Saturday, August 20, 2022

Blessed is SHE, my life that bruised me that I might see

 I am delighted to tell you that I almost cut off a finger on each hand in two separate instances over the last month preparing me to meet you at this juncture where hearts will be breaking in order to be reached to the heart. You will feel you have lost and that you have been forsaken, but I tell you with much joy that that is not the case.

For those that go on after having their heel bruised, I tell you this is the very door to SPIRIT these heart breaks in life.

Through my broken heart, YOU came my life. For the pain led to wonder in my moments alone and years of following the landscape and path carved by the blood of billions that went before us is that ONE that we seek. For the water (understanding) that you seek that is from SPIRIT is the water that washes away the sand revealing the True Form of the Fathers. It is found in my loneliness, in my bewilderness walking alone in a landscape carved out by the water flow of thoughts of those who went before us and this treasure is in our bodies.

I have many tapes over the years and I want you to look at the poetry of the cross and the piercing, and the bruised heel as poetry for such experiences and losses common to life, and ask the simple question after such a heartbreak as a losing someone you loved, being hurt by life seemingly intentionally. I am laughing for I have fingers bandaged as I type and when I asked the question, once again of YOU, MY LIFE the answer came about getting my heart focus to the place where I can speak what needs to be said that you might meet us, all who went before you in your dna in the channels carved out by the rushing of the water of the word of SPIRIT.

Those with true intention of heart having their heart pierced so that they might feel the subtle aspects of staying in wonder like the children of Isreal eating manna prepared for them each day by the SPIRIT.

Here are tapes of my wondering from the 1980''s and 1990's where I speak of the experiences related to dna and wonder.

Thjis is how Moses spoke of the burning bush, why his wanderings after having his heart struck and being thrown out in the wilderness


There were thousands of such experiences with synchronicity and in the same way your name/experience with synchronicity is written in the dna

Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Presumption as a pathegen for a contagious dis-ease in society Trumpism/narcissism

 So I could not reach them, therefore I must break their hearts, so I went to the SPIRIT to ask what do I tell them now. And synchs with the mark that tells you are completely of the brain (6) and never made it to SPIRIT (7)

In other words, an interpretation such as the 66 books interpreted by the brain and never finding perfection through the SPIRIT, where YOU make me right as I walk in synchronicity with the SPIRIT

Then the Synch with the Narcissistic Devil came, the cancer that threatens the entire species with extinction where only a remnant remains.

\Tumors are made up of narcissistic cells that begin to compete for resources, some are more narcissistic than others but everything you need to hear can be communicated through understanding the 

The Presumption as a pathegen for a contagious dis-ease in society Trumpism/narcissism that effects both the biter and one bitten

when groups are in a state of dis-ease because of the infection of the presumption such as Trumpism (Liars and thieves) and it infects both male and female, democrat or republican as the image of healing is not attracted by an interpretation but by an afinity to the SPIRIT

An interpretation is a cancer that is contagious and it is an evolutionary dead end. Have you noticed narcissism is spreading and the idea of win at all cost.. Law of attraction vs win at any cost

Attention to SPIRIT and fantasy (Romance with SPIRIT) where I draw what is needed in a manner that the SPIRIT comes, developing synergy through synchronicity with others. Like if I was to reach to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus and begin to have synchronicity with the SPIRIT and grow to first speak a language with my dna, causing the creme to rise to the top while I am lost in wonder. Gathering the synchs I grow like a tree until I gradually take on this form, I had no idea!

Infectious Cancers in Tasmanian Devils the little devils bite each other and the cancer transmits


Elizabeth Murchison: Fighting a contagious cancer


The NPR program about Tumors where several stories were given such as the Tasmanian devil tumors and the cervical cancer story

This is my body, "DNA Adam earth" which is given to you, the perfect image is accessed through such as quantum entanglement, taking on the very image of the one/Christ through attention to SPIRIT through synchronicity. The Cross/death of the old self and the new self with attention to SPIRIT, growing in synchronicity while reaching for the True Intentions of the Heart, as through the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus/Indian Prophets, Love, all things become pure and become the SPIRIT when activated by the Synchs.


People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

Sunday, August 07, 2022

When the Stars fall from heaven

 When the Stars fall from heaven

This was the point that I was in great agony over the interpretation of scripture for the presumption was that this meant the world was being destroyed and that all would perish, but knowing YOU, MY LIFE the smallest of points that is overlooked changes this and I was in deep pain over this that it NOT BE SO. And so I saw that this was the moment they all presume their interpretation and cons such as we have leading the right astray would try to fulfill this in the horrible way we see Trump and Putin using the nuclear scare to take over the hearts and minds of the world but instead it is to be these who are the stars who fail and fall to earth making the meaning through the smallest of points overlooked not be what the presumptions of men interpretted it to be. But let it be for those that are to not sleep but be raised to an uncorruptable vision, not by the letter but by the SPIRIT

Revelation 6:13

So their Stars fall from Heaven (Stars like Trump, Alex Jones, MTG, Putin) and all that demand a presumption find they are wrong and believing that the SPIRIT was able why did they not emplore of the SPIRIT as to what this means and ask that this be transmuted therefore the SPIRIT has come as a thief to steal away your presumption and make those BELIEVING themselves first because of interpretation to be last

The end is the end of presumption, it is the end of a corruptable interpretation because there is only SPIRIT



The SPIRIT through the Son was sent to save the world, therefore the smallest of points overlooked is that though many may perish all shall not sleep, but be raised incorruptable as the word of God is  what is  quickened by the SPIRIT in you and not these interpretations that THEY WORSHIP AS GOD.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Last Few Days

 I will start with a number Pam and I noticed yesterday, 357 and then this morning we both woke up simaltainiously exactly at 357. I thought about the 357 magnum and went back to sleep. We will see if this synch grows.


Notes from the other night

Ongoing synch with the presumption on the right that is leading to death. Continuing to ignore the SPIRIT will lead to deaths. All the other synchs have come true and those with a veil over their eyes they did not get from the SPIRIT especially in the #gop were guided into a bubble net and deaths are coming. The least of them on the street that are unveiled do not need a physician as they are closer to the truth than those hiding behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from the SPIRIT like the GOP!



Las Vegas

So yesterday we  watched this video

Las Vegas, NM declares emergency, with less than 50 days of clean water supply left


then this morning I woke up to this

Major rainfall leads to flash flooding in Las Vegas l ABC News



Biker Itchy boots accident (Please slow down Itchy, on those rocky roads)

Pam and I have followed van lifers and other people on youtube for many years and one called Itchy boots from the Netherlands we have followed as she rode a motorcycle all over the world. But I never worried about her until her trip in Mexico as it started when I noticed a tropical storm moving into souther Mexico as she began her trip through Mexico up to Alaska, riding a bike she named Alaska. In the northern parts of Mexico she began to ride on roads with lots of rocks which is not that different than other places she had ridden, but I began to feel she needed to slow down and told Pam that I felt she was going to have a problem. Then the videos of doctors talking about two things they get all the time of motorcyclists and heroin users I began to get the connection. Then after crossing the border it happened, but I am so glad it was not as bad as it could have been. She is very experienced and I feel on the dry rocks that she should just slow down more especially when there is a huge dropoff.



I intend to be forgotten by those that find the SPIRIT and grow a tree of synchs as it is not a messenger but the SPIRIT that is everything.

See all the predictions from 2001 on related to Trump that have come true and about the Pandemic and much much more

See #dnatreepredictions

Coming Up! YOU and I collide on the planet and August

Friday, July 29, 2022

For those with true intention of heart that have sought with their whole heart to know the SPIRIT

 So with man it is impossible but with the SPIRIT all things are possible. It was not by your ability to interpret correctly that you are made right, but by the power of the SPIRIT birthing something fresh and new through you. 

This is what the SPIRIT told me

We were never meant to interpret, it was the SPIRIT that was to lead us into all truth. The original interpretation while Jesus was with us was fresh and new., But those that would interpret for us instead of leaving it to the SPIRIT caused that to erode until all there is is a carcass and where the carcass is there you find the vultures.

Tonight I  am dreaming of Christians with true intention of heart  and the SPIRIT came in this form because of those thoughts

I am thinking about young Jesus seeking the SPIRIT to understand the intentions of Moses, For as he was despitefully used and thrown out into the desert he wandered and wondered and thoughts grew passionately lets say like a small flaming tree. The experience of being used, manipulated and humiliated by those that would never understand the true intentions. The prediction about Trump in 2016 and about the man that conned my family.


The election and my family dealing with the con man

The cross experience was to reveal the SPIRIT in you because you shared in that experience with me. Knowing the SPIRIT and reaching for the true intentions of the heart.

This was all planned, it is meant to break your heart, tear the veil over your eyes that is keeping  you from seeing me. The veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Greed, and the earth speaking, whale breaching, getting the message out

 The synch with Judaculla Rock and the monster sent because of greed and because Trump lifted himself above the SPIRIT and the presumptuous right followed after the lie.

Southpark and the water wars

My dog Byrd woke me at 4:44am not feeling good and I felt the synch with dog puke and how the religious right followed the pharasees in that they overlooked the SPIRIT and went back to building an interpretation of scripture and find themselves anti-christ 

As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.

Whale Breaching synch with three Killer whales, waiting on more synchs with this

What the right needs to hear about their presumption of scripture and how without getting their truth from the SPIRIT and rather following interpretations handed down is equivalent to climbing over the fence and not entering in by the gate making them liars and thieves. But none are helping to communicate the #dnatreepredictions revealing this FACT then the right is empowered by their presumption of self rightness to overlook every argument and force their self rightness down the throat of everyone such as the Supreme Court forcing their religious presumption on the left.

So it looks like since so many are reluctant to share this message in time rather a group will grow a tree that will be there after the horror and fire of these two sides fighting over their respective presumptions. 

I need people to get the message sent, mailed, whatever means to get the message to those that need it to answer these presumptions being used by the GOP. Organise yourselves and use how they have overlooked the SPIRIT to communicate with those that are running over your arguments. If you do this correctly the humiliation of hearing this truth and the synchs over the years should reveal to them what they have overlooked.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

The presumption of religion that nullifies the SPIRIT, I have sheep that are not of the fold

The way the synchs grew in my experience has made me see what is going on that is so presumptuous about interpretation instead of gaining your own experience/story from the SPIRIT and becoming a new creature as is how life works. I notice that according to what the reality brings and the moments spent in SPIRIT and WONDER that these experiences were written down and meant to reveal the SPIRIT but instead by writing them into scripture they become as an idol, and the presumptuous made an interpretation of religion out of them. So Jesus came and the daily experiences were written down and they began to teach that instead of the fact that they should seek the SPIRIT to lead them into all truth then there comes a veil over all their eyes at the reading of the interpretation and this replaces seeking the SPIRIT with all their hearts.

The SPIRIT said through one saying, I have sheep that are not of this fold 

and so if the SPIRIT had spoken through another, lets say Buddah, and showed that he was real through another's experiences,  one who sought the SPIRIT, then those that have a veil over their eyes of course would not see him (the SPIRIT) because they presumed to interpret like the pharasees who searched the scriptures believing in them they had salvation when it was the SPIRIT and did not understand this was showing the SPIRIT. 

Now this was known that such as those in Jerusalem and those in the world to come that would be so veiled by interpretations and learning but yet had not been reached to the heart (as life invarably does) so as to ponder what is of SPIRIT but rather have been led astray by interpretations and learning and therefore have a veil over their eyes so as not to be able to see and believe and grow daily like a tree in the experiences of synchronicity leading them to the SPIRIT of the ONE.

So what I have to offer is not to be learned but to point to the source which is SPIRIT. Why make another interpretation as it would only lead to more presumption. The presumptions of what is now Christianity is a veil over the eyes so that when something real comes or someone speaks from the SPIRIT they first stumble over their presumption and will not see anything that does not match the doctrine formed from the words that were originally meant to point to the SPIRIT as the sourse of truth. So that religion grows to nullify the things of the SPIRIT.

These who would believe a lie, such as Trump were destined to also believe a lie through interpration 

Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe,

“The stone the builders rejected
    has become the cornerstone,”[a]


“A stone that causes people to stumble
    and a rock that makes them fall.”[b]

They stumble because they disobey the message—which is also what they were destined for.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

I want to go back into wonder for my own life experience as being around this fire of separation due to argueing over who is right when everyone is wrong and only the SPIRIT is right "in this moment" so that is where I want my attention to be off in wonder with YOU, my life. So it is right that you put your attention on the SPIRIT and soon through your own experience with the SPIRIT I am forgotten which is my intention.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I don't want to live without you

 I don't want to live without you


The Veil of interpretation is what is separating You and I, we should  never  have been taught shame and blame.

They demanded the law, and a king, but that was partial and  not the complete. they would not accept the truth. Therefore it was said, then SPIRIT would lead you into all truth.

Attention draws more of what you keep your attention on. Seeking the SPIRIT with all ones heart and strength.

The Pharasees were all about interpretations of scripture, but they were rejected because they did not get their truth from the SPIRIT.

What is coming will reveal that religion actually blocked the SPIRIT, and those seeking the SPIRIT would be rejected by such as have a veil of interpretation they believe.

So like a veil over the eyes like all those after hearing the law given by Moses had a veil come over their eyes, That is what reading the book does when your attention is not on the SPIRIT.

Those that would love the interpretation were caught in this net for their own good. They thought that they had truth and all others would therefore be caught when the end comes,,, but it was these who believe the words but never sought the SPIRIT first that will recieve according to their presumptions.

But we all were brought up in presumption.

We have to love each other even in the presumption. We of course cannot DO this as even keeping the law was meant to be impossible without attention kept on the SPIRIT as through this was meant to accomplish what the weakness of the law could not do. It was never to be done through interpretations.

So, as two lovers, both lacking, but they love each other though they are hurt by the other's inability to understand their perspective, it was never meant to be done by such persuation, but by attention to SPIRIT seeking Perfect Love to reach the other to the heart. You don't do magic, you allow the SPIRIT to do all things through you. So what if we get frustraited, it is really disbelief and taking our eyes off the SPIRIT.

In reality, we have always been these two lovers as we were in the one, and we were always one. The presumption of scripture caused separation/sin, but attention to SPIRIT will bring about the fulfillment of the promises. Is it not the tears of the presumptuous that are to be wiped away?

There has always only been You and I, though now the two are called Republican and Democrat, or russian and Ukrainian,,,,there has ALWAYS only been YOU and I.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Possum Synch

 After feeding Lola my cat and giving my dog a treat, I fixed some coffee and sat down and began to wait for something new. Then my long time friend from Milton Florida called and said. "What can I do about a possum that has taken up living under my house" We talked about what to do and I told him I would look up what to do about a possum. A little latter after looking that up a video came on youtube about a possum because I had looked up a possum. This video was

Catch Clean and Cook! Possum Chops and Biscuits.

It was somewhat humorous and I decided to send it to Mark in Milton

This evening we went out after and sat on the deck under the Tulip Tree. It was nice and cool and stars could be seen through the branches of the trees. Soon Byrd my dog began to grown and was looking across the creek on the other side of the hollar at something. We wondered what it could be that he had seen all of a sudden I noticed a white creature with a hunched back and a pointed snout in the light from the deck across the way that seemed to be foraging in the leaves between the trees. I turned to Pam and said look at that a white possum! We began to talk about the synch about the possum today and I looked up the white possum and found that in a town very close to us was an eatery called the White Possum Eatery. 
I decided to look up the dream meaning and totum of the possum

“Possum” or “Opossum,” no matter what way you spell it, most folks have heard the adage “playing Possum.” The term refers to the Possum’s behavior of faking death as a strategy to ward off would-be predators. But this term is extremely misleading. Possums (Opossums) do not choose to “play” dead. When scared, these sweet, gentle peace-loving Animals have an automatic shut off switch in their nervous system. During times when the fear gets to be too much, Possum lapses into a catatonic state. Because of this, Possum or Opossum symbolizes Tricksterish behaviors, deception, illusions, protective measures, and problem-solving.

When Possum is not “playing Possum,” this creature endeavors to come up with an alternative approach to difficult situations instead of fighting.

Many of the other dream meanings of possum also seem related to this time we are in

Monday, May 23, 2022

Dig, Silence, Hornets, life is my wife

 Dig Deeper, I was digging a trench to put a culvert in to keep my dirt road dry and I realized I needed to dig it deeper. I walked back in the house to hear youtube talking about digging deeper to find out what was really going on with Trump and Russia

They are through and don't know it yet #Trumpcult

Silence is Coming

There is coming a time and it is drawing near
When within their hearts ALL MEN WILL PEER
No longer will they say the truth is out there (YOU WILL ALWAYS MISUNDERSTAND INTERPRETATION)

For the word they seek was very near, even in your heart and in your mouth and you never needed a teacher. 

Hornets Nest Synch

https://youtu.be/7WK3nQn8F5g  Hornets nest thrown in to force soldiers out

Again the term Hornets nest was used referring to opening up something that would be likened to a hornet's nest

When I speak of a wife, I am referring to this life that I am joined to. My partner is very much poetry for this.

I am talking about the treasure that my life is

She is my life

She is my wife

She came out from me in the beginning

We were one in the beginning

She is my dream and I am the dreamer

She comes to me in a many forms, and it is like poetry, like synchronicity

and when he and she meet they know it is right

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Lizard Synch, Traitors, Hard Men

 Lizard Synch today, 

Met a neighbor named Lizard 

Their Pets love to chase Lizards


Traitors synch


How to treat a Hard Man

I am visualizing when Putin is pushed back on his heels to keep going, and take back Crimea and keep going ( do not negotiate with liars like Putin or Trump, hardmen) and even take gas, oil or whatever is needed to compensate for the damages from both these leaders so as none will FOLLOW AFTER such beasts. But mostly take the ability to use such lies.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Replacement Theory, Unity through the SPIRIT, families divided

Today I went out to weed a raised bed. I thought about replacement theory where I replace the weeds that strangle everything that tries to take root and replace them with grasses and clover. In the same manner those who talk about replacement theory are being replaced, but not because they are white as they believe, but rather because they are liars and thieves and they would hate the SPIRIT as is being revealed.


Those that lift up the bible and do not lift up the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus they did not seek the SPIRIT with all their heart and strength to lead into truth.

 They are like the man who buried the talents given him and did not go on to grow the investment given them. (The words of the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus is where they were to begin) All who did not seek the SPIRIT but rather chose an interpretation of scirpture are like those that climbed over the wall rather than going through the door which was the SPIRIT speaking though Jesus. It was the SPIRIT speaking saying "I am the way" These are liars and thieves as what was demanded by such was given them like a King and a Law which they use in a manner it was not intended. So those without true intent would use the law in a manner it was not intended against the least of them (against the sone of man) while they themselves would also require the law to protect them from those they misused the law against. But what was supposed to grow through real experience with the SPIRIT was the true intetions of Jesus. These hiding behind a veil of interpretation about the bible or ideology love lies and draw to themselves a base of those that seek such lies, but it is these that are having a net drawn around them at this moment as the predictions reveal. 

Likewise, all the scriptures about those waiting for Jesus's return did not hear it said by the SPIRIT through him that it was he, the SPIRIT that was going to return. They in their presumption have built an interpretation which they worship as God but it is them according to their interpretation for what would happen to others that will have as they believe happen to them.

 First we must have unity and then mercy. Not as humans see unity, but unity in anthe SPIRIT. #Synergy in our differences, unity through the SPIRIT'S  #love, frail human love cannot bridge the chasm. #Dogma Separates/Love integrates #imigration #gop ideologies are a veil over eyes

Indentured servant synch last two nights where the husband and wife are separated

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Putin, Trump and the Sick and Bounty prediction revisited

 In the beginning of the Trump era I had spoken of how what happened to me that nailed me to this tree after seeking the SPIRIT for 12 years was to be spitefully used by someone that used the law in a manner it was not intended. I then spoke of an intent from 1993 where I intended my family go through a similar experience to get them ready for what America would go through and also then the world of course with Putin. Each of these have happened but I now see why even if an angel decended from heaven they would just kill him and we are going to go the way the SPIRIT said was mis-interpretted by all who read a book and turned to others to instruct them without having sought the SPIRIT with all their heart and strength. 

But what does this have to do with Putin? If it was intended what happened to me be clarified by the experience of my family, and then what happened to my family with the lawless manipulator happen to America, then what happens to  America further clarify what is happening to the world and also each experience reveals more about the next. So what happened to Trump especially in this May 11th 2020 synch bears a resemblemce and is a roadmap for what is go happen to Putin and all who follow after his lies.

The first paragraph of the sick and bounty post is very much what the world is experiencing with Putin


Either Donald Trump (Putin) is stupid or unable to see when it is time to cooperate and make a deal with SPIRIT.  He and his base that gave him a mouth to spew and have not retracted when he said he was the "ultimate authority" have put the whole world in peril. For that and the fact that they will not be reached has put this world on the edge of death as I don't think the earth will be "beat" for if it is not the coronavirus it will be what it takes to take humans to the edge until they realize they have taken the EARTH to the EDGE. Since they block Americans from hearing this message then I would suspect that is why the "Sick" and "Bounty/ Hard Man" synchs have revealed that they are drawing their own hell. So here is the twitter posts that have been ignored about those two predictions.

The  Original Sick synch May 4th



Sick synch
The first "sick" synch happened when I was driving to Cookeville and I was listening to NPR and the person on their was feeling like a bleeding heart and I wanted to let go of that energy so I moved to another channel. I said the word "sick" because I  did not feel good with that energy so I looked for a better energy and as soon as I selected the next channel which was less than a second after saying "sick" the channel came on with the word "sick". I immediately knew the SPIRIT was giving me a synch with that word but knew that "knowing YOU" it would not be what you would think or related to me or my own.




I don't know for sure who,  First trip out he get's sick and it feels like a sign.

The Bounty synch and Putin, related to two things, bounty that will be needed to repair Ukraine's infrastructure and Mutiny on the bounty as has been illuded to...

Bounty and getting their clocks cleaned


Hard Man synchs, those believing God is a Hard Man, draw such from the SPIRIT to themselves



Monday, May 11, 2020

Sick and Bounty predicted

Either Donald Trump is stupid or unable to see when it is time to cooperate and make a deal with SPIRIT.  He and his base that gave him a mouth to spew and have not retracted when he said he was the "ultimate authority" have put the whole world in peril. For that and the fact that they will not be reached has put this world on the edge of death as I don't think the earth will be "beat" for if it is not the coronavirus it will be what it takes to take humans to the edge until they realize they have taken the EARTH to the EDGE. Since they block Americans from hearing this message then I would suspect that is why the "Sick" and "Bounty/ Hard Man" synchs have revealed that they are drawing their own hell. So here is the twitter posts that have been ignored about those two predictions.


  predicted "sick" the week before for the White House and got Trump's "Bounty" exactly one month before Sick White House synch twitter.com/dnatree/status Mutiny on the bounty synch twitter.com/dnatree/status All predicted including epidemic

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Shadow of the Statues of the Moai

 My father was an inventor

The way I remember him is sitting on the deck of our 62ft Ketch sailing vessel, smoking a pipe and off in wonder. He was looking for something fresh, about glass, or pressure, or electronics.

Looking for freshness, I played with the cat and learned something that helped me to play with the dog. Byrd really liked what the cat taught me.

statues of the moai

The history of the Moai and Easter Island can be seen as the history of humans and even of the earth. Without the guidance from our dna we are to inevitably destroy ourselves. But we chose to live alone as we thought we could get there much faster taking a shortcut. The Moai understood that their forefathers who passed on were not gone, but they were there with them. They illustraited this by making statues and burying them halfway in the ground. This allowed them to see them each day and reminded them that they never actually left. I think the statues were placed all around Easter Island because that is where the person it represented lived on the island. I asked my life about these forms and people they represented and it was not as much the statue as the shadow the statue cast that represented who we are when we are living. We are shadows of the one light as all these statues cast shadows from the one sun. And even my cat and dog and all animals are shadows of this one. The Cat went to the window and curled her tail around her as she drifted off in wonder. Message from the past for all of us. The Cross of Christ was the same as the humiliation, stuck, and spear in the side/broken heart that is finding you have gone astray and the skull was the anguish of this moment that leads to the SPIRIT. For when you realise you have to wait for a word from the SPIRIT and not try to fix it yourself, this is the beginning of finding then growing in the SPIRIT.

Synchs from the Impassable way/Stuck/



When I was young I would try to take a shortcut home after getting lost in the wilderness and invariably I would find myself stuck in a thicket (in the impassable way) It was from this experience that I learned the way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to destruction.


So it is that there is coming a time when all the wisdom of man will be revealed to have overlooked something and they will be caught in a net/thicket/impassable way and all would have been lost except that we learn from the experience of those who went before us.

The record of their experience is in our dna, and their lives are a testimony as what we need, the gold/creme of their experience is what is saved and when you get in such a similar situation and reach to the SPIRIT what is accessed through our dna rises to the top like creme and comes into our experience. The more you work with synchronicity and the water of understanding flows the more the form of who you as a new creature are is formed and comes into view. 

Like a tree I gradually took on this form

Like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move

Dabbing where SPIRIT moved

Until the painting took form

I had no idea!

The Presumption of religion misunderstands that the ONE is just like us. Each creature represents aspects of the Father best played out by the shadow. We are not to change who we are as much as be perfected through the SPIRIT who knows our weaknesses and does not need us to change as much as cooperate in love to reveal the mystery in us.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Perfect Love is Coming, Tulip Synch


Tulip Synch and Perfect Love

We planted a lot of Daffidils in the last couple years and the ones planted in past years came up first and the ones planted last year are coming up now. This yellow flower is a message of the hope and promise of spring. While out the other day Pam bought a pot of yellow Tulips and I placed them in the kitchen window sill. Last night as I was half watching Lost SE6E11 and a commercial came on and Pam looked over at the Tulips and said how beautiful they were which made me remember going by our neighbors and she pointed out her single yellow tulip in the yard and I told her we had a pot of yellow ones. This made me think of it as a synch so I looked up the dream meaning of Tulip and then clicked on the Spiritual Meaning and discovered two words that are in my synchs often.  "Perfect Love"

The most known meaning of tulips is perfect and deep love. As tulips are a classic flower that has been loved by many for centuries they have been attached with the meaning of love. They're ideal to give to someone who you have a deep, unconditional love for, whether it's your partner, children, parents or siblings.
I then realized what the synch with Lost was at that moment was the same exact thing and about people living on the edge having synchs on the island in the series Lost. I think of the island in Lost as the earth and what the earth wants for you and this plays out very well in the synchs.
Perfect Love in the Synchs (Perfect Love is better than a Bullet)
I want you to look at "Perfect Love" as finding the other half of yourself, and that it is perfect in that you remain very much as you are but the SPIRIT knows you, and you know the SPIRIT and this relationship like the horse and rider like in a circus act where the rider is able to jump through flaming hoops and the Horse/SPIRIT is there to catch you. The relationship of knowing YOU/my life having sought the truth through the SPIRIT and coming to know the Original Intention of the Heart. In DNA exists all experiences that worked in every possible situation and the baptism of SPIRIT is turning water/understanding to wine/experience. 
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Once a Cameo of layered experience with synchronicity is formed in you then the magic really takes off

Dream the New World, Poppies

Fragrance of the heart draws the life you lead
I could not reach you, therefore, I must break your hearts
Daffodil flower meanings and symbolism include revival, rebirth, hope, joy, resilience, good luck, prosperity, memories, and forgiveness.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Stars that will fall from heaven, Weapons going away,

 If you have not been following the #dnatreepredictions on twitter than you are not going to believe what is possible, but in order to make it through what is coming, you need to open your mind to the smallest of points all interpretations of life have overlooked.

A whole lot has been  going on and I am going to lay out the many things that are coming into my reality.

Violence feels good to narcissists, but if you take away the pleasure you will take away the motivation.,

You will want to modify how you see reality soon as the motivations that created the present human system will be blamed for natures wrath that is increasing.

Stars fall from heaven

Weapons are not necessary when the stars fall from heaven you will see what to really fear. Reality too, is not what it seems. Instead of a gun, if it is needed, the SPIRIT is able to rain meteors from heaven and each one can hit exactly it's intended target for the intended effect. Those that seem strong in ideology are extremely weak spiritually. Like Putin and Trump, they seem like they cannot be stopped by the efforts of men but then the unexpected shows up and they look like pigs on rollerskates. Knowing YOU, my life what those that interpret without the SPIRIT believe, was set as a trap to catch them in a net. For they interpretted what it meant for the stars to fall from heaven, but knowing YOU, my life it will mean what I need it to mean in the moment it happens. When you see what the SPIRIT does, no one will fear the strongman, as he will be shown to be weak in the SPIRIT.

Better than a bullet, Perfect Love

When I put out an intention, I wait for the SPIRIT to give me a synch in the direction the SPIRIT would best fulfill that intent. Sometimes, the SPIRIT will show me what I overlooked in order to go in another direction. 

So I am putting out the intention that the presumption of the Stars that fall from heaven as read in Revelations be transmuted to how the world will see that being a leader is the very least thing you will want to be when you see what happens especially to the lying, manipulating, murdering, bullshit artists that want you to believe they are all powerful when real power is gentle intention given to the SPIRIT that grows like a tree. When the world sees what happens to these so called leaders that really only lead astray they will realize what the true gold is that only comes from the SPIRIT and will abandon the sillyness of leaders.

It comes in the moment you need it.

Videos that reveal the lies being told to the Russian People. They know, they just don't believe anything can be done about it and agreeing with Putin is the safest thing a Russian can do. But the synchs with Revolution will be sparked by the anger that is growing at this moment. Things are not like they were 70yrs ago and Russians and Moldovians and Ukrainians have tasted something better than tyranny and cannot be taken back and the anger that was in the synch with Revolution will be formidable. Leaders always overlook the smallest of points, so I would not put your life in their hands, but rather wait for the SPIRIT to reveal what is truth to you.

Revolution is Coming and what is happening now is the stimulis that will start it

The coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating you and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind ideology like Putin, Trump and their base with nowhere left to hide.

You will find, the word inside your dna that you were meant to follow, and not leaders, as leaders always lead astray. You can cooperate in love with those around you but by holding an intention you will be led to be who it is you were meant to be.