Thursday, October 08, 2020

I Returned to the place I started

 Well, where shall I start. Odd, we traveled to Murfeesboro and stayed the night then went to Bell Bucket the next day to get a 2by2by6 tub for a hottub on a side porch. But after getting the tub we heard our neighbor would be at an aution at 3pm in Mt. Juliet and we found our selves arriving early so I took the next exit for a bite to eat and found myself at the very spot we stayed the night before but coming in from another angle so as to be unaware until I noticed the sign a block away which revealed the place we had stayed. It was such an off occurance I know it was a synch but have little idea what it is about yet. 

Oh, maybe this other synch of late with the word inheritance which was my first synchronicity in 1979 when I was studying bible and seeking to know the "true intention of this one Jesus". Anyway,, that being where I started prehaps this is the synch related to returning to that place.


And after 40 yrs the word legacy is also a synch of late.

The SPIRIT know's Trump's intent and for him indeed "This is not going to end well" for his hidden intent was intended in order to reveal man's hearts. Not just his, but those that love a lie and demand a a lie which is why they were given the law to begin with. "They desired a king and the law"

Anyway November 30 and March 5th are in my thoughts




Another of Todays posts


Those that love lies and greed love to manipulate and punish those that know love and the clarity of passion

Two Movies that Pam and I had synchs with last night

 we are led to in order to convey such as are my own

Sordid Lives

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

lovers that are not males or females but angels, you cannot deny an angel

You have misunderstood the true intentions of their hearts

Experiment and pay attention to synchs and you will find what you are seeking

My most honest and unveiled experience was related to such passion and carried the most clarity as to what was in our genetics as a guide to understand the hearts intentions, it was such passion that slung the universe into existence. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/420780-do-you-know-what-you-are-you-are-a-manuscript


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