When Raine was around three or four she always wore her plastic princess shoes. Everywhere we would go she would insist on wearing them. To walk at the State Park, or to go to breakfast out she would wear them even when they did not match the clothes she wore. I don’t know how we got on the subject but that popped into my mind while we were on a trip to Pismo and Porterville. What a grand trip this one was.

Raine messaged me while I was in Porterville and I sent her a picture of the place I was at in Porterville because it reminded me of how slow it was back there in Alabama. I messaged “Slow like Alabama here” I was enjoying the slowness for a time. To which she messaged back “Looks like it” I then said “Going back to Stockton now. How is Mom?” To which she answered “Good”. Then later tonight after getting back home she messaged me again asking for help with something. I told her I would take care of the matter in the morning. I also messaged that I said Yes, because two minutes before she messaged I had found out that it was possible for me to help. I noticed Raine did not enjoy her new Job and wanted to tell her to list everything she loves about her life/job. She said “I know” “it’s crazy how that works”. Keith and I are back together. To which I said “I know”.I told Raine “Home is in Your heart” but what I wrote on my table for myself was “Home is living in Your children’s hearts”

Just then Pam began to watch the movie Tangled on netflix. Wow! Wait a minute! That is exactly Raine I thought of the princess. I said to Pam, remember the princess shoes yesterday?

Then I began to REMEMBER the dreams I shared with Raine and even told her because at that young age she believed in her daddy and we dreamed together that yes she would remember those dreams.

Wow that Rapunzel is SO Raine!

Then the part where it looked like they would be drown in the rising water and Against all Odds (synch the other day) They made it through the torrent/baptism into knowing YOU. My life.

The next part of the movie was about Bring back what once was mine, and I thought about the magic that little girl and I shared. And how Special we were to each other.

It was getting late so we left the last part of the movie for this morning.

To be found again in Your heart IS “MY” Resurrection was my last thing I wrote on my table last night.