Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Are you feeling "despitefully used" by Trump and Barr?

So many things woke me early. I know that those who feel "despitefully used" by this administration are hurting. That the vote is being manipulated in Kentucky like in Georgia to benefit those who love a lie. That Trump is right that the vote is being rigged but it is by such as him. But thanks be to the SPIRIT as such a storm as occured between YOU and I is to occur that will reach the world to the heart and reveal the hearts of man. And not by humans only but by the SPIRIT maybe through humans and nature and even those lying dealing with something inside themselves like their DNA as in the EPIC synchs. Presumption is getting dangerous! For those that believe a lie in their head and act on a lie with their hand are marked! Let those that remain be reached to the heart. This was all intended to reveal to the Christian right that following an interpretation is meaningless without getting the right information at the right moment from SPIRIT.

I know that like my family dealing with the Con Man before the election which I intended in 1993 dreaming of reaching YOU. How my eldest sister who was slow and held a grudge against the rest of us was "USED" by the Con Man to steal from the family, which even after he divorced her a year later but she of course wants to believe what she wants to believe. The FOX knows whom they can manipulate.

So all these things were on my mind this morning and that led me to the interaction with my mother in 2012 (June 17th) which tells the story of learning respect for each other and the SPIRIT through such a "Collision" that will reveal all humans are Presumptuous and it is not learning they need but to learn from the SPIRIT by "going out on a limb" to learn to Trust. And those that cannot will not see how it is possible to go on, and when you do that then according to your own beliefs you "create" your end.

In the Leaf, The Scissors, Love YOU and I collide I attempt to say things that are hard to say about presumption and getting truth from experience with SPIRIT and not learnng "ideology". Rather being baptised in fire of the SPIRIT such as what happens when you are despitefully used and cannot see a way to fix it except to begin believing "YOU/MY LIFE are able" and collect each experience that comes from the SPIRIT saying that. Which is what has been happening since 2020 began. Things that seemed impossible are happening in order to reach you to the heart.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


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I want everyone to have the gift of synchronicity and use it with intention toward the SPIRIT that is truth and not to learn from interpretations but to grow in the SPIRIT.

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