Saturday, June 27, 2020

Passionate Burning Cross and Twilight Log Angeles

Anger, not being heard!!!!!!!! Trump Vile Filth and hate filling the holy place, using power in a manner it was never intended.

"I was searching for Life to express why YOU and I are colliding and this SPIRIT that came up through this woman was able to express it very well." There is only YOU and I and this veil separating us.. And I feel like if Trump and Base/under his hat do not want a statue crammed up their ass they "listen" and would allow themselves to be reached to the heart before it is too late.

Listen to what the SPIRIT is saying through this moment
There is only YOU and I and this veil separating us



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Passionate Burning Cross synch with July 20th,,, right on time!

The Coming Fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT ....


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