Monday, October 12, 2020

The answer to who is right is "nobobdy" and "both sides" are wrong

The answer to who is right is "nobobdy" and "both sides" are wrong. Of course the self right persecute those they hate instead of waiting on the SPIRIT they took the bait and I am very angry at the conservative right but they are my family also as well as those with true intent on the left. A snake has led them astray and done a great service to reach all man kind though his intent may be greed... and though it will not go as planned, it is as was said "You meant it for evil but the SPIRIT meant it for good.

So "both sides" are wrong and should be reached to know this and should forgive each other and turn to the SPIRIT for guidance as has been shown that this is the only way to make it through what is here and what is coming. All other ways lead astray.

For though many on the right are "my own" but have been led astray by presumption these they hate on the left are also "my own" and you have misunderstood how the SPIRIT works. For who can judge the heart of another for many hide behind a veil of interpretation believing themselves right because of interpretation when that was never the way of the SPIRIT.


Those on the left are also mine says the SPIRIT and you do not know whom among them and what you do without the SPIRIT by following a leader is far worse than their passion and love as it is being fed by greed.

The Christian Right would agree that anything done "separate from the SPIRIT is sin" yet they believe following the presumption of interpretations/ lies/conspiracy theories/ and winning at any cost is "good" but the SPIRIT has been speaking even through the storms and fires and covid19 that all have misunderstood and are in great peril due to the separation between each other as what you do to "each other" you do to ME is what is said. But a snake can twist what is written on paper therefore it was the SPIRIT which was intended to lead you into all truth.. 

Well anyway, Trump will fail in the end as the story was already written and those losing home and income etc. are being reached to the heart as to how you are supplied by the SPIRIT as those that put their trust in money are first yet they are last in coming to know how this works.

The synchs indicate that Trump has little time left and he will die in office even if he wins and I do believe it will be early in 2021. Lies and manipulation will be worshipped by those that will be leaving us within the next few years,,, or at least be reached to the heart to where they see what you sow you also reap.

The path for me was not judging anyone and therefore I was able to love them on the left and found how the SPIRIT works through the self right to pressure these to experience such as the early Christians were persecuted by the self right.

If Jesus is your path to the SPIRIT then you should have let the words in red in scripture lead you to the SPIRIT and then the SPIRIT... well the pen would not keep writing and the ink failed as I cannot put that into words except by the Rumi poem

my pen breaks at the inevitable place where love, lover and beloved are one.

But all men endure such experience that without veiled eyes they come to know SPIRIT some yielding a small portion of seed to grow and some yielding more. The presumption was they thought it was the man "Jesus" speaking and did not listen as though it was the SPIRIT speaking through him which aligns the heart to hear for those that truly believed.

You can do anything even what those veiled by a snake think is evil will turn out to be rightious for those believing while their self rightness of interpretation will be shown to be greed, filthy rags but they will believe themselves perfect in each others site until the day they are washed away.

The true faith is not in believing what I can do through persistance but in letting the SPIRIT grow in you believing until it is done through you by the SPIRIT. Those such as now exist believing win at any cost are being blinded and used to reach the world about what is coming.

Yes you can do anything, but after a while your best intentions without the SPIRIT begin to hurt you and by your own beliefs about those that are evil you judge yourself. Watch as this has been prepared for you to see.

The truth is that the snake wants to keep you from hearing the SPIRIT through the storms and fires because of greed he is compelled and he only believes in his ability to manipulate... this was intended like the three senarios and those that are hiding behind a veil of interpretation will follow him.

It is preposterous that those following an interpretation yet never allowed the SPIRIT to lead them into all truth will be anything but last. This was the intention of those following the snake for they love their ideology more than they love each other


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