have intended for others. And the SPIRIT will show the law that has already existed except humans said they would do according to a law which even now the public servants are ever more the criminals of.

More synchs today with Flag at half mast today

I just predict things and have predicted everything happeing right now. Today one site is being blocked but should be back up in a couple hours Godaddy said.


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