Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Message to James Dobson and the Christian R I G H T.


My former posts about Dr. James Dobson were about he being the next Evangelical to be in the news. These posts some of You might remember but they seem to have disappeared.

Anyway he has been grieving because of all the loses related to the Christian right and I am writing him about my synchs related to

Interpretation is Self Rightness because it the only interpretation that could be mass accepted is one that is devoid of the Spirit. And that each block of Your interpretation was not to come from reason but from the Spirit. My life was seeing that in the book so many things could have happened that I could not explain that I had to wait on the Spirit to bring each experience and block to build upon. And that all that Interpreted in organized religion did so without the Spirit but rather by accepting this or that interpretation as reasonable. It is important to note that the Interpretations damn all our loved ones as well as ourselves to hell unless we get out interpretation from the Spirit and for the evangelicals and the religious even thought they "tried so hard" to serve the Lord as they would say they did it wholly from self rightness not knowing that the smallest of points [the Spirit] they have overlooked.


James Dobson Admits To "Grieving" Over The Election Results

As You all know here most of the synchs have already come true starting with the Fires and the Hurricanes and then "they will follow a lie" meaning about the right following Bush and even about the train crashes and landslides. My life was meant to reach those lost behind a veil of interpretation called "Christianity". To tell them that "being right" meant agreeing with Jesus that Interpretation was the wrong path and that only "truly knowing the Spirit" was the only way and that to do this would mean that the Interpretation would become a stumbling block.


They misunderstood, few heard. The size of the pending fire is relative to what has happened here.

“God sent me before you to preserve life”

http://www.lifeskillstraining.org/synchronicity_8.htm In the google cached version


Joseph was the youngest son of the 12 sons of Jacob. He was the favored son. He bragged about his dream of seeing 11 shocks of grain bowing to his shock of grain in the field. All this made his brothers resent Joseph. Thus, when he came to where the brothers were tending sheep, the brothers wanted to kill him. [They misunderstood the true intention of his heart, they did not realise what he was saying... dnatree inserted this line]
By coincidence some Ishmaelite traders just happened to come that way. After some strong bargaining, Joseph was sold into slavery and taken to Egypt. Joseph resisted temptations, remained Godly and became ruler (Genesis 41) The Bible record indicates that the brothers had done for “evil” but Joseph said, “God sent me before you to preserve life” (Genesis 45:5 RSV).
How many years went by before Joseph finally saw meaning in his being sold into slavery? How many years did Joseph try to connect the fateful coincidence of the Ishmaelites bargain and the trust of people making him ruler? Meaning in the soul (psyche) ties coincidence and consequences together.