Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bear Attacks in News and possible Russian attack

Many Bear Attacks in the news and because of the bears synchs

Seven Bear Attacks in Seven days


Bear/Russian synchs AUG 30th

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:07 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Dreamed that America was invaded by Russians coming in from the West. It seemed like movement halted and there was a lot of folks hiding.

Because so many synchs are lining up I would like someone to watch the west coast of America (Please!!!!) I know though so many synchs have come true this also will fall on deaf ears. (Oh well!)

Prediction coming true from Aug 27th 2005 

Prediction: YOU and I collide


So many attacks came to me after Aug 2005 (Katrina) Pack of Eight attacked me which blew up the forum and Oroborus was formed. 
And about every two years after that. Also many came in to start a fight in order to get me banned as to why I was banned because of that and had to become scarletandtom. But now I want yall to know that I AM AMERICA and now what that was predicting is to be played out. I endured hundreds of attacks while trying to reach Americans, but now we will see that what I experienced so many times on the forums is a prelude to what America will endure. Get Ready For the Wild Ride!!!!! And for Goodness sake Keep a vigilant eye on the west coast and Maine.

Spiritual Hunger

I guess I want to post this first as I really loved it . 96-year-old's love song to late wife

Love and life is like sheep to the slaughter until You find what SPIRIT has for You. I know I went through a lot of humiliation before Pam. The original intent of life was that it was dreamed, not that we stumble out and believe someone else's dream but that we believe even until YOU/MY LIFE come like the dream of Jerusalem coming down prepared like a bride.

Pam and I had a good trip to Watsonville and Salinas then Coalinga Los Banos for French Basque food and then home. We were totally blown away with the food at the French Basque restaurant in Los Banos. And the people were great. They were talking about the new car that parked itself, silly as I am I of course said I was waiting on the one that would pay for itself. LOL Here is a video

I found this PHD Author that seems to have experienced what I had in the way of authentic spiritual experience. Allan G. Hunter with books like SPIRITUAL HUNGER about ritual/systems and myth in our lives. And of course the book "The Path of Synchronicity". http://www.amazon.com/Allan-G.-Hunter/e/B001HPA7NM

Here was a very fun interview that hit upon so many synchs with writing MY STORY. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susan-larison-danz/2013/07/11/allan-g-hunter

Lastly we were listening to the fire stories on the way back from Los Banos and the many other things that have happened lately when another new reporter from Reno came on and said yes and we even reported the earthquake the other day.... at least we don't have Locusts yet. :shock:

Now if You put two and two together in this video on netflix and the fires that are spreading so rapidly then we can see how the time for the SPIRITUAL PRAIRIE FIRE is at hand. What with the fiftyone percent vote thing and the synchs with stoves catching on fire in our forums and all You might come to see where all this is headed but by looking at appearances You may not see how the SPIRIT would accomplish it.

As the Storm Builds, Syria, YOU and I collide

Now as the storm builds and YOU and I collide on this planet we will find every aspect of what played out on these forums will come to be, from the betrayal, to the humiliationand each person will find they helped in revealing what is to occur. Nothing is as it seems! And nobody's sin's are to be revealed but hearts will be reached. You knew it from the start it would be a wild ride! See "Spiritual Hunger" audio below about engaging the heart. Jolt into Joy!

quoteWednesday, April 10, 2013
Everything is exactly on schedule for desolation (Americans Rejected SPIRIT)
http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2012/04/las ... point.html

Just take note as the storm is coming as in Syria, it will spread to all who love their interpretation.
A long time ago I wrote that when the "right people" on the right and the "right people" on the left begin to fight over who is right that it would "melt the veil" separating the two and leave those just hiding behind an interpretation with nowhere left to hide.

The storm that is coming will speak what words cannot say. Now there is a prediction for You. As in the last post see what it feels like when there is nowhere to hide from the heat of the sun. (syrian war refugees pbs) As I showed Pam the children waiting for bread in this film the toaster blew out the toast and it went flying. The storm is coming of shame and blame between YOU and I, us and them, east and west, islam and christian, husband and wife. Without the SPIRIT all will be torn and reached to the heart as in this film. The SPIRIT will reach those that remain to the heart and leaders will be hated because they speak without the SPIRIT.

The post in 2005 was as we collided in beliefs on the old forums. Then about every two years the energy played out until 2011 but the greatest is yet to come. This needs to be made available so that Americans can see what is going on. For as the rejection of the SPIRIT on earth is fully realized it will be the only thing that stops the two sides (right people on the left and right people on the right) from annihilating all mankind. As we find all our beliefs that we kill and judge each other with are based on a lie because we overlooked this smallest of points that our truth is NOTHING except we each get it from SPIRIT. I don't have time to post all the links but will quote this tomorrow and post them then.

But Aug 26th Storm Moves in

Aug 27th YOU and I collide (See how each participant has stated their position and how they collide. Syria and the Mideastern countries, the western countries, America and it's allies. Then also Russia and China indicating there would be grievous repercussions if the west strikes.) 

The prediction of those that PUNISH will be PUNISHED (as that is what they believe in) makes me want the US to not word a strike as punishment but rather as stopping the pain of those they care about. The presumption of authority without the SPIRIT is likely to lead to something very shocking.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The energy of what was started on the forums long ago

So it is that it seems as though they had won until the storm came and washed it all away. Tomorrow is the anniversary of something that was started on the forums long ago,a great collision between appearances and truth. It seemed then as though appearances had won. The flesh is tired and easily manipulated but none see what is coming around the bend. Thanks to You Eagle and to those that have struggled to know SPIRIT and not to be caught up in the manipulation of appearances.

A storm is a gift, an opportunity to align with SPIRIT and reap benefit while those that have worked for appearances are swept away in an instant. (Yes, Get Ready for the Wild Ride!)

I am so physically tired but I know that tomorrow morning I will find freshness in YOU once again. I will be able to go on by not looking at those that manipulate appearances behind the scenes but by seeing only YOU/SPIRIT.

Hearts are breaking and an unseen fire is raging deep in the recesses that matter the most.

Geological Upheaval is the precursor to social upheaval as the things of the heart are manifested like the growing heat of summer.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

If the SPIRIT does not build the fire, then it will be kindled from Hell

The message of the SPIRIT is that it does not matter what one believes or what the interpretation is except that they first learn it from SPIRIT. (The source of TRUTH) And that human learning is temporal and powerless and leads to overlooking the smallest of points without SPIRIT being the source of that learning. Yes, it helps to know how to start a fire, but if the fire we want to start is kindled from hell it will grow to be a bad thing. Ey? (The coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind some veil of interpretation with nowhere left to hide.) But if the prairie fire is started by SPIRIT after all have failed in their own power to build a fire then this fire will it not clear the land of untruth. If I could have reached just yall that would have been kindling enough to reach the world with this message, but if it only descends into competition and there is no single message of the SPIRIT we should all just fall silent. The message is NOT that this and this is truth, the message is SPIRIT alone is TRUTH but the world wants a law and a king to follow (just write it down and we will keep it, but they can't, religion failed terribly) and will not accept that the KING is the SPIRIT as the SPIRIT SPOKE THROUGH JESUS. (Jesus did not speak, but spoke only what SPIRIT spoke, therefore it is the SPIRIT that is the way/truth/life) I am here to attest that the man knew not what the SPIRIT would say, only that he would reach the world by what was said. But no one will join with me in telling those murderers following the words of a book without SPIRIT what they have overlooked. There is only death in the letter of the book we must believe the SPIRIT is the answer past the book. So today I am dreaming of this, not that we will DO this, but that SPIRIT will do this through us and that the whole world will then see that it was SPIRIT and not us. So this is what today is about for me.

If they had gotten their truth from SPIRIT instead of PRESUMPTION OF THE LETTER then they would not be like the snake that sheds it's skin and the SPIRIT would have been the cornerstone of LOVE through them. Rather see this snake that is lifting up it's own truth that all might know to seek the SPIRIT over presumption. Do You know that the SPIRIT revealed the presumption of every human through the prediction of hurricane Irene at death valley may 21st 2011? The end of the PRESUMPTUOUS WOMAN is the end of the presumption of the letter without SPIRIT.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Telling My Story

I am writing my story about
Telling my Story
About Living My Story
About Sanctuary and How my Story and through My story I came to know YOU.

The way I came to know YOU was through telling the story
Each day a new story would unfold and I saw that it was YOU
The place, the water the pitcher, everything was YOU
Through EXPERIENCE I came to recognize SPIRIT
Something Fresh, Something NEW, that reminds me of YOU
Each New Synchronicity with a Place
YOU were “that Place”
Here at China Camp I found this spot and above were purple flowers, bees and many Humming Birds
Through each place I came to know more about YOU and about TRUSTING YOU


Within each tribe I found they had stories

These stories were both individual Stories and Shaman Stories
Tribes used the Stories to make sense of their world
Within modern culture we were handed stories from Patriarchs
It was already known that those that would presume would follow the Story
And misunderstand the SPIRIT, that it really is about having Your own Story
So to follow Jesus is not to follow the scripture which is his Story but to
Experience SPIRIT as he experienced SPIRIT and thereby be a new
Creature with a NEW STORY
The NEW STORY about experience with SPIRIT fulfills the intentions of the heart of Jesus
Therefore there is written into the STORY which is about JESUS that which would
Reveal the hearts of the presumptuous, because they reject the SPIRIT and claim they know GOD
Without having experience with SPIRIT and having the new STORY which is the purpose of life experience.

Through the experience at China Beach, Pam and I found many forms to look at and ponder the poetry of what they meant to us like rocks and this hat we found. One synch became the new hat that I would wear because my business is changing right now after twelve years.
This is how the moment helps to put form to my thoughts and thereby my moments can communicate with me through form such as the spiritual significance of “MANNA” or “What is it?”
This is the covenant that YOU/MY LIFE and I SHARE as this formed from experience with SYNCHRONICITY
Gratitude in Sanctuary

The Meaning of Loosing Your way in order to find it
Is not as the presumptuous throught
But is reflected in each one of these experiences of finding a new sanctuary
In which I dream of YOU new and fresh
This is the original intent of Worship
Not as those that lord it over You, but as he who is alone lost in wonder in a place with YOU.
Out of that place, Out of that Story, Out of that EXPERIENCE

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back from the coast

Was a wonderful trip to the north coast and much happened.
Pam and I would not have had such a grand time except that YOU/You were there with Me.

John Londom

Pictures and Story goes with the Story

I am writing my story about
Telling my Story
About Living My Story
About Sanctuary and How my Story and through My story I came to know YOU.

Related Subjects
     Anthropology and tribes lives/realities came out  of telling their stories
     Our stories are the Story
                My stories tell me that I loose myself in order to FIND YOU.
                There is no power in telling the old story, but in living the new story.

I will post tomorrow, but there was such a windy moon, felt some energy there but don't want to say, could  be deep and reaching.NEW

Synchs now with Windy Moon and a deep experience, Of Ocean death and the edge, of finding. On the way back through Rio Vista

Coming Story
    Well about the stories and China Camp
     About our trip up there and Scotia, and Jack London State Park

How life when we intentionally misunderstand the SPIRIT that we also get misunderstood. (A benevolent touch from SPIRIT) Father they do not know what they are doing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

They lay in waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended. The lawless at heart, NSA

Let me tell ya son, there are criminals on both sides of the law. Course the ones that hide behind the law and look for an opportunity get to play with the appearance and backing of the law like they are right but they are really lawless in the heart.

Let me give you an example of this. I rode my bike today and pulled up to a light that was about to turn green but since I pushed the walk button a bit late it was not going to turn white so I could cross. A fellow in a truck pulled up slowly at the same time as the light was turning green but did not cross and waited as though hoping I would cross. He didn't have a blinker on but and there wasn't another car anywhere but I knew because of the synch in the moment that followed me that day that if I began to cross he would coincidentally be turning left and then he would have a problem with me. When he saw that I wasn't going to cross he waited until the light almost turned yellow and then crossed the street heading straight. All day because of the synch with folks waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and find an opportunity to use the law in a manner it was not meant to be used.

Waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended.

Meanwhile, these have a lot to hide that they cover now by acting offended by those that they hate and looking for an opportunity to use the law against them.

Or like the woman that was trying to humiliate the man and then something happened that revealed what she had overlooked and she got humiliated. Well, instead of learning from this she only manipulated harder to find a way to effect appearances so that she could get even with the guy, when it really was the SPIRIT that turned the tables back then. Well, she put a big smile on her face and said to those she had as an audience that she was going to take the chance and began to lead him on a few days until she started a thread that few men would enter. I went in to find out what the SPIRIT had for us but I had many indications that I was being led down the garden path. The first thing I said was about how I understood how it felt to experience such a painful thing and she indicated. Well, that helps but I knew when she said quoted what I said about my experience with dancing with a snake as though I meant her, it was then I knew what was coming next. You see, she was angry at a man and disagreed with me about how power comes from taking responsibility for what comes to us in our life. It was like she had a hatchet in her hand waiting for the right opportunity to be offended and that was the same thing I had experienced before by someone whose whole intent was to use the law against me in just the same way. It revealed why the forums were just lock down places where folks kept this a secret, just keeping the man from reachin folks. It was plain as day the woman was holding the hatchet waiting for an opportunity to be offended and use the true intent of a manipulator against him.

So it was obvious that everyone was going to not look at what happened which reveals the underlying intent of all that would just deny this man. And the synchs indicated that there would be no end to those

Waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended.

Everyone is taught that the law like the NSA is there to get the bad guys but really the number of criminals hiding behind the law using the law and the data and the powers given them in trust to use their interpretation of the law against those they HATE and intend to misunderstand.. therefore all the predictions reveal the desolation coming created by those hiding looking for an opportunity to use the law and the "intelligence" against those they hate. The law of love which this Christian country is supposed to follow is revealed to be a joke and that the lawless of heart who appear law abiding in order to abuse the law as a weapon against those they misunderstand and hate. (taught to hate)

Everything has been proven yet they don't know what hit them and those manipulating when all is made known as to what is really going on. But for now, and because of them

Waiting, looking for an opportunity to be offended.

I would never have interacted with such except that the passion play had to be completed so that the smallest of points overlooked by all that would presume to know GOD and Men.

My intent was freedom from these wolves and fear, shame and blame, but they don't want that so they don't know that the shame they try to place on a righteous man is their own. (not righteous according to their idea of righteous but the SPIRIT that makes whom believes in him RIGHT!)

But what I did was follow the synchs and say what the SPIRIT put in me to say and so it is really the SPIRIT they hate and manipulate, so as to humiliate themselves. But I now go away again and leave the struggle and return to a life of moments with SPIRIT that I treasure. The real message is the life of romance with SPIRIT and all that go on and fight over who is right create for themselves an eternity of the same shame and blame.

A lot of people think that they have both good intentions and bad and that their good intentions like the woman on the forum who was a friend until what she could not forgive in a man years ago comes around and needs to be forgiven in her. But she won't see the good in him until she sees the evil in herself. Then things change and their eyes are open to the good in others when they find they both really just lost faith.

Basement Synchs and Letting Go!

Basement synch

Went to Tai Chi with Pam and they were just opening the building.
The caretaker was closing the door to the basement when I passed by him.
While waiting for the session to start I wandered out the door and noticed another door with a window that revealed stairs down to the basement.
In the class they turned on fans and one of them was clicking but still worked.
Eva came in and said "it has been doing that since they brought it from the basement"
Later, I went over to it and noticed that the rotate mechanism was bent and straitened the fan so that it no longer clicked.

http://www.aboutdreaminterpretation.com/basement-4/ google "basement dream meaning"

Dreaming of a basement is a very important dream symbol that you should pay close attention too.

A basement represents your deep unconscious mind and instinct.

http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/f_all.htm google "fan dream meaning"

To see a fan in your dream refers to the changes in your life. It may also signifies your need to calm down after a highly charged emotional situation or state.


My intent was to reach those that do not know that they are hiding behind a veil of interpretation such as religion and that the SPIRIT is paramount. If a person has a great life experience with SPIRIT they should not at all be effected. Could not get the message out through forums so I have gone another direction. (found others interested) If what I shared did not help folks understand the need for SPIRIT over dogma/interpretation then forget it. Let go of Me and seek SPIRIT in Your own way (but don't intentionally misunderstand to cause Your own pain), the things that religion are drawing to themselves will take care of their misunderstandings soon. I wanted to share how life without shame and blame and turning toward the joys of experience with SPIRIT would free one from the pain, fear, shame and death of the presumptuous interpretation, but so many were effected towards shame that it only makes it worse. So forget it, and forget me as I am leaving the struggle here! Found a more understanding outlet that includes telling the story of what happened on the forums here. What really happened and was witnessed by those with true intent was perfect. Everyone has created for themselves what is coming to them. Blessings!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Lemons to Lemonade

There have been a lot of posts about making lemonade out of lemons and I would like to add how the SPIRIT took a situation and made it perfect. 

Starting with my post on July 14th where I found three LEMONS laying in the grass by the park where I passed by.

Went for a walk and kept running into LEMONS all day and took pics of each find. The first ones were huge and were laying in the grass near an office building. Then each place I went to cool off I found myself sitting by lemons and Limes.

Then I purchased tires on EBAY for SCARLET (My Car) and they turned out to be the wrong ones. Since my life has become one big flow I thought there had to be a reason. When I tried to send them back they wanted 133.00 dollars to ship them back and that was almost what I paid for all three.

But then I realized I had just gotten a call from Santa Maria to do a job down there and had more work around there I could do so I made some calls and realized I could just take them to trade them for the right ones and they could put them on there.

Then when we got there we found that the SPIRIT actually had it planned for us to have a wonderful time in the SPIRIT. One thing after another revealed how this "happiness," "contentment" and "luck." (Meaning of Ventura where we went)

One coincidence after another revealed just how lucky one is through the SPIRIT

We took off to check out the pier and found that the fair has been following us down the state from Sacramento to Paso Robles and now here. As we looked up the word Ventura we found that it had everything to do with the synchs of late one of which is Lucky for Life. (To be told this from the SPIRIT is more valuable than money and riches) But then as we were talking about this in the room fireworks began to explode outside our window over at the fair.

Then on the way home we stopped to have "add" "Venture" to our experience and there was nothing at the stop except for some kids selling Lemons.
Here I am with the sign and the new tires. :D
Here is SCARLET parked in Ventura the morning we left.
Videos Ventura California
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GxE2BE8 ... re=youtube
Walking the Strip
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogLl_twS ... re=youtube
The Pier and how cheap everything was
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaNhSYCa ... re=youtube
Breakfast at Pete's
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ8ae5ZL ... re=youtube
More on the Lemonade in Santa Barbara

At first I thought the manipulations by those that were emotionally effected by the Storms were like getting lemons but now I see that the SPIRIT can change all that and what it appears will change in an instant.