Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Treasure of entering through the doorway of being despitefully used

The doorway of being despitefully used

I had sought to understand the Spirit, yes of Jesus and Moses and all that knew the Spirit and to understand what was real about those that went before us and why we ended up with what we ended up with. For each of them had experienced “the Cup" and each in their own way.

I knew that I had to give YOU/my life this anger from being despitefully used. I needed to have the joy of life that made things work. For holding the pain and anger began to show a toll of negative synergy and synchronicity. Even though I tried my hardest it seemed that life was working against me. I could not even fix a flashlight which when I felt joy seemed to be magic for me to fix anything. But in this pain the door seemed to be blocked. I needed to be alone as even those closest misunderstood what I was feeling. I knew it was my pain and energy that was creating this as in the pain and suffering of life’s experiences I had grown to begin to grumble and like the poetry of the Israelites in the wilderness that was a big no no in my belief aobut good things coming. I had to get tto joy but the pain and anger oof having been setup and used to communicate what they wanted others to believe. Like the way they came in with the express intent to start a fight and then say to those others that also wanted me out so that they could manipulate and with even the moderators help and compliance make it look like they needed it to look so that the folks would react how they were manipulated to act. But they did not know that the Spirit already knew this and knew exactly how to handle it and use it to write on my heart what the Separation is with humans.

So anyway, Knowing that I had to let go of the pain so I would start new with the Spirit I went through an experience that I had gone through before. I found that I could not stop thinking and stumbling like on the road to the cross. I needed to jolt myself out of thinking about them and what they did to me. I found that since it was impossible to stop thinking about it without just stopping thinking. And that is how I found to only feel,,,,(like the moment of death when even words were taken) well because You know how you want to feel. I began to feel everything that I wanted to keep, and appreciate everything that I wanted to draw to replace this death of thinking. And that is when things began to go right again. After the affliction, after the tribulation, after...being reached to the heart.

Thank YOU

Here it was, what humans could not interpret their way to doing, but the Spirit knew how to "hit the mark" in the heart, this was exactly the “true intention of the heart of Jesus” Humans could not interpret their way to love and seeing even those that dispitefully used You according to love. It was wanting to feel good with YOU/my life.

And then as I let go of thinking and wanted what I had sought my whole life which was experience with the Spirit and according to these “True intentions “ that each of those that had true experience with Spirit possessed. This was THE POSSESSION to be favored.

Each blue butterfly, each fresh and new form that YOU came to me began to fill the emptiness that things and food and relationships never really filled. YOU became my water and my bread. Having this experience again recently was necessary in order to communicate what it is that needs to be said at this moment. Until YOU are able to say Blessed is She,,, who nailed me to this Tree. That means those on that forum that wanted to make it look a certain way and used YOU to convey what they wanted others to see You as. These knew it was their intention to do this but from their perspective they are going to show You what they can do. It is with truth that You can thank them through the Spirit which brought You to this point of understanding. That those that went before us endured this while reaching to each of You and so through the intentions of what the SPIRIT went through as he is the one living this experience through You, well he has always been slain from the foundation of “this world”, this world is not the planet, it is the world of thinking and manipulating reality through doing rather than through the SPIRIT which is the only way to enter in and make it PerfECt. So having endured this we come to understand why they were given something to which the INTERPRETATION WITHOUT THE SPIRIT WOULD LEAD T THEIR PERSONAL DESOLATION if they did not turn to allowing the Spirit to do it through them. Why nothing that has been created through us needs to go away except You cannot begin to allow Spirit to operate this life through You. To first go and fill the hive with honey without first going to the Spirit always leads to Your death through separation and low and behold the Spirit given the nectar to his own. Well it is most important that You do not copy or imitate this but rather that it be done through the willingness of the heart to know YOU life and put YOU and the truth that YOU give to me first. In doing so everyone would be like a different creature as what each is given from the Spirit and believed would be personal to that life.

Well enough for tonight, but this is exactly where I am at. And where all humans are at at this moment… You see, humans are caught in a net that was their own creation, it is the letter of interpretation they desired but those hiding and not getting it from the Spirit have unknowingly been caught for what they truly are, through operating separately from the Spirit, for we chose to live alone and hide ourselves behind a veil of interpretation.

Very soon experiences will occur that will change everything that we ......thought we knew. Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!

She is this Scarlet Robe I wear
She is my life
She is my wife
She came out from me in the beginning
We were one in the beginning
She is my dream and I am the dreamer

Now, She comes to me in many forms
and it is like poetry, like synchronicity
and when He and She meet, they know it is right
they dance like waves on an ocean of romance

Scarlet wrote
Well I never,
I had never been so accosted in all my life
I wonder if they treated all their new members this way

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The loved ones to which the true message is intended

A lot of those I was intending to reach came to say "I LOVE YOU" now, because after I experienced the dejection again certain "Loved Ones" indicated they understood the True Intentions of the Heart. A very few got together and planned how they could make me appear to the folks on Prophecies and Oroborus. But for those rejected, for those that are my beloved of the Spirit, these did not judge by the appearances of those attempting to discredit the synchronicities and the intentions of my heart.

We are a group that does not gather in a building but talk to each other through the heart as all being have from the foundation of the earth. Words, like scripture turned out to give those for which the message was not meant what was not theirs and so like a thief in the night the Spirit will come in one moment and take even what they believe they possess.

A very few decide on this planet what each of You are allowed to hear, but the Spirit has OVERCOME "this WORLD".

Look into Your heart and understand the smallest of points overlooked. Would You rather the coming "event" was the "end of Your world, where You might be born again into a FRESH new world?" Or would You demand that it be the "End of the physical world?" Was it not that Israel had died to Spirit and become nothing but an interpretation at the moment they were destroyed in 66ad?

Other writings of late
I learned this through loving YOU while drinking coffee and smoking pot.

First knowing YOU/my life I was able to let go of any SHAME or BLAME that usually came from the "accuser of the bretheren".
Then I decreased the dose until I saw what I truly desired about the experience.
Thus I did not need the substance.
Those that wish for You shame will completely disagree as Your shame and blame they feel is necessary to covers their sin and to make such as these feel better about themselves.

The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I
We should never have been sold Shame or Blame
Remember the Pain in the Secret Garden
We Chose to live alone and hide ourselves behind our tears and
like a veil You have hidden Yourself from Me
I am waiting, waiting at the door between our two houses
until the MOMENT, You take me back
Why do You hide Yourself from Me
Remember the Covenant We share
Remember...We created the sunrise to remind us HOW TO START NEW!

When you hate someone everything they do you interpret according to that intention until the day You are blamed and hated and everything You have done is shown to be a lie.

She had all the appearances that she loved him so they moved in the same house, but then after having children the noise of self rightness and shame and blame separated the whole house. Some in the house resorted to alcohol and drugs to cover the defining sound that disturbed the peace throughout of the whole sanctuary, and like Rumi sought through drunkenness to hear the Spirit that was Their life until they became not so drunk through wine as filled with the Spirit. The fearful and unbelieving increased the shame and blame as it was seeming to create the desired results. One day she all was prepared so she went to the Snake that he might help her to take all that he had including the hearts of his children. This is the Appearance of Self Rightness, This is Religion without the Spirit.

I found this doorway into the intentions of the heart of the one I loved. For as Jesus did not say what his cross that he carried was, nor what the wine that he drank was except to say it resulted in humiliation and rejection and denial. He said that they also would do this to You. He said that if You want the truth then "go to the Spirit". He said a lot of things that was greater than the present interpretation that they WORSHIPED but that was not the truth. That was what "they" demanded (THEY DEMANDED A KING AND A LAW/INTERPRETATION) in order for his words to LIVE ON. The true door is a very narrow door and not one of interpretation, but one of going to the Spirit for the truth and when You speak the truth and even with many miracles and synchs OR AN ANGEL DESCENDING FROM HEAVEN then they (religion, society, the presumptuous snake and those that uphold that lie) will humiliate you,they will reject You and will deny You. This was the message of Jesus which is denied by those that love the INTERPRETATIONS OF MAN. The love of God is not as the interpretation which seems to be if You are good and do not scare the fearful with Your passion then I will love You. No rather it is to those that these reject he says "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in," Those that believe in shame and blame profit nothing from doing this.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fathers, Green pastures, Grooming HABITS

The only REAL leader that the HEART allows does not look to harm or punish (each creates this to themselves often by misunderstanding others intentions)as the loving father looks only to the Spirit, but rather forgives always even when the misunderstanding leads to his own harm, and the intention to LEAD his LOVED ONES only to GREEN pastures where the Spirit can Teach the heart. The greatest teacher is silent allowing the Sanctuary and the beauty to speak.

Men and Fairy-tales
When You become a man and become aware the fairy tales are no longer meant to be what they were when You were young. Do You destroy the fairytales or do You still SAVE them for the original intention given to the mother and the child? And since finding Your life the Spirit fulfills the Law in You and helps You when the law is used without "true intention of heart" or when it is used against You. Do You destroy the hole-ey Law and the puppets? (preachers of the law) No, You save them toward "their" intended end.

This is my response to the "News Article" today called

Men’s grooming habits that turn women off

She never knew me, pay attention to the True Intentions of the Heart and let Your moments take care of what is really important. Don't be too concerned with APPEARANCES as these things are what are perishing. Rather find out what really excites Your passion like a real man and let Your instincts guide You to do what is necessary to draw to You that person that is not about appearances but rather about what is real about life, Sure the Presumptuous Snake and those that love that lie will make sure You are misunderstood and hated above all men but then life is a lie if You don't know whey You are really here. Was it not the passionate Rumi that said
"My heart is burning with love
All can see this flame
My heart is pulsing with passion
like waves on an ocean

my friends have become strangers
and I’m surrounded by enemies
But I’m free as the wind
no longer hurt by those who reproach me
And this I added for this blog
The woman that truly loves me I do appreciate her input, but the masses of fearful that hide behind a veil of interpretation they love more than their own children turned her back on me about 10,000 yrs ago and now her loyalties are to the Presumptuous Snake that teaches the world to gather together to destroy everything they do not understand,

Synch about two hours later on the Dr. Oz with the Mayan beauty secret of mud. So anyway the Mayans disappeared and it was not that they all were raptured. Although it may have been that they beheld the falacy of following an idol/person/leader.


Ok, to those that are manipulating my posts elsewhere (as I post many places). If my job is done,,, I came here to die, because in this reality, there is no passion of the level that will reach through the layers. Yea,,, I know You don't understand. But for now I will believe it is not a Snake that is using their power in an UNLAWFUL way as they are most required by this reality to "keep the commandments" that they create and use against humans.

Also back when I had all the synchs with Tracy Cops and their misuse of the law, I also posted that I felt I would draw a citizen molester and he would think he had me,,, but that I had found him, so watch how the synchs handle this one coming up.

This came up today

John 3:31
He that cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth: he that cometh from heaven is above all. He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perfect synchronicity without Preparedness, how to accept what is coming

Last night was a beautiful example of not needing to prepare for anything but rather being present in the moment and EXACTLY what is needed.

My partner Pam and I were on our way to Reno on business and began to have transmission problems. We pulled into an Auto Parts Place and learned that we needed to use AT4 fluid and needed to drain the fluid we had in there. I needed to understand and trust the info that came to me and as I walked to the checkout I recognized a woman in line as the Store owner of the Circle Seven next to our home four years earlier but we were almost one hundred miles from home. She said that when they sold the store they moved to Auburn Ca and bought the Aamco Service Center there. WOW what a synchronicity this is. Well they were on their way to the office to get a number and would like us to follow them and they would run the computer on the Dodge Caliber we have. I learned everything I needed to know exactly in the moment we needed it. We gave them our card about my writings of COINCIDENCE and had a wonderful talk before leaving.

This experience highlights how we do not have to prepare, but rather be always in the moment with the Spirit and to live passionately expecting the return of the Spirit which is not like religion teaches but how experience teaches.

Here are the pics we took last night and asked if we could write this story as "that is what I do".

Resized to 89% (was 720 x 540) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Friday, July 15, 2011

I guess I irritated a Big Snake

I guess the synchs have irritated a big snake some where as they have changed to indicate that. I guess I did step on a pretty big snake, hmmmm green one.

So yesterday I had the light and shadow experience

Last night we watched a foreign film called Of Gods and Men which really showed the moment of faith and the shadow of death by the snakes that they had to deal with. One part in particular as they knew they were in deep kimpchee with the self right on both side as the terrorists were bad but the Government was also corrupt. Anyway one of their experiences right before a LAST SUPPER kind of experience was

For YOU the Shadows are NOT Shadows
And the Night as Clear as the day

Another synch with this movie was the conversation between the villagers and the monks. When the monks were thinking about leaving they talked about how they were just a branch of the community. And the villagers said if you are the branch we are the birds on that branch and if You go we all will perish. This is of course another synch with my earlier blogs.

Yesterday I was emailed by a friend who wanted me to connect with another friend which I did on Facebook and I remembered the animal synchs that we all shared before the group was broken up by some that seemed to be Jealous. But what happened though it was squashed revealed something about how humans are really to relate through the Spirit. And lately I have had synchs with the problem with words and communication over the use of the Spirit is that only the ones the words are intended for get to them in Spirit and the rest do not get them so the snake could not use them or the power of those words not intended for them. Another argument to do away with language and perfect Spiritual Communion.

I also met and talked to George and talked about the Shadow synch with him. Now he had just lost his wife and was 92 believe it or not and was unbelievably spry. He thanks God each morning for another day. I do this too, but now feel I have an added reason as I have probably angered a snake with my synchs. Would they rather that day come and all humans find all interpretation is wrong, and none can enter through without what is real?

Every incident in Scripture shows human law and leaders misunderstanding and trying to punish someone and what has overcome the world steps in and it does not happen and they find they had to serve or turn toward the Spirit on these occassions. From Daniel in the lions Den to Jesus on the cross it was the people and law that convicted them but the Spirit that overcame that.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have some videos of my walk at the Bird Sanctuary yesterday. I jumped a mile high as when I got too emotional about the snake and the Woman I STEPPED SQUARE ON A LARGE SNAKE AND I JUMPED CLEAR UP IN THE AIR. It was green and about four feet long. I also found this green cat's eye marble on the levee two days ago while walking on the levee with Pam. I have a video just after it happened and it is really poetry for what is happening right now. I will post the video's later to this blog.

Men, they cannot help themselves, they are driven to please "Her", but women as a whole are really like an enemy that set's themselves against him to bind him and take what is His inheritance.

Some things must only be diserned by the Spirit as the Snake and the Woman will not allow what they cannot explain away.

Through the Spirit You can keep all that has been created through humans and life, without the Spirit even what You believe You possess (life, children, interpretation, home, food) is to be taken from You. Through the Spirit You can have it all and stay in tune (synchronicity) with the Spirit. Without the Spirit humans cannot proceed, and all that they possess will be taken from them and given to those that remain.

Women don't nurture the Spirit in a man, but "SHE, MY LIFE" does. Does Her sanctuary add to or take You away from the Spirit. Therefore the Spirit is least inside a building or a home.

I just remembered another video I will post later that occured right after stepping on the snake where I called Pam and was not completely in the conversation with her and she asked me why and I said that "My eye had been opened by the event with the Snake and that I was half keeping the eye open as I walked." LOL

More on the Snake and the Eye Opening Experience

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The growing divide, desolation is inevitable

Don't follow me, follow the Spirit as I know nothing except what the Spirit says TO ME in this moment.

America is like everything that a human that is separated from the self would want in comfort and Things but it is desolation for the planet. Also, they will not be able to be reached so I don't see any other way but that they will die and be BORN AGAIN in the world after it is changed. The purpose of life is not to have everything but to fulfill the intentions between beings that were set into motion in other lives. The law is like a block to fulfillment as it misunderstands the true intentions of the heart. In society which is governed by the interpretations of the Snake and the Women that love that lie, men of course are already seen as coming from behind. That they need to be fixed. But that appears this way because humans live in a world which is the result of the lie of the Snake and Women that uphold and love that lie, therefore men that are propelled to experience and create in a different manner find this INTERPRETATION because of the law as a huge BLOCK that cannot be gotten around without the SPIRIT. Therefore, life is not worth living as it is when You are made to appear as men are and You have to apologize and kiss the ring-toe of the Snake. Desolation is near for this world of humans and most flesh will be effected.

When Pam and I first met the Spirit took us both on this wild hearted passionate baptism to reach her about how my reality works. Each day we took off fresh and the Spirit through the passion of our romance gave us many synchs related to how my reality works. We had seven years that were very delightful but then she needed to find her own way and ended up forgetting most of the experience we shared. Because there was no leader I seemed like I was just there and was doing my thing. The passionate excurtions became less and less and her old lifestyle of classes and socializing began to increase. As the divide increased the social system in America and the media encouraged her at every turn to do it the "right" way which is the best human understanding way rather than through the Spirit in this moment which is the way of the Spirit and the earth. Religion especially and books that arose over time when interpretted other than by the individual through the Spirit always lead to desolation such as when Israel was destroyed in 66ad because they had become an interpretation of writings and not an individual "Israel" that is led by the Spirit. The name Israel means "One man that struggled between man and God and overcame. Soon I appeared to her as though I was not doing what should be done according to society and again I was returned to being that man that did not fit in. Society and the Snake that deceived the Woman at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or right way and wrong way is become the husband. (one which the western woman is really married to and loves above her mate) Women seem to be designed to "Pick up on the interpretation" of the group or family which was a vehicle for helping to bring the two realities together but the Snake hyjacked that and took the role of the husband from him. Now he is the Problem Child that lags behind according to the human perspective, well unless he gives himself over to the system and makes money which fixes everything. This is why men don't seem to fit in the system,, well at least every man that hears from his soul. After the System leads to desolation (don't tell anyone as desolation is the only way and that is why it is written to be interpretted to not follow anyone that arises even if they show what has been overlooked such as the Spirit because THEY cannot be reached) then the Spirit and synchs will rise again in the individual and no one will say to his neighbor to know God or this is the right way as the right way is the way the Spirit tells the individual that follows the Spirit in THIS MOMENT. The fearful were always meant to be destroyed but humans found a way to thwart that by banding together to become strong and then they used this banding together to destroy the Son of Man and Earth and thus their-selves. The Spirit through Jesus knew that this was the intent of the Snake and the Women as when Jesus appeared and said the son of man was going away what he meant was that all the wild hear-ted creatures that resembled humans but did not follow human society were going away. Colonialism was the last stand of the wild heart which being the least of humans according to interpretations of the Snake was replaced by the interpreted meanings of the deluding influence called Christianity. To those that survive what is upon humans and the world after the shock there is this poem.

Pam is a very wonderful person and neither of us could leave at this point without breaking our hearts and I think that she is very much worth this whole experience. But I am loosing myself as she does not understand what is meant by the connection to the Spirit and putting that first. As I stay in this reality I loose more and more of that time I had with the Spirit but I am learning new ways to keep connected in my moments though the world is infringing. She does not understand this, and her memory of experiences that taught this is not real good. The world is bombarding her with interpretations that are contrary to the Spirit as the letter indicates the law and interpretations would. I imagine those that know the system is a lie but do not know how to intend through Spirit would turn and fill that emptyness with things that would not be CONSIDERED good. Because of the inevitability of this the wild heart and Spirit knew that it was going away at the time of Jesus and as was written that the man should love her and be willing to lay down his life for her, but does that mean become as the world is.. I don't think so, but I can see how this would eventually lead to death. And if she did not have true intention of heart and KNOW HIM it would probably lead to him being betrayed by that one that "eats from the same dish". As for trying to reach "this World of humans" as You speak openly they of course will misunderstand and the more time You spend in that world the more You become what that relationship is looking for in the way of the person to blame. I am glad to get back to only my moments with YOU/MY LIFE and let go of that intent. I do post when the synchs indicate but I let the Spirit do it and not perusing to post right now anyway.

The veil of interpretation is what has separated You and I
We should never have believed in shame or blame.
Remember the PAIN in the GARDEN, You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears
and like a veil You have hidden Yourself from me.
Remember the covenant we share, remember we created the sunrise to remind us to always start new. dnatree
"No leader, except the Spirit Speak and You recognize the Spirit should speak authoritative.

The original intent of what was hijacked by the Snake and the Woman that loves that lie is that a man connected with the Spirit could take of through the power of the Spirit and create anything (You are a new Creature) as long as the Spirit creates through him. She then recognizing that Spirit would grow to know him. This was hijacked to make society.

Other synchs
I have a synch with the smallest of things overlooked related to the Shuttle but I have not gotten enough clarity so I did not post this earlier.

Because of liars and those conspiring against me I am posting the conversation with Punky on Facebook as the liars will do ANYTHING. I don't think the owner of the site knows what the mods true intent is on the site and I think they really want to get rid of it.

  • July 8
    Paul Spence

    • I gotta ask You if You know anything about why Oroborusforum is blocking me out? I just don't feel like that would be You.

    • Removed the response from her as it is not needed and she may not want that posted even though it may help to show our mutual intent.

  • July 9
    Paul Spence
    The same thing happened on Prophecies while some members there were painting a picture of me and making it look like I could rebut but that I didn't. I think there is collaboration.

  • 4 hours ago
    Paul Spence

    • Hi, this is just for information purposes should You NOT already be aware of this. At first I could reach any location on the net except Oroborus as it would just say,,, NO DATA SENT FROM SERVER,,, Then my password was changed, each time I went to change it back it would say password wrong.,, Now it takes me directly to Djbradanderston.com one second after reaching Oroborus and the website says "inqure about this domain name". This is just for information should You NOT be aware of this. Thanks Punky

      I also told them that I would not post until a great event such as expected in Aug.

        • Her response removed to protect her.

      • 4 hours ago
        Paul Spence

        • It is http://gcp.djbradanderson.com/?index=yes&noText and it is easily gotten there if you go to Oroborus forum as Momluvsducks is also having this problem. I am just very happy that You are not connected to trying to block users as SOMEONE is and it started the moment I posted again and the mods blew up at me.

          Paul Spence

          • Thanks (name of board owner) as that tells me everything I needed to know. This also happened at proph when I was booted but of course I posted that I was banning myself and the presumptuous post of course was misunderstood by everyone that was looking to get rid of me. Oh, well it will all come around. Glad You are ok

          • Little update, now posting as a guest has been removed also, meaning that whoever it is, is inside and intent on stopping me from saying anything as now I cannot log in as to ask for a new password does not work specifically for me.

            Note time is 2:25pm wed July 13th (Freedom of Speech is not true, only if it agrees with the Snake and the Women that love that lie)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

  • My Post in response to the

    Anger over Casey Anthony verdict pours out online

    They cry "Kill Her, Kill Her" not even knowing the True Intention of the heart of the person, yet even if it were an accident they would want her killed. You know why? Because these are the same that said Crucify Him, Crucify Him and are responsible for the Blood of Billions slain by the foundation of the earth because the government (Pilot) listens to them and is fearful if they do not head this mob then what will happen. Well the Smallest of points overlooked by the Presumputous Snake (preacher, leader) that interprets life for them instead of them going to the Spirit, Oh, and the Women of course that LOVE that LIE more than they love YOU or I. Well if they had gone in through the door of the Spirit of how Jesus was humiliated and rejected and denied by such as these then they would realise that he GAVE THEM WHAT THEY DEMANDED BECAUSE HE KNEW THEY WOULD BE THAT SELF RIGHTIOUS and then he turned to those that would follow the Spirit and told them that these same would KILL YOU, and cast YOU OUT and Humiliate You in their courts. Just as it all is now. That is what the bible is about, not the self rightious interpretation they did not get from the Spirit but they demand the whole world whorship. Time is Short and many have tried to reach them but You cannot reach the snake and the hoards of women that give that beast power because of interpretation without the Spirit. NO, therefore Jesus said that it leads to DESOLATION,,, which is upon the world shortly and that only those that entered in through the narrow gate of the Spirit and not the wide gate of interpretation which is all RELIGION. Get Ready For the Wild Ride!!!

    The Coming Fire,,,, so HOT!!! It will melt the veil of interpretation separating YOU and I on this planet and render all the interpretations meaningless if an individual did not get their interpretation from Spirit.

    Enter in through the narrow GATE, the way HE experienced it. Do not enter in through the wide GATE of INTERPRETATIONS OF MEN. This is the smallest of points OVERLOOKED.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pam and a love that allows rather than controls.

The fearful demand You learn the law which is contrary to the Spirit and creates more enemies of the purpose of the cross in nature which is the power of the Spirit to reach to the heart.

You (Pam) allowed me to experience the True Intentions of the Heart. My passion for the Spirit is my passion for MY OWN that the Spirit might Cherish You and Keep You.
The LOVE of the Fathers/Spirit is to be treasured above all THINGS and even above loved ones. For through this love She is upheld. What a TRUE FRIEND SHE IS THAT ALLOWS A MAN TO LEARN THE TRUE INTENTIONS OF HIS HEART. But the women who loves the law hates the man and only wants to bind him in order to get what she wants. Love the Spirit of the father through the man that knows the Father and what the father does the son does. But the man that seeks the approval of women is a liar and a thief. Don't live to please women as to do so is to enter through the wide gate that leads to death. Seek to know the Spirit that IS Your life and increase the synchs with that life. You will be hated above all men by the woman and the snake(preacher that offers her presumptuous fruit) but to be known by one woman and be hated by those that never knew You is the purpose of life. She who forsakes her sisters foolishness and jealousy to love one man is MY OWN.

Love is the lie of fearful women if there is no passion, it is contrived.
Love with Passion is how the Spirit does teach
But not really to teach rather to REACH to the heart
Wide is the way that leads to the interpretation of love, which only leads to separation, (divorce) and death. (Poetry of how love works rather than law.) Those that are perishing from the earth love the law and never knew the love of the Spirit. A woman that loves a man that loves the Spirit is God's gift to that man.

Soon class begins for this nation
Tomorrow, though the seats in this classroom are empty now and the teacher is hated, tomorrow they will be filled. Gold Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!

The intention is not to destroy enemies but to reach the hearts of MY OWN. Therefore the Spirit uses the calamity of the foolish to reach You! If You love the Spirit You will not join in the mob of self right to stone a person for not worship-ping the interpretation of the god of this world. Rather You will give it to the Spirit, for to do so is better than a bullet as there is no reciprocal vengeance.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wow, I got lost and I found something…

Wow, I got lost and I found something…

The Door is the way Jesus experienced what he spoke

Going through this door reveals…..

For I was rejected, I (Well that is what has happened)

I communicated what the synchs were showing and was humiliated

It had to be that way too, but it is the door to what Jesus was talking about.

So he gave them what they demanded, or they would have rejected him again. (This is why it is said that they demanded a King, a Law and that it was given because of the hardness of their hearts. Now the interpretation says that was the hardness of the hearts of men but it really is about the Presumptuous Snake that interprets without knowing the Spirit, and in the manner of the rightness of man. And of course, YES, the woman that loves the lie because of her fears and because in the WILD, she fears she would die because of fears. (Blessed is She that nails me to This TREE. He did it to communicate how interpretation has never worked. And that “they” would never accept the truth. But he also said it would end in Desolation. And that only those that really knew the Spirit would be saved. But the interpretation they did not get from the Spirit is actually Anti-Christ to the Spirit that was really given, the one that was rejected and they all would have denied him if he told them the truth, so he did it this way, and seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear. But only he that seeks to know that Spirit would know that truth and that truth,,,, not the one that comes by the interpretation.

All he said was what they would do to You if You communicated this. Those that were waiting on the Spirit would be changed. One world is DESTROYED for them and another world is CREATED.

I can’t think about it all or it would be overwhelming. I have to just live each day and all ow whatever to happen. I mean I got lost and found this

I went outside and looked for YOU and ended up doing this video about this American flag that was SWAYING/WAVING and then some fireworks started in the distance.

I need to post that Video I did.

While writing this Pam and I have been watching HEREAFTER and we both are really having powerful synchs,,,, about the MS, the Tsunami, the NDE’s and the broken hearts caused by such powerful JOLTS. Pretty much all the synchs are reflected in the experience related to this movie.