Saturday, May 20, 2023

Join with me in believing what the synch says about my oldest friend

 Post from Sept 2022


Mark is in hospice care now and on his last leg the doctors say it looks like but....the synch says different when he told me the details I realized the dog had the same

Dog walks down to my car
Dog car 1
Dog last walk
Join with me in believing what the synch says for my oldest friend

Mark told me the latest details while laughing and I realized it was related to the dog

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Faraway the treasure and the Field

 We had a great day yesterday together and particularly as we had many synchs about my time in Turkey and Germany. We had met earlier with a German friend named Isabel at the democratic booth at the poke salad festival and I went back to help man the booth but later last evening we came upon a movie called Faraway and really enjoyed many aspects of the movie which Pam felt was so relevent to my life. When I was in Germany at 17yrs old I felt alone but very independent and getting a stereo for the little apartment in Rechberg Germany. A certain song came on the radio that I really liked called 99 balloons and this song was in the movie Faraway. And also about Turkey as the woman in the movie was from Turkey but left her life there to go to Croatia where her mother was from. (That where I am you may be also comes to mind as synchs of late are about those who went before me and so I can we with YOU)  Now there were so many synchs with this movie including this one

Seeing without judgements

Living without regrets

Loving without Limits

I felt that those threatening the world with annihilation (99 balloons) or those that "conspired against the tree" want to use it to gain power and money but did not think they would lose because of their plan to use a base of people that believe their propaganda. But they want to cause a problem but plan to blame those they are manipulating for it.

As it turned out, "99 Red Balloons," as it was now called, was, of all things, protest song. In the lyrics, a boy and girl innocently release a batch of balloons into the air; confused by these flying objects, international governments panic, triggering a nuclear holocaust.

I had dreamed the other night about how those that demanded the law were told they could have it but it was them who were to keep it since they reject or hide from the SPIRIT (shame) but they really wanted to use it to manipulate others and this of course is/was known therefore it was given them but also was a trap set for those hiding behind a veil of interpretation called religion and rejecting the SPIRIT. But not only was it given them and said that the letter would lead to their desolation as they cannot keep it but also was used in another manner. 

Matthew 13:44 New King James Version (NKJV)

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

 Look at what the SPIRIT reveals to you through synchronicity as a growing treaure as I speak of it as the gold rush often in my synchs and how when he found it a man would even give up all that he has to aquire such treasure and wanting to share it but knowing the masses would reject it you might see that field as many things,, the scripture, the body dna, and around every corner of life itself is this treasure hidden. So if they demand a law to use against others but according to their own words/ presumptions be it unto them so the scripture without the SPIRIT is a trap, but with the SPIRIT you are led to the treasure alluded to in the scripture but the book is a story therefore it is not necessary to learn in a completely fresh and new way what the SPIRIT alone is to give.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
doesn’t make any sense.  

Synch about "Look down at the Floor"

It started with birds in California as we wandered and wondered and attracted birds into our lives

we intended to communicate with animals and we found this was possible through synchronicity. As the synch grew we now have my dog and cat paying close attention to my movements in order to learn my intentions. In the truck the dog knows he cannot play or bother me while I am driving and I intended he understand that the truck going down the road was controlled by me and that began to have interesting results where when I use the gas or the brake the dog looks at the floor and acknowledges the car motion as related to my movements now. I brought that up to Pam as we were talking about it and when I said "look at the floor" I looked down and a bug hopped onto my foot at the moment I said "floor".and this sparked the synch related to "learning from bugs" and microbes and the idea of how to communicate with them. So we look forward to more synchs about this as things such as covid do not come into our reality without a message that when responded to properly the microbes are not a problem anymore. The pandemic was the unexpected thing that those orchestrating to use right wing facists to gain power and money did not account for and was used by the SPIRIT to thwart the conman but if you are dead to the message of the SPIRIT and are not reached yet then such as this was intended to continue. So this is part of humans needing to learn communication with their dna and subsequently all reality.


Sunday, May 07, 2023

keep your attention on the SPIRIT you won't need bravery

 Girl smiling Buddhist smile at the moment of her death, keep your attention on the SPIRIT you won't need bravery

When you haven't reached to the spirit what business is it of yours to interpret for others,,,silence

The synchronicity and subject of Wonder for the day synergistically is often an aspect of the romance with my partner

By believing it instead of learning from the spirit you judge yourself just like you judge yourself by judging others

Don't try to steer the synchronicity you'll never get there that way rather let the synchronicities change your direction

Most will abandon you reaching to the heart but what is the price of finding what you came here for?

Bugs rule the world

We had a visit from the white Possum last night, I left it a banana

Because you demand your presumption w/o SPIRIT, Let It Be unto you as you believe about them

Wouldn't you rather have ask anything of the SPIRIT rather than the horror of your presumption of scripture without the SPIRIT because horror is what you create when you demand your interpretation is right

If you knew what was coming you would pray that you were wrong sure keep Jesus (SPIRIT that spoke through him) as the way just pray that you were wrong by interpretation

The foolish leader says he is smart but overlooked the SPIRIT such a being ALWAYS fails in the end that he might be reached to the heart
I will reach you!

Reassurance assurance the cat needed reassurance

Death does not destroy what we love and what we give our attention to these we carry forward beyond the impassable way

Dance tonight
What lovers do
Whale Tail "power"
Something those divided will respect

Rapture, Alok and Daniel Blume
Where YOU are!
earts still open
Though we're far apart

I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are

Are you wide awake?
Counting the stars
Or just lying, lying
In the dark? Ooh-whoa

Mixed emotions
Hearts still open
Though we're far apart

I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are

I wanna be where you are

I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are

It's hard for you to believe but it's the only way to stay up in love joy fantasy unveiled uninhibited as it was in the beginning
Alone Together
If you stay up and love, joy, fantasy with true intention of heart believing the SPIRIT, the fragrance of your heart will lead you from there, you are forgiven
ATTENTION is forgiveness
The separated cannot Fathom it!

The letter interpreted was intended to lead to greater separation and division w/o the SPIRIT leading

Lightning, this is what you came for these nights in sanctuary
"She tell me, "Settle down, " what does it all mean?
Anything you want, baby, give it all to me" These Nights Lyrics

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

What is worse than believing it is a PERFECT CALL, it takes a lie.... E. Jean Carrol

 E.Jean Carrol and the one that really gets him is a simple liar like him. Now that would break his heart.

Let's say a woman tells Trump to rape her in that moment of passion more or less does it and he thinks it's all fun and games at the moment only to find out that the one that actually pops his balloon is the only case where he is innocent but since you cheated every other time let's just say it's life nailing you the way you would wand and you are reached to the heart because you think it's not fair what you did to every other person the other times and life said you think you are INNOCENT, lol.

Every person feels this way when they get ate/despitefully used and overlooks all the times they DID NOT get exposed and every person is a liar w/o the SPIRIT. How will you cover your nakedness w/o reaching to know the SPIRIT and letting go of that presumption you are hiding behind. This can be said of every person but especially Fox News all politicians especially the GOP. This passion play is desigened to reach the world to the heart about shame and blame, and the truth about who is Lol (Innocent) LOL

When you believe it was a perfect call it usually turns out that way with passion and intention, but like E. JEAN Carrol even if she told him "come on rape me" she can still stand up in court and focus on the fact that he indeed "did it" and show her power, but he could not say the truth because......... and the dots keep going!

The best way to break a man's heart is for the one thing that gets him that he actually was not guilty of as she believes as she USES HIM to show her power and that it be something he cannot defend against or he will reveal what is/was really going on.

The SPIRIT can defend against it but is there enough oil in his lamp and true intention (Trump, lol True Intent, rich man eye of the camel LOL) to reach the SPIRIT and to have a future?

Give up all that you have in order to receive a glimpse from YOU/MY LIFE

Blessed is SHE/MY LIFE that used her to nail me to this tree!

So if Trump fails in his real crime of stealing from Americans and lying to even his base about his true intentions (Putin, Conspiracy against the Tree) will there come a time when every Beast ends up in another creature's belly!

Lightning and thunder at the moment realizing your nakedness w/o the SPIRIT clothing you

The emperor has no clothes

Its got to be done by the SPIRIT anything else is not PERFECT LOVE. You must be led by the SPIRIT

Monday, May 01, 2023

If it is not perfect love it is not love it may have the form of love but lacks the SPIRIT

If it is not perfect love it is not love it may have the form of love but lacks the SPIRIT

First grow the tree between you and SPIRIT, you and I then you will have the real essence of love and not just the appearance


At the base of the cross they gambled for his clothes believing he would not return

For where a carcass is there the vultures gather it was never meant to be an interpretation it was a story meant to lead you to the SPIRIT the one speaking through him

In like manner they did not believe the SPIRIT would return so like the flag, the bible, guns and the republican party they used it not believing it was real anyway, but.....

Religion then has lost its savor the original intent having a form or interpretation of religion but denying the SPIRIT. I am a story meant to lead to the SPIRIT the SPIRITwill clothe you

Because of taking on the presumptuous Veil it is you that needs to be saved from what the interpretation will cause for you the SPIRIT that spoke through him is still the savior so don't take on any man's interpretation until you get it from the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT leads you to real perfect love


 Theirs was a mutual adoration laced with innocent flirtation; there was a certain playfulness that freed them from being neither friends nor lovers. What was between them was open to interpretation. It was beyond definition. Everyone should have a huckleberry friend at one point or another.





Dead in their Separations

Walking Dead

Trump hates #republicans

Only using for power like he uses everything like the flag, bible, and guns for that purpose 

(Place quote from 1990s about using Republicans stupidity)


When Trump says nuclear it is because he is part of that plan related to blackmailing America in order to gain power over her

RUN like a girl synch with NPR AND 

I wonder what the cat wonders about as we sit on the deck looking at the rain

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Allowing the natural process to unfold concerning the grifter Trump and GOP Party

 Allowing the natural process to unfold concerning the grifter Trump and GOP Party

You do not DO magic,,,You Allow IT to happen by getting out of the way of the SPIRIT through synchronicity

The more you try to fix the problem the more they the grift grows even to threats of revenge and death and turning the so called justice on you using the power of their base so the more convoluted it gets. Fixing the problem is the work of patience and trust in not only the truth but in the natural process which teaches patience and works through perfect love and growing synchronicity. You know the sheep  congregation/base is protected and kept in a safe pen and fed but in the end that creature is killed by the very one it trusted without questioning what is really going on. Shame or blame does not exist with the SPIRIT as everyone is guilty and everyone believes death is real and if you break down such feelings they are you saying you deserve punishment, but rather an exodus is called for away from presumption toward the natural process as if coming to know YOU, MY LIFE like it was without language, like it was in the beginning.

A synchronicity might be where a mystery between two or more similar circumstances begin the trek into wonder about the relationship between them and what it has to do with other past synchs or experiences. It is best for me to be alone wandering in a place like a dry rock bed or a garden setting, or some place like Joshua Tree State park wondering about the latest mystery. And seeing how the SPIRIT uses something like manna found in a fresh place to give my wonder something to chew on


This morning started with the first video that caught my eye in my youtube feed

The surprise turn in Fox's favorite new fearmongering story


The next video in line was a similar mystery to uncover but it got me thinking more about my own brush with grifters that seemed to have such an edge that their ability to make a lie real even in the courts seemed to be a practised art. This took me back to the motivation to uncover what the grifter was up to as it was a life or death situation and also the three predicted scenarios that I spoke to in 2017 post below. The truth comes out when you are motivated to find it and if you do not have faith in the SPIRIT leading you to uncover the truth and to teach you how to deal with such situations as they can destroy your life or way of life in the case of Trump and America. The motivations of the con person is most often money and power as was the three scenarios in the post below.

A World War 2 Soldier Was Found Frozen in Ice! | Secrets of the Ice | Science Channel


The first video was the con, whereas the second video was more related to the process of uncovering the truth.

So this brings us to the experience in uncovering a con/mystery related to three scenarios 2017


Reaching you to the heart about the lies and the mechanism that motivates to uncover the mystery

Monday, January 23, 2017

Election and our family dealing with a Con man that I posted would be the election synch

Before the Candidates were even entered into the race for president I had the synch about our family going
 through terrible lies and manipulations as well as bare-faced lying to public officials etc.
 I am sure that the posts I made then about that situation will have synchs relative to national security and perhaps treacherous dealings. Therefore I want to make available these writings to whom it may concern on my blog. 

When you are put in a situation where you are being despitefully used like the three scenarios and the 
person has spent their entire existance working on the grift like how to motivate a base to action like the 
January 6th crowd or a man having learned to steal using probate law and finding a loophole to exploit
the thing is that I found that the most practiced grifts are to teach you to rely on the growing synchronicity 
of wisdom that is working on your behalf. That is what the synchs are about. You come closer to desolation 
in the case of such as Trump's scam because you rely on what appears to be a sure win when you have the 
truth but if you do not follow the synchronicity it may be a loss like the other instances like when Trump used 
the word "HOAX" when the data your uncovering reveals the truth but in such circumstances the "truth" 
does not matter as the grifter has tools and a base that believes only what they say and are fed by other 
grifters such as Fox News and Newsmax to assist in the grift. 

So I found in such IMPOSSIBLE situations you cannot rely on the truth but on the SPIRIT, but the SPIRIT 
helps those that grow in synchronicity with the truth so as to not fret. The conman knows how to exploit 
your fretting as well so in my case I had to completely turn over my life to the "growing synchronicity" and 
make very clear to myself and to what was aiding me what I wanted and then listen and grow in understanding
of how it was to be done and what I needed to learn about Perfect Love that makes me look even at the 
grifter or enemy in a light as to how life sees it.

It is important that the message of the SPIRIT get out there about how this is to be done as if you think it is 
your power the grifter will become a tool used by the SPIRIT to break down your ability to win and make you
become completely trusting in the process of nature as well as the patience needed to endure it.

Having said that I need to get out of the way of the SPIRIT related to this whole scenario and lose myself in 
in a new fresh sanctuary and allow the SPIRIT to make this all fresh again for me. So it is coming up on 
May 21st and I am feeling it is time to leave the struggle for a while as everyting is in place and the SPIRIT 
going to create in you what is needed to begin the shift to this process of following the synchs and disregarding 
the pressure to fix problems which allows the natural process to have room to manifest.

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Tell me this will not happen MY LIFE!!!!!

 Tell me this will not happen MY LIFE!!!!!

Is there any other way?

After Trump recovers from these wounds the beast manipulates and steals the next election he will use the law to kill and despitefully use democrats. It Ends in horror for everyone but because democrats could not be reached and everyone does not understand "true intent" horror comes!
Since neither side would be reached with what IS necessary to stop the horror, now Republicans will be deluded to bring about desolation. It would happen anyway because all are lawless beasts like Trump, yes you too! No one cares to hear what is needed to stop what is coming. Words without what is coming could not reach you. You must be broken and many will die. All the predictions came true but you are now drawing hell.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

You and I, Each time we meet

 Each time I meet YOU in another form I learn an aspect of who YOU are

It causes me to wonder

And there in such a place there exists an emptiness that only YOU can fill

                    Perfect Love

And when I dream of you and meet you in another form YOU teach me through this new aspect of YOU

YOU and I, we shared so many things

A treasure!

I know now that you will keep it

And when I see YOU again, even in another rhelm

YOU will remind me of all that YOU and I shared

As in the stories that Pam and I shared together back in California

I learned this clearly in our time together

There seems to be these people that are in my heart before I meet them

And before, when I was alone, there was only YOU and I, and I kept my attention on YOU,

Think of the wild heart like John the Baptist alone in the Wilderness where do you think his attention was?

Synchs today 

Alien Force

I tore apart a wooden box today

The Two Lights, the Sun and the Moon and how I see more of YOU in the subtle light

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Jacob's Ladder Love Passion

 Before the Veil of Presumption because of attention to the law their was #Love and #Passion

Jacob's Ladder as a lifetime of relationships with true intention of heart reaches a man to the heart #jacobsladder #christian #presumption #synchronicity

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Poetry this Morning

I tried to post this on twitter, but I guess I am being blocked out like on all the other forums before. 
It is ok, I was done there and everything was said that needed to be said as the rest will be said to those that seek to hear from the SPIRIT anyway. I am doing a video to show how I am being blocked and will make that available on here. Update, turned out that it is my laptop as there must be a way for someone to stop posts from that device.

Now when I remember springAll the joy that love can bringI will be rememberingThe shadow of your smile


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The way the synchs flow this week

 The Synchs this week each day were Diamonds, Fire and Ice, and Aesthetics

On Feb 18th was the synch Fire and Ice


On Feb 20th was the Diamonds synch word happening in my reality


And Yesterday was the Aesthetics Synch where Pam and I were traveling down the road and saw a sign with the word Aesthetics and began to talk about not hearing that word and the meaning 
It is hard to see any connection between each word but this is how the synchs work. Each one I found I needed to save and give attention to and then they grow and it keeps the moments fresh and new.

So I am excited to see how these synchs will grow and synergise with ones in the past as that is how the tree grows

Like a tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for the SPIRIT/Muse to move
Dabbing where the SPIRIT moved until the painting took form
I had no idea!

After her appointment we went to Poet's Coffee and enjoyed coffee and then Pam stayed there while I went walking. As I walked downtown by a brand new building I saw the sign for Lett Aesthetics and went in to take a picture 

Friday, February 10, 2023

Both Sides

 Both sides are greedy and presumptuous, the #gop with their interpretations and Conspiracies and lying Manipulators, they have passion that is admired and the #democrats have greater True intention of Heart. Since all have sinned against each other and most everyone rejects the SPIRIT what happens to redemption?

Islam has passion and faith in an interpretation but also rejects the SPIRIT
So redemption for who?

Since both sides have failed, the best thing you can do is to forgive each other and work on your own presumptions and shortcomings by seeking the SPIRIT while you still have breath.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

They have chosen to believe the man Jesus but actually reject the SPIRIT that spoke through him

 The problem with bypassing the SPIRIT for your truth is that it was before known what you would do by lifting up the man instead of the SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus what have you really done?

It was written that we should not accept the interpretations of any man but to seek the SPIRIT to lead us into all truth. It was known that they would not do this but cling to interpretations of men. I mean it is all fruit but if the SPIRIT does not guide us to it and we overlook the very smallest detail then it misses the mark.

And as they now demand you worship this man as they have interpreted about Jesus when that was never the plan, but rather the words and acts of Jesus was to reveal the truth of the SPIRIT and to lead to the SPIRIT but they know because the book influenced their interpretation without the SPIRIT that they would get caught in this net.

What I am saying is that the beast requires all great and small to worship the man Jesus and then they also required you to believe Trumps lies because he was seen as sent from God and we must stand behind him or miss the boat! That is the passion of presumption that is at work in the Republican Party.

So remember when you find your presumption is wrong and you overlooked the SPIRIT and these beliefs that you hold will turn on you and now when you find you have overlooked something now it is you that your interpretations about those that you believed wrong now apply to you and that according to the accepted interpretation means it is now said to you "I never knew you" because you never grew in the SPIRIT just in the presumptions of religion.

BUT... since your presumptions were wrong and God is merciful and it is not as you presumed I want you to now look at it in a way that the SPIRIT showed me in that the smallest of points overlooked in coming to know the SPIRIT means that it is not as you presumed and that this moment was intended that you find you were wrong and in the poetry of the cross those with true intent let that veil of presumption tear through the coming broken heart and begin to grow in synchronicity with the SPIRIT like the man that worked seven years only to lift the veil and find it was her sister and then worked another seven yearts until he married the woman he loved.

Through my broken heart YOU came MY LIFE

Being willing to endure this time of finding you followed a lie and through your broken heart that veil of presumption about scripture is torn and now you begin to learn to speak and hear the SPIRIT until you grow strong enough to endure such an experience that Jesus endured to see this whole thing differently. Such an experience that would place in you the faith in the word of the SPIRIT being in your mouth and in your heart and learning to trust that though the whole world may seem to believe a lie.

Keep knocking even if it takes 12years like a child learning language

I could not reach you, therefore your hearts must be broken

Through attention to the SPIRIT that spoke through such as you LOVE, such as you gave your attention to you draw it to you through synchronicity with your DNA. After coming to know YOU the two grow to become as one like a marriage as it was written Abraham knew his wife/life and she conceived. Circumcision of the child born in you is of the heart, reaching you to the heart so that it will not be said, "I never KNEW you". Your body is the same dna that spoke and lived through those who went before us. This is MY BODY that is given to you.

Preliminary Synchs of late I took note of

Were getting there...counting down

Got a mountains move synch


Don't follow a man, a man is his story which should point to the SPIRIT, but the SPIRIT may use words from his story to grow your seed of truth. You are a different creature and how reality will work for you will be according to the SPIRIT towards you but will work in synchronicity with all other beings

Big Splash coming

The presidents Limo Detail

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Toxic Event Synch

An ongoing Toxic synch began with a memory of my friend Fred who died from Septicemia because he was hurting from a cracked pelvis and refused to get up from the coach to go to the bathroom. But we had a synch about it about a month before when I asked him to tell me anything odd that happens to him one day to find out what the cause of his ailing health was.

A few days later he told me he killed a copperhead while he was in great pain.
Day started Remembering my neihbor  Fred and the synch with Toxic
The copperhead synch
They represent someone in the dreamer's life that exhibits poor, dangerous, toxic or harmful behavior. They can be related to healing or health, however.Oct 26, 2022

Fred was suffering from a cracked pelvis but would not get up to go to the bathroom died from 
Septicemia, or sepsis, is the clinical name for blood poisoning by bacteria. It is the body's most extreme response to an infection. Sepsis that progresses to septic shock has a death rate as high as 50%, depending on the type of organism involved. Sepsis is a medical emergency and needs urgent medical treatment.

After talking to Pam about the synch we began to watch the netflix movie White Noise which turned out to be about a toxic cloud

 Orange Event in the synchs

White Noise Movie about a toxic cloud and death
Toxic Cloud

Also I noticed the Lecture about Hitler and the masses gathering to hear him related to a toxicity growing and that leader
You would not be reached
Lastly if this is where the road seems to end then remember to go up to the edge of where it seems to end believing and you will find it still goes on but in a different direction than greed, power.
So the path will not end for some
Path will not end for some

Oh Well!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Why GOP is Anti-Christ, Abstract and God as an idea developed through experience with SPIRIT

It was intended that those that are religious but do not actually seek to know the SPIRIT would fall for an interpretation even though you were told not to follow the interpretations of men. We were to seek the SPIRIT and he would come and guide you into all truth. I am here to tell you that IF You did this you would be banished by those that presume to know the will of God by interpretation and treated as Jesus said "they" would treat you. It was also said that these would do all manner of things to you believing they would be doing God a favor. But those that would never accept the SPIRIT hide behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from the SPIRIT. Now I am going to tell you something that they interpretted away that has to do with exactly what has been going on with the belief about Jesus and that is without ever being led by the SPIRIT, which each person hoping to know the True intentions of the heart of Jesus were admonished to seek the SPIRIT to lead them but none did. Oh, they have an interpretation about the SPIRIT also but because as soon as you begin to move in that direction those believing themselves rightious because of their presumption about an interpretation would reject your experience and you will be led out of their congregations as I experienced in the 1980"s. Now if it was known that they would do this then it is also known that they would use the interpretation and demand you worship the MAN JESUS and if you don't they would even kill you which has all come true and is even now related to "Christian Nationalism" When you see things from the same perspective as was given to another because you have been led by the same SPIRIT through synchronicity (hear the word) and you grew in that to know from what real perspective such as Jesus was motivated, or shall we say in the same Name having learned from the same one SPIRIT through the story may be different you would know what is in agreement with that perspective and what is not. The perspective of the interpretation is based on what was demanded having to do with a king and a law but we were never to follow a man even Jesus, but we were to be led by the SPIRIT into truth. Now what if what the SPIRIT was to teach had nothing to do with what the presumptuous would expect? This is why EVERYONE that followed after the interprtetation were led into a net and those caught but have true intent were to experience a trauma so intense likened unto the cross that it would draw out from their own being blood and water which is the experience and understanding that is taught by the SPIRIT. This is impossible without True Intention of Heart. Like most Christians I was mystified by the words of Jesus Abstract YOU are in me The Mystery of YOU "The Mystery of YOU" was on the tv on Antique Roadshow right after I had said "The Mystery of YOU as a belief because I came to know you through many experiences with YOU in synchronicity with life. The story will always be new because each experience is new and the story is made up of experiences with SPIRIT in synchronicity. Like the word ABSTRACT which is something that exists as an idea, but does not have a physical or concrete existance. When they spoke of the Mystery of Christ in you Collosians 4 they are speaking of something that you do not learn from an interpretation of a book or by acting like an idea is real but by real experience with the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus. As I began to have real experience that those around me could not see I experienced the rejection over and over and was led into a world of only YOU and I my life. After 12yrs I had such an experience that opened me further so as to match the experience that draws that blood of billions which went before us to come as one being to me and I was ministered to and shown things that no one else could communicate. By taking on the belief related to the presumption of scripture it is intended that you will believe something that will draw to you the experience that was what you interpretted was for those that were wrong. People in my circle of course are being reached first. My neighbor was taken in a very odd way and now my friend in Florida was just told to speak to hospice and the synchs have been related to this. I did not know how to communicate the synchs of late but they are all related to the ticking clock and how important that the time is that you reach to the SPIRIT, especially those that have believed an interpretation they were not led by the SPIRIT to have. That interpretation will cause them to believe things that will become stumbling blocks to the SPIRIT because they did not start with the SPIRIT but covered up with an interpretation like Adam and Eve covering their shame. Synchs of late Clock is Ticking Feeling prepared not by getting ready but by learning to be in the moment with SPIRIT Tide Windy Gap NC when I was 14 and then meeting a girl with a shirt yesterday from the Treasures of DNA Earliest humans did not possess a veil over their eyes like religion, but knew the SPIRIT because of not having the answer but needing the answer in "this moment" This is the season for Miracles Dimentia songs and the SPIRIT synch They knew they were not supposed to interpret but because the SPIRIT "seemed to tarry" they presumed and then took on a veil over their eyes which is now the state of "christianity" Those following the interpretation of the right and the left are like on two trains that are going to wreck. You don't want to be on this train when the lights go out. Leaky faucet, fights division When you joined what is called "Church" which is not the assembly of people related to the SPIRIT but a group interpretation that is required to believe.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

The Perfect Dream is worked out through coming to know the SPIRIT, Iran


It’s a very narrow door, the dream must be perfect and you don’t do it… you allow it to happen.

Anything less it can easily go awry. Therefore I need the SPIRIT that is able to make the dream perfect. I give my dream to YOU and then I wait and hear how it is to be done. I pick up on a synch about what I have put out intending or what I have received that is the will of the SPIRIT. Then having synchs I recognize the dream when “she” arrives. Because YOU (SPIRIT) came to know me as I came to know YOU and if there is anything I might overlook you made me right by making all the petals of the flower and the fragrance of the heart to match. This was worked out with great passion to know YOU.

The fearful demanded a law because without knowing “You can do all things through the SPIRIT” they did not believe and therefore demanded you follow an interpretation and a law so you cannot do what they believed would go awry for them. You must reach to the SPIRIT and allow the dream to happen because you do not DO magic rather allow it. They believed someone could get hurt but in a perfect dream only those that did not dream it and did not join with true intention of heart will have problems. They do not believe and they limit what you can believe but the SPIRIT will deal with their presumption.

This is going to take you to the breaking point, without the SPIRIT you, they will fail. You must be willing to experience what those that went before you experienced to know the SPIRIT.

What has happened in my reality is what the SPIRIT did in my life, you don’t imitate me or anyone, you reach to the SPIRIT and through passion and experience you come to see what is to be your life and gifts. Seek to know the true intentions of your heart.

For me the synchs began in 1979, it was a lonely path but now my life is perfect timing.

Iranian Synch

Several Iranian synchs including


Top Gun Maverick

I taught Missile Electronics at Redstone Arsenal Alabama in 1979 and in the 70’s they had several Iranian Military  students back then but there is no way they are as focused now as then because the regime now is following a presumption of religion like republicans and I am sure they have a block to reality that covers their eyes and limits synergy and cooperation. We have come to see how lies for power and profit like Putin and Trump always lead awry unless they are fooling other liars like them it does not work well, but if Iran is anything like they were under the Shaw they might be something to reckon with.

America amazed the world for a very long time and the whole world followed after like a young Asian boy that was amazed by Hollywood movies like Top Gun and dreamed of being more American. The future looks scary and like we could all be to blame but throw away the interpretation of the bible and believe the SPIRIT is able for you. That is the moment you find you have followed a lie by following an interpretation, as anything you believe yet  overlook the smallest of points by not following the SPIRIT usually becomes what you draw to yourself to teach the need for the SPIRIT.

797 Synch

Perfect Timing synch

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Eagles, Wolves, Abortion, Your creations, Dieing to thinking, Silence


Eagles (watch Sea Wolves  to wonder after this synch) 

If a pastor keeps interpreting/feeding for the “pup” what they presume of the bible how is he going to learn to reach to the SPIRIT

If a parent keeps “interpreting” for the child how will the child ever reach for the SPIRIT

Mark 9:42 

And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

A single well fed chick has a greater chance of surviving and thriving than two thin ones. The Eagle must choose well, when (abortion) and what chick should survive. Without all the factors being met for life this choice cannot be made by some other bird believing they know better or interpreting what is right as chances are that other bird has an agenda anyway. Abortion is none of your interpretation of God as you did not get anything for another from the SPIRIT anyway. The presumption of the self right is a veil over the eyes which leads to pain.

Such as the religious are to be put in such a survival situation (revelations) as they believed for others. They presumed and believed an interpretation of scripture but were not led by the SPIRIT and therefore let what they presume for others by the battle they must endure. This is like the cross that they draw an experience that reaches them to the heart about what they overlooked about the SPIRIT. Why did they not cry to the SPIRIT that it not be as interpreted as all flesh are condemned by the letter of that interpretation.

Interpreting Revelations without the SPIRIT. You gave your attention to the presumption, you created it but for yourself. Your/cross/end Yes, you created it, the fragrance of your heart draws what you need/give attention to. It is your fault, you draw your own punishment by judging by an interpretation you did not get from the SPIRIT. Without reaching to the SPIRIT how will you pass the “impassable way”

The birds that conspired against the tree began to fall at an ever increasing rate

The Impassable way


In the eagle’s world it pays to be bold

Boldness syinchs

Number Nine synchs

The part of us that needs to die, to find life fresh and new

Die daily, or even each moment (such as if fear arises) that the freshness of no worry but rather being in a state of awe about what is in this moment as that is what you need rather than to worry about impending situations. When that moment when it seems life is over it may be but you are alive in this moment and to worry about “it” draws “it” but to die in your squirrel brain and just be letting the moment talk and not your brain, this is the secret to startingnew in EACH moment. What does it matter anyway, allow the storm/situation topass over and see the benevolence of the SPIRIT and you will see that you worried in vain. Worry is actually creating what you fear as your attention/worship is on the problem and not on the synchronicity/wonder of this moment. Speak that life knows what you need and silence the mind and grow in synchronicity and all will become new.

Pushstart, and Cool Runnings




Friday, October 07, 2022

What Is It, House on Fire

What Is It?

Often, when I wake, I intend to be greeted by something new. I have a quik ritual I put together to take care of the cat and dog and coffee then I go out with my coffee intending to see something maybe as I fill the bird feeders. The sun is rising as I go out the Dawn detergent is there like a synch. This tree has become home to many critters. I notice something that does not feel in place, an electrical cord. I pick it up and put it where it FEELS right. If I used thoughts and did not feel, I would get tired. But inside the feeling  many intentions rise. The joy and stillness of being with YOU, my life, times when synchronicity arises. The cat usually greets me but is waiting for some movement under the screen porch. So often, I found myself in some fresh place, maybe Mojave , I love an empty place. The vacuum of the heart often speaks best for my in an empty place, or a garden. In a garden it is so clear what fits and what is out of place.

I want to talk to you more about the manna. In the 1980s I had evolved to wonder like this, I was in so many sanctuaries. Like Rechberg Germany or the Mojave Dessert, or Bell Rock, Sedona (pic with a voice recorder, writing the story, 2001)

In Rechberg Germany I walked the lonely streets of this tiny rural town I lived for a period, I wondered about the castle on the hill. 


When I was young I was raised in a Christian Home and even went to a Christian School. I was dishearted with the church, everyone I was taken to I felt the message was real but the people were fake. Like the word Manna. It means "What Is It" and it was said that the children of Isreal, while they were out in the wilderness were given Manna each morning from the SPIRIT to eat. I found that so called christians were not interested in the connection between their mornings and the meaning of Manna as finding something that was different about each morning and taking it as a synchronicity from God and intending it to grow. I found it was because of the institution of  Christianity that they could not have people going off in different directions of thought and had to keep them in line or they could not be CONTROLLED. But a few were not such institutionalists and they could grow a seed for a period, but there did not seem to be many at all that were soil that could produce to fruit.

That is the problem now with Christianity, in 350ad so called order came from those that had no idea what the true intentions of the heart of Jesus was and it was dead, but what you see around you is the carcass of interpretation. A seed!  I tell you, you shall not all sleep, but be raised. In an instant. And you will thirst for that moment again and again.

I got a message from the past the other day and remembered in 1993 that at the point in time when  things happen would indicate what point we are on this wild ride! The message was that someone has had a change of heart. This person I cared for, was a tool used by God to break my heart. Someone that has followed the synchs since the beginning. This means their heart has been reached and if it is true they are forgiven though they had tormented me for 30years. Blessed is she who was used to nail me to this tree!

This meant that those close to me would be first and Wow! So things are happening and you don't remember, but you agreed to this. In the garden, when there was Just You and I.

 Adversity has the effect of  raising things "talents" from your dna which in Normal circumstances would have laid dormant.     

Adversity draws to you out of your DNA you have to guide your thoughts to what you know the spirit Direction it goes get there

House on Fire Synchs Something uncontrollable that has momentum. I give it a Year

The bitch is back,, bad to the bone Burning down the house, (house of isreal, house of america) 

Here are more Manna Synchs