Thursday, June 25, 2020

It is going down in the SPIRITual rhelm

I need to get this out as something is about to happen according to the SPIRIT

So during a long walk I realized why I watched that silly movie that had the "Panic Attacks" synch which started in the Tulsa Rally and continued in the blog called Panic on Pennsylvania Ave where the movie was called An evening with Beverly Luaf Linn. In the Movie Mr. Luaf Linn could not speak and could only groan because of somethng that effected him greatly in his life. I was walking feeling a similar energy that just about everyone I spoke to on both sides of politics was feeling today and it related to that energy of groaning which made me remember my early experience with the SPIRIT and how the communication started with such groaning where my attention to SPIRIT was recipricated by the SPIRIT toward me as well. I usually feel my way but needed to put out this great energy toward the SPIRIT and while I was feeling what I was feeling I realized it was because we the communication of the people is intentionally not heard by this president who only wants to put out his lawless energy by saying how much HE NEEDS  the law to misuse it against those who are more lawful than him. He believes himself above the law and this is reflected by those that demand you worship his interpretation. But I am here to tell you that what is going to happen is going to tell the whole world why you do not need a law because such crap as Trump is bound to misuse it for his own tyranny. So these groans being put out from a tree that has had true intention of heart toward SPIRIT having grown a tree for this very purpose to reach you concerning such as this. For as the birds do not need a law when you see the EVENT which will speak louder than words you will see that unless you have true intention of heart using the law in such a manner against those with true intent you will see why the weakness of the law needs to be replaced with True Intention of Heart toward SPIRIT because without that you are very vulnerable to those in contact with SPIRIT to give their energy to SPIRIT with the intent that it be transposed to the Perfect Intent of love which is better than a bullet to speak to the world.

Now there is this lawless beast in the White House and this Anti Christ working in his anti-justice department that is doing his bidding as was predicted and between the two of these this energy given to the SPIRIT has returned in the form of such things as the "Panic Attacks" and Timber (today) " it is going down." So what is about to happen will speak louder than words as all the other predictions have come true.

So my intentions toward these criminals is that I do not judge them I let them judge themselves and I give my pain to the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT indicates that it is going down according to SPIRITUAL LAW.

Trump is putting his foot on everyone's neck that does not agree with him and this was intended so that you can see the SPIRIT handle these things.

So the way the SPIRIT revealed this to me is they cannot hide from SPIRIT and that this energy given to the SPIRIT is able to reach up through the dnatree and vibrate a certain tiny molecule that would end such tyranny revealing to the world how little is needed by the SPIRIT to elimiate the weakness of the law.  The law is for such lawless to keep because those given to the SPIRIT fulfill the intentions of the SPIRIT already though you may not understand it.

Trump and William Barr are trying to use their "abomination of interpretaton" about the law and about Trump's right to say or do anything and it is not lawless but if it was of the SPIRIT that would be ok,, but it is of greed and power and was intended for this moment to fulfill the intentions of SPIRIT to reveal their hearts. They are manipulators and what they are doing will lead to hell if the message of the SPIRIT is not heard because of their NOISE in the holy place and their manipulating army of thugs with their fingers in their ears so they cannot hear what is really be said to them and demand only everyone listen to them only.

When people see what is to happen those without true intent will have nowhere left to hide and cannot misuse the law without it being seen in the dna! They are trying to pull off their interpretation of all this but it is leading to desolation and they WILL NOT GET THE CONTROL though they even say you will be killed if you do not worship Trump's interpretaton which is not of SPIRIT and William Barr is the enforcer of this sick manipulation of the law.

Sorry this was hurried and I am stressed from all the energy as everyone on both sides is also but all this is leading to something far past what Trump will try to say but he will be silenced and that is part of the message. Silence is Coming! And no one will say this is right as everyone will know the SPIRIT and have True intention of heart toward SPIRIT,, all that remain that is.

Trump and Barr believe they can even fool themselves by saying that Trump can break the law and Barr can enforce Trump's presumption that he is law because of their abomination of interpretation of scripture which helps them validate their misuse of the law, but they are actually lying even to themselves for power, influence and greed. Greed makes them feel they can validate their lawless intentions because their excuse of religion and ultimate authority.. Sick,, sad,, sick and sad. If the unexpected had not happened they would have appeared more believable to those they are using such as the Christian Right.. but they have a way of lying that those that love a lie want to believe.

Presumption of Authority and Barr Fat synch Might be his heart! https://twitter.com/dnatree/status/1270400402186534912

I have asked a greater authority to remove Barr and Trump
Synchs with Barr twitter.com/dnatree/status twitter.com/dnatree/status twitter.com/dnatree/status


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