Saturday, July 09, 2005

Unseen force fells trees and kills birds in Russian woods


The trees growing on the top of the hill, which is situated in the anomalous zone, were uprooted, whereas other trees growing closer to the foot of the hill were split or broken.

When he had gained his sight he saw men walking around as trees. (blind man healed by Jesus)

Uproot Capital hill and the woman (religion) at the bottom of the hill will be utterly broken. And the teachers that blinded them with interpretation will be found dead (crows) It is even now so, for they never knew me. They love their interpretation more than they love each other. The question is,,, is our desire to be right (self rightious) greater than our desire to love and understand each other. Get ready for the wild ride.

A tree is known by it's fruit, but interpretation is the fruit of the pharasees.


I’ve been searching through the past
Down the DNATREE

I’ve been re-membering

What life has to offer us for free

I came upon the advent of poetry

It taught me, it rocked me down to my knees
Called upon this councelor inside of me

To ask about the things that

Grew upon the tree

She said the blood of billions Had purchased this for me

It’s the DNA DNA DNA Tree

Well, blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree


Like a tree, I gradually took on this form. Like an
empty canvas the painter waited for spirit to move.
Dabbing only where spirit moved until the painting takes form.