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Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

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Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

What a wild adventure I had and it feels like it spells out many synchs of late as illustrated in the title. I really had a great time through this experience on the edge.The earthquake part is not necessarily an actual earthquake but the MOMENT that You find Yourself in a situation.

This synch starts at the Earthquake Capital a little town called Parkview in the middle of nowhere. 

Notice the sign says "Be HERE when it happens" and guess my meaning relative to SPIRIT.
Be HERE when it happens!!!!!!!!!! This means being in the moment with SPIRIT during a crisis.

I wanted to see this place and was passing nearby so I took off to see this little town. When I got there it was raining and I met these folks from Orange county. One of them talked me into following theiir 4x4 over a short cut to Coalinga where I was going. (This is the synch with following a leader that acted as though they knew what they were doing. This person was very nice and was not the problem but helped to spell out the problem with leaders. Some of his family are n the video and You can hear him speaking.) This for some reason made me disregard the sign as I passed that said impassible when wet. I was going along real well until they stopped in front of me and began to slide back. When I tried to go to the side I stopped to tell them that mine was doing well but that I did not want to chance it. Because I stopped the car would not continue and instead slipped into the muddy shoulder.The river of mud since it started raining caused "Scarlet" to get stuck and the mud even caused the serpentine belt to slip off. We were forty miles from nowhere but I felt I was led here to reveal something. The people from Orange county wanted to call a tow truck but I felt that fate had a better way for me and so did my pocketbook. They said they had only one bar on their phone and my metro service of course had none. I let these guys go who led me here and told them that I loved an adventure such as this. I did not know that the serpentine belt was also off. With little focused effort I got the car out of the mud and drove backwards back down to the pavement. That is when I found the serpentine belt off. I took the tire off to figure out how to get it back on but it was too muddy and cold and it started to hail. I felt this meant I should put the tire back on and drive up to where Juan worked on the farm as he said I could use the hose there. After washing it off I found I could not remember how the serpentine belt went back on as it was very difficult. Here is a picture of it. I determined I had to get a diagram but there was no reception except in one spot and with Juan's phone and only one bar. I called a friend Harold who got on the computer and got the diagram while I drew a pic of the different connections he talked me through how they connect starting with the tensioner in the middle. Without that one bar and without that info I would have been camping out there for a while. Everything came together though it was much more on the edge than I can explain here. Anyway after the ordeal I got back to Parkview and the belt began to fray as it was old and had gotten stretched from the experience. I kept having to stop every few miles to cut off more of the belt that had come loose until I was left with just a thread. I made it all the way to Avenal and got a new belt for 25 dollars at a Mexican parts place. I then got to the place where I fixed five tv's and spent the night. In the morning I washed the car and continued until the belt broke right as I got off at Santa Nella. I had to make a tool to adjust the tensioner so that I could put the belt on by myself as it takes two people. Earlier in my life I would have lost hope finding myself in such a situation but how everything came together was a miracle and illustraits how without the SPIRIT the coming JOLT will cause many to be led astray by leaders saying "follow me" but that we should only put our trust in the SPIRIT and learn all we can to recognize the SPIRIT in the moment. Because of trusting it actually turned out to be an adventure and even a restful experience. I have a video I put together that shows much of the experience except I did not get the hairy parts documented as I was on the edge and did not think to record the communication or the hail etc. But You can see much of the experience from this video.

Here is the video of being in Parkview and the fellow that wanted me to follow his 4x4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bLAIAKyvbg&feature=youtu.be

Now I would normally not follow someone like this but the SPIRIT wanted to reveal something here also about redemption from such an experience on the edge so it felt right to do so.

This is the main video and I added some of the schematic that was made from my seeing the pulleys and my friend Harold telling me the path of the serpentine belt and showing the farm where I had to do this.

Also to gather all the synchs and meaning from this experience we need to see the other related synchs. This may be about the coming fiscal cliff and or the way the politicians tell us to follow their advise. Stay in the SPIRIT!! 
Our trip to Arcata, Mudslide synchs, and more

The coming CRIME to self of following a leader instead of SPIRIT

Landslide Synch and the coming big fall and recovery for those following SPIRIT

The Impassable Way

Bonneville, the coming Death and Rebirth of our Earth

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I had edited the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGfZgWU7Keo and added the video of being at the farm and the trouble of getting a diagram etc. but at the end I accidently added a video prior to Parkfield in Morro Bay and how I was celebrating life etc and thinking of my loved ones Pam and Raine and I feel it is related to how the SPIRIT delivered me as in the story of the Children of Israel they remembered " I fed You manna Your fathers did not know and gave You water from the rock". This experience for me is one of those experiences that I can remember how YOU (SPIRIT) delivered me. Though we do not want to drink such cups if we do not have to it is important to experience for as I do my KNOWING increases in such a situation so as the SPIRIT is able to deliver me in a real life threatening situation. This is SALVATION not what the interpretation says and it is important not to read a book but to KNOW the SPIRIT through such experience with synchs.

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By SPIRIT do You mean GOD?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kJLVU3_ ... ata_player

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Coast to Coast did a good show with her lately and I also found this youtube



Angels/Synchs yea whatever so long as it is a real experience with SPIRIT

What folks call weaknesses in You, will be to You the power of God to lead You. No longer do we need to see our own weaknesses either(our attention to anything keeps it in our pie,) but we will only see the SPIRIT in whom we are complete.

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Mt. Memory,
By SPIRIT, do you mean Holy Spirit?
Or God?
Is it a connection to God that you feel?

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When I was seeking to know the "True intentions of the heart of Jesus" I began to have synchs about the SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus such as when he said "I do not speak but it is the SPIRIT that speaks through me". As I began to see the implication of this in such words as the SPIRIT saying "I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, he that believable in ME shall never die". Years of experience with synchronicity with "THIS SPIRIT" made me realize that all that has been experienced from the beginning or "creation", all that experience is "IN OUR DNA", which led to "The original intentions of the heart". You see, the one that created all things is "the self". It is not faith in words written in a book that saves someone from anything, but rather believing "THIS SPIRIT" to the point that You experience being saved in this moment. Everyone that loves an interpretation more than they love their neighbor "never knew me" says this SPIRIT. In other words YES!!!!!

To be led by the SPIRIT is what is important but those that would reject and deny Me will also reject and deny the SPIRIT.

As the SPIRIT spoke through Jesus "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man also shall be ashamed of him, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."

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Hearts will Break!!!

Hearts will Break!!!! And I sense it hasn't really started yet!!!


Courage to go on, You have to trust the messenger

Other synchs

Life will be easy if You do not fight DESTINY

Also got this today

And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.
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Hearts will break!!!

In the message left behind by this gunman I felt something different.


The gunman who ambushed two firefighters as they approached his burning house left a note saying he wanted to torch the neighborhood and "do what I like doing best, killing people".

I am hearing "I have been labeled a murderer and rejected by society and so I am going to do what You say I do best."

Folks living with a label from society that cannot start fresh will go on and become what everyone believes them to be. Did you know he killed his grandmother with a hammer. If folks knew that nothing can touch them except what they allow then how can a bear or a tiger or a angry person kill them. But the lie that "this could happen to me" is what humans DEMAND so that they can make laws from presumptions.

What if:

Every person that got mad enough actually followed through and killed one of their own family, there would be no humans on earth. For everyone has done so in their hearts. But only those that actually do it and not those that have thought it will have the stigma.

This is why passion is so important to learn love and if we do not learn we go on to make bigger mistakes.

It is hard to believe but like the animals that get in a fight and one is killed, there is no judgement other than between the animal and their own heart. Judgement keeps humans unable to start new. In the future many will die because they misunderstand what they are doing/judging.

I am not standing up for those humans CALL murderers, but then again all humans that judge are already murderers. Let the SPIRIT be the one to deliver the lessons of love as the SPIRIT is better than a bullet in Perfect Love. All who judge such as in Religion and courts will themselves be judged.

What humans do not understand is that all the prophets and even Jesus were not telling You that the system is right, but saying that even if they are murderers, and even if they label You as they did me (Jesus) here is how to love them and here is how You fulfill their intentions. Each prophet, like Noah, and John the Baptist would have been hated for not believing the lie of the snake that is the accepted truth and did not come from the SPIRIT.

The lie that humans love as told the the snake would NEVER allow men to believe that Jesus had a male organ and that it was related to the humiliation that he spoke of. Most of what the SPIRIT spoke through Jesus was counting on humans being presumptuous so that they would never know the truth without knowing the SPIRIT.

Just posting what has been overlooked.

__I am thinking that the interpretation in it's zeal to place blame and be right does not know that it is causing much of the problems through imprinting blame. At this moment I will post the following verse. 

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Jesus said unto him, I say not unto you, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven

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The GOP humiliation caused by "self rightness"

  1. Reading the headlines I noticed one of the predictions has come to pass 
    The "necessary" HUMILIATION of the GOP/RIGHT 

    Some of these links don't work but if you search humiliation gop today it is very clear 

    Here are the board predictions from years ago when the GOP was flying high in their self rightness


    Here are the Google results this morning

    2011: The Year The Republican Party Repeatedly Humiliated America

    Dec 31, 2011 – In 2011, the Republican Party was a humiliation for Americans who have even the slightest hint of humanity.
  2. The Robesonian - Obama out to humiliate GOP

    Dec 8, 2012 – Obama out to humiliate GOP - BY RICH LOWRY Back during the 2008 Democratic primaries Rush Limbaugh launched Operation Chaos.
  3. GOP blame their public humiliation results from the President's ...

    www.politicalforum.com › ... › Political Opinions & Beliefs
    Dec 13, 2012 – As the President pursues the policies that disposed Americans to re-elect him, paranoids believe it's all about them. Even as they grudgingly ...
  4. Operation humiliation - NYPOST.com

    Dec 7, 2012 – President Obama's Operation Humiliation is coming off without a hitch.... to Capitol Hill to make a laughable offer to Republicans on the fiscal...
  5. Plan B Goes Down In Flames: Reax - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan ...

    1 day ago – If part of what President Obama was after was Republican humiliationand disarray, it's going better than even he could have hoped.
  6. The humiliation of John Boehner - Salon.com

    1 day ago – Last night was hardly the first public humiliation that John Boehner has suffered at the hands of his fellow Republicans, but it's probably the ...
  7. GOP 'Plan 'B' - Republican Humiliation, Loss of Leverage and ...

    2 posts - 1 author - yesterday
    First Read: "In covering politics, you always want to resist the temptation to overstate things. After all, what's up one day can go down the next.
  8. Obama launches Operation Humiliation to the GOP - The Gillette ...

    Back during the 2008 Democratic primaries, Rush Limbaugh launched Operation Chaos. Four years later, President Barack Obama has embarked on Operation ...
  9. Daily Kos: Rogue's gallery of GOP vote-suppressors- where to go ...

    Nov 10, 2012 – Florida yet again has caused worldwide humiliation for the United States as a democratic nation able to run an election, and it's the GOP that's ...
  10. Daily Kos: Gergen to Obama: Please Don't Humiliate Republicans

    Nov 30, 2012 – Instead of turning the GOP willingness to deal on taxes into a win-win, the White House seemingly wants to humiliate them by insisting they ...

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The Mechanism of the Heart that is overlooked

As we have all our needs fulfilled by industrialization, all have become as the rich man, unable to enter the kingdom of SPIRIT for there requires an exercise of need that reaches to the heart and there is no experience likened to birth that is all encompassing and life changing except perhaps the near death experience.

Today I was thinking about a graph that illustrates this mechanism of the heart and how this LAST generation is SO different from others. All previous generations provided the stimulus that would look like a fluctuation of the heart but in this last generation compared to all others this line should it be drawn would be all but flat lined. This is because SPIRIT is put last and INTERPRETATION has been put first. Such a jolt is necessary as to turn this all upside down.

We believe we are living to have our every need fulfilled and perhaps through the mechanism and exercise of the SPIRIT this is true but to do such and especially after seeing what we have overlooked as humans is SEPARATION. Within my own experience I have found that I am very happy letting others scramble for things while my life is very full with SPIRITUAL things and getting the things when needed but not necessarily having to OWN a lot of things.

I wrote this describing Pam and My experiences with the synchs a long time ago and it went with that train, tree, tunnel thing on my table. It reminds me of what I love to share relative to SPIRIT.


Of trains, trees, tunnels and candles
Yesterday we lost ourselves on a train bound for experience. We dream them up you and I, those long trains of adventure. Where the synchronicities flow one after another like a caravan from another world. A world you and I created before we dreamed up time. Time makes more elusive this moonlight fantasy journey. Things, when what we really want is this moment. The best things, in the best moments.

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My Darling

So an hour after the last post I had this synch with "My Darling"

often when I seek an answer, the answer comes in poetry.

To those that read words but do not know the true intent this post will seem out of place.

At the very moment I post this I am hearing it and after writing it to each of You in another post.

I grabbed the remote to rewind to what YOU/SPIRIT told me.

"Now WE live in You, Tell them of US, my darling"

Reply in thread about Passion for SPIRIT and dreams

The wonderful thing that lifted all the burden from me was when I SAW that YOU  were to do all this through ME and I did not have to DO IT. For We ALL know we would fail in our flesh. We were never to have to do it but to surrender and the SPIRIT will do all that needs to be done through us. The lie the world offers is that reading the scriptures or saying specific prayers or trying to be good is necessary but ALL that is necessary is to put all Your love toward KNOWING YOU/SPIRIT that is MY LIFE.

Each day I seek to know YOU by looking for YOU in my moments. And Just like meeting a person and each day coming to know that person through experiences with that person and NOT words ABOUT that person, little by little YOU/the tree of LIFE grows within Me. This is the lie that has become religion is that the words learned is YOU, but as Jesus and the other prophets, Moses and even Mohammad put out words these words were only to make You see the SPIRIT they knew but those words were not the ones that hold power for You until You come to know SPIRIT through the same longing they had. That does not mean acting like them as religion interprets. But through each experience with SPIRIT BELIEVING for SPIRIT IS LIFE, You know beyond all the worlds telling You that You must follow their interpretation, You KNOW what You experience is right!!!! All who follow interpretation will have that veil lifted to see how empty their life was but those that have the veil torn/lifted now will have no shame. Even though the world tried to shame them utterly for their love.

This is LOVE that I give [url=http://www.stephentree.com/yi.htm]ALL MY LOVE TO SPIRIT
That there is ONLY YOU AND I as I only SEE YOU[/url]
That I see what YOU are seeing in this MOMENT in each person I meet (It is better not to be around people until I see only YOU)

So we can say that there is ONLY YOU AND I/MY LIFE as it will be eternally.

A synch is a walking dream that You know is from SPIRIT and it is LOVE. For to stay in synch with SPIRIT will allow the only TRUE LOVE to flow through You out into the world. The rest of what we call love that is contrived by the flesh is not.

Example: I was driving east on Hwy 46 alone from San Simeon and it was raining a little but a song came on the radio as I was wanting an example of the AWE that is LOVE that is from YOU. Well, what song came on the radio but.

[url=http://www.metrolyrics.com/thats-amore-lyrics-dean-martin.html]When the moon hits your eye[/url]
Like a big pizza pie, that's amore
When the world seems to shine
Like you've had too much wine, that's amore

It is everything that is happening when there is only YOU and I my life and what is happening right now.
That's exactly my experience with the synchs and the full moon of late, love is not what happened long ago but what is happening now between SPIRIT and I. It became love between others as it was shared. We call the magic when we are looking for love Romance but I am here to tell You ROMANCE STARTS WITH THE SPIRIT. No matter Your problems. No matter how close death seems to be, You are alive in this moment and the original idea of worship is actually ROMANCE WITH SPIRIT, and if You are breathing forget everything except what is happening between You and SPIRIT in this moment and get ready for the MIRACLES to begin.

As I traveled alone and walked alone I had many experiences about what I am saying here. Don't try to be good if You have something others think is wrong with You forget it and put Your attention here and IF You need to be anything, learn to allow the SPIRIT to change You and not be like those that love appearance but inside they of course are hateful. Loved this [url=http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2012/11/24]Ted Dekker program about love and he sure seems to have experienced the synchs with the subject[/url]. When someone says something is wrong about You just realize how little they know the SPIRIT and it will not bother You.

When YOU/SPIRIT broke my heart through love with a woman I had to make YOU/SPIRIT my darling, my baby! (As YOU filled that emptyness, for though YOU slay me "as life will" yet do I LOVE YOU) After coming to KNOW YOU I see YOU in them. So when I call my roommate "darling" it means so much more. When I called my bird "darling" as I opened his cage it means so much more. Now as I call You darling (Yes even You Jonathan) You can glimpse who it is [b]I am speaking to in You![/b]!