Sunday, October 18, 2020

Like the Wind, Those that misuse what has been written

 Take the saying about those born of the SPIRIT are like the wind for you do not know where it came from or where it is headed

So if the SPIRIT speaks through  the people around you by you catching a word or during your experience someone walks by and you catch a couple words and then another person came by and said the same words and maybe you heard one more word which hints to a meaning, the wonder is where it is at! Don't ask that person where the word came from or what their meaning was,,, for the synchronicity of hearing that word in the passing of the waters of your day followed by another encounter is not them but the SPIRIT speaking to you.

Another saying "He who has an ear, let him hear"

If it takes your whole life,, and it will, keep growing like a tree, treasuring every experience that comes from the SPIRIT

Words that came through such as Jesus that were from the SPIRIT will be perfect.. perfect to catching one that interpretted and did not lay their lives down for the SPIRIT, but rather like the robber climbed over into the sheep's pen another way bypassing the door.

A person that is hiding behind a veil of interpretation like Christianity but his intent is to misuse it... don't you think the SPIRIT knows a snake and expected for one to interpret without being guided to what the SPIRIT has for them.. such a person will be caught in a net by the SPIRIT as it was before known that such would exist and those that set traps without true intention of heart will have them set for themselves by the SPIRIT as even Jesus told you things as such. The law may be weak allowing a com man to rise but praise be to the SPIRIT the true intenitons of the heart can be revealed.

Now that will be an EVENT

Met two separate people today who were both from Mascouhtah Illinois where I lived for a year when I was about 11.

Also Wisconsin was in the wind.


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