Monday, January 20, 2014

Working on my new rice bowl

SHE is my SYSTEM, an engine loved (Like the Movie The Sand Pebbles)

Synchs with China and a change of attitude.

Working on my new rice bowl, changes in my reality, getting in the mood/joy to loosen up and create business.

Chinese Proverb
There are those that through Hate, greed and deceptive use of the law make what was joy and "mutual love" in one moment criminal at the opportune moment and tenderness at first mutual into an assault when it becomes profitable. First check intentions that they are love and not money. Because when You get rolled there will be nobody on Your side as all are hiding due to shame. Romance between humans is like a man's wild hearted fantasy but even the SPIRIT wants to fulfill all her desires. So begin romance with SPIRIT that then is shared as passion without SPIRIT at first seems never ending until the moment everything changes. Do not answer advances once they have revealed such intent.


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