Monday, March 05, 2007

Storms, family, dreams

Hi, Ocean

I had written this last night so when I noticed this on the forum about UFO and storms then I decided to PM You.

It was about how in the garden YOU and I dreamed how perfect we wanted the garden to be and the spirit through all beings saw the "MIST" that watered the garden and it was good/ perfect dream. Now with all the emotions back and forth and misunderstanding YOU and I in the garden called America have forgotten what created the dream and in our misunderstanding we generate emotions/ storms much like the emotions at the end of relationship,,, or just before the new beginning.


And God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear." And it was so. 10 God called the dry ground "land," and the gathered waters he called "seas." And God saw that it was good.

Misunderstandings on Prophecies forum and family

So I wake up at 2:30 in the morning and something is wrong and then I realise that it is the misunderstanding that would occur about the Women Lie Children die for like what I learned through separation from my own that all this is medaphor for what ails the world and is poetry about separation. It is what we learn through family energy. Nothing to do with You or any one here. That is why I must leave because everything read in fear will be misunderstood and this is for understanding what is happening in the world by understanding the separation/ death inside the family which is also occuring. Nothing to do with anyone here. I know as one has already told me that what I learn in synchs is very scary but it is meant to get you to go to the spirit because it is the only way. And for us as a nation to heal the separation. Now just go to my blog if you are interested and not in fear of these things. If you are in fear, just understand that this is NOT about You and that it is metaphor about father separation and about spirituality and separation which .... leads to death/ divorce according to spirit. Peaple that do not understand metaphor cannot see the signs of the times related to ends. No rather I thank everyone here and bless you all even those that misinterpret words because of fear. (You see you would have to know me) I don't WANT to break your heart, I am to show you how you draw what you draw to yourself (as with the storms) and bless each of you with new direction. Love you ALL, even those that misunderstand what I write. No this is what I learned from women and not obout women and the poetry of the separation of children from the father as related to what is meant by separation of the chilldren on the earth from the spirit leads to death. Now I have not said anything different than what they were misunderstanding Jesus about but now you know the passion of that time related to him telling Isreal ( the women/ wife of Christ) of the impending end of Isreal due to separation if she did not start fresh. But that she would be restored as his body would be raised in three (morning of the third millenium) For really this message is to men more than women as it is the spirit that changes the heart. Enough, if you approach me in fear you will misunderstand. But now you know why the wildhearts is hidden to humans. Calm your heart!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The burning bush, the eternal passion of the fathers

The Burning Bush
This tree/bush would not be consumed
A passion that will never die
The love of the fathers is eternal
The Cross
Such a being, nailed to such a Passion/ Tree
will never die.
Intentions grow like a tree and intentions that are mated with the eternal passion/love (spirit) are eternal. Like synchronicity, your intentions go out and they come back to you in the form of a pattern that can be recognised. (Your word is sure)
Like Moses that had been humiliated out of Egypt carried that cross within and he had a great passion which was related to his experience in synchronicity when he recognised the "burning Bush that would not be consumed" as the passion of the eternal father that lived on though those that experienced the synchronicity and felt this passion were long gone. (The eternal father)
So you recognise the pattern and begin to wonder. And now being in wonder and synchronicity you are at the place where the father has been through all time.

Slammed on Prophecies

What happened on Prophecies is what happens every time you encounter those veiled by ideals that they did not get from synchronicity which means everyone that carries any interpretation handed them by society. Now I die (get slammed or rejected) often as in the experience. But after each experience and I wait for what the spirit through synchroncity has to say for there is a life that is connected to all things that lives also in me and is also rejected at the slam and it always comes back with what is perfect. Pouring out from that eternal one is the experience of a broken heart which appears through synchronicity and poetry as the blood and water coming out of the one wound. The blood is poetry for experience of the eternal fathers before us as in synchronicity. Also wine and "this cup" are poetry for such an experience. And the water is understanding related to experience. Now experience and understanding cannot come freom interpretation, but only from true experience with the spirit.

(Place spear piercing Christ here)

Now that is why life is full of such experiences and it is not one but both that feel slammed such as in an argument but only those that wait and do not fill the cup themselves get a synch to fill that emptyness. I want to thank those on prophecies that helped me to communicate exactly why I had to go away and why the children (humans) do not get any word from reality since the spirit left as they would misunderstand because they did not get it with the true intention of the heart but rather are looking and judging all things according to a veil over their eyes illustraited by those because of fear that grab a veil such as an interpretation from religion or society (they desired a leader, someone to take the responsibility for receiving truth from them.) So they were given a lie by taking the letter without first waitng as long as it takes to start true experience from spirit which is always misunderstood by those veiled.