Friday, July 25, 2014

Sham Marriage of the Whore of Babylon (Religion)

 Acatia synch= Thorny naive manipulating woman that is like a crown of thorns on his head.

Sham Marriage of the Whore of Babylon (Religion)
Like the woman who sees an opportunity to take what he has by talking him into the legal act "for her protection" of marriage but is really planning not to marry, but rather to divorce  and use societies preconceived notions of marriage to take him. In this type of whore she does not know him, neither does she care to know him but only sees what he has and how she can legitimize the act of being a whore and use the shame and blame of what she did with him before marriage and after to humiliate and manipulate the people to side with her. The kings of the earth have believed her and lifted her lie above SPIRIT. After all being married brings with it a connotation that changes how society looks at the woman and then what is revealed that was private and encouraged by her is the shame of the man and not the woman because "she was your wife". This is how religion like marriage is a bait to trap (catch all those hiding) and reveal the true intentions of those hiding behind it's legitimacy only for the smallest of points overlooked to be revealed that it was not believing the letter of the religion/ appearance of marriage/appearance as spotless lamb but rather the true intentions of the heart be revealed by what has been overlooked. So the great slaughter of the sheep is unavoidable and the true intentions of the wild heart of Jesus unknown by those that appear pearly white in such a manner that they deceive to gain the appearance of salvation when they really never ever knew the SPIRIT THAT SPOKE THROUGH John the baptizer or his cousin Jesus (Wildhearts have caught the whore in a net).

The SPIRIT through Jesus spoke many things to trap those hiding but also said "if you want the truth, go to the SPIRIT".  The acting like Jesus is not what was necessary but knowing the SPIRIT and the true intentions of the heart. Certain creatures such as the snake and the deceitful woman are able to APPEAR SPOTLESS according to their own interpretation, but inside they hide the truth.)

The fact that the kings of the earth are defiled by her intentions to use appearance deceptively while inside the truth is such as hate for men and manipulation using shame for profit.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Birthday

We took off to see the lorikeets at the Mickey Grove Zoo not far from our place, but first we wanted to wander the Japanese Garden. As we came up to Mickey grove that houses the Zoo and the Japanese Garden I noticed a whole row of tractors through the trees but did not think much about it then. But when we found that the Japanese garden was having a wedding and was closed to the public I thought about going over to see that Museum with the tractors. It turned out to be so much more than I had expected. We even found a Ferguson Tractor like the one my Mother just got. There was a sunshine trail that had redwood trees and a wonderful waterfall. The day was wonderful as I even got to talk to the handymen in the maintenance shed about the tools and processes there.
Video of the Tractors Display
Playin Farmer

We then went to find Old Town Elk Grove that I knew existed but everyone thought that Elk Grove did not have an old town. Sure enough it did have an old town and because of the heat we ducked into Bob's.

Next Pam had wanted to go to the Squeeze Inn where they make these cool burgers with a big cheese skirt. We got there and they were just closing so I said we will just let a great place come to us and we took off.
I turned on Hwy 16 toward Jackson where we are going Monday with Pam's friend again and just drove. We passed a hamburger place that did not feel right and came upon "Sloughhouse". Big barns and farms were around the area and this old 1800 roadhouse that a band was setting up at. We decided to eat there and it turned out to be great. We went the backroads back home and stopped at a girls house to buy a broken LCD flatscreen I am going to repair.

Friday we went to Lodi Wine Cellars to listen to music and Carol was there that I had written about and we talked about her Chello playing and her wedding coming up. I had written about my premonition about her before.

Then we arrived and Carol Ann set us up with some wine and we settled in

I began to have this feeling about Carol who is part Chinese and plays cello. I began to feel my own deep haunting sorrow in her manifesting through cello though I have never heard her play. I told her this along with poetry I had written and she loved the idea.

Then Alan came in and sat behind me and told me he was a widower. I felt his loneliness and we had a wonderful time talking about the synchs of that night. Then the Chilli boys began to play Starry Starry night and I could tell it meant a lot to all of us gathered. They also played the accordion which was part of the synch.

This morning while thinking about writing this on tv came these tennis shoes someone painted as Starry Starry night.

I feel this is related to my own 12 year passion to reach You and the rejection

I mentioned the song "Season of the Witch" to this guy and I could not believe what he did with it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


DIE! Die in this LOVE so there is only YOU (SPIRIT) Loving YOU is loving them.

and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign
that you have died.
Your old life was a frantic running
from silence.

The speechless full moon
comes out now.

Supermoon Tonight

Happy Birthday DAD! My father's Birthday

Synch with "silent screams" related to "the quake" Blood Red Moon synchs


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Anger toward leaders, and Message

I am feeling a synch related to anger toward leaders.

I reminds me of the feeling I had when for the first time I posted about Kim Jung il just prior to his death.

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit

Not only do I feel the same way about Kim Jung un but also the arrogance of leaders in our country.

Leaders need to be shaken with the knowledge that WITHOUT SPIRIT YOU ARE NOTHING.

Related disrespectful leaders

I am awaiting the SPIRIT as pertaining to their presumption!

Better than a bullet! Perfect Love!Don't act on anger, but rather give the pain to the SPIRIT Believing.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Drawing My Life and Letting go of what is not wanted

Post subject: guidance needed
PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:29 pm 
Hi - I'm looking at purchasing another car soon, to replace one we have (shhhh - don't tell her, she gets sensitive about it). Could anyone offer guidance on colour or brand etc....I'm a little off centre at the moment and focussing on just looking for one is hard!! :roll: The direction to look would be appreciated.


Since this is a prophecy/psychic website it is only appropriate to place the story of how "SHE"/MY LIFE came to me in the form of a car.
The beginning of "MY LIFE" came in the form of the end of another life with the synch "SHE IS EVEN NOW AT THE DOOR".

Posted Friday, December 28, 2001 12:32:42 PM
After 13 years of Synchronicities my life took on a very big change with "She, (my life) is even now at the door". That was the message of the synchronicities in Jan 1993. My heart was circumcised by loss. After loosing all that was close to me my life began to come to me in many forms, the first was the teaching that there has always only been you and I. Not just my life and I, but an understanding of why it was said by Jesus, you do it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.

I no longer put MY LIFE into the people and things but rather "SPIRIT" as "SHE", "MY LIFE" so it was only appropriate that through "SPIRIT" coming to me in each form which was to be part of my life.... BUT MY ATTENTION (meaning of worship) was only to "YOU" "SPIRIT".

SHE/MY LIFE comes to me in many forms
And it is like Poetry, like Synchronicity
And when HE and SHE meet they know it is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When it became time for me to draw a car into my reality it came with the dream of whom she would be.
The synch began not as the world teaches to find a car but as a life of attention to SPIRIT does it.

SHE was very prominent in my reality because I had "felt" (like everyone else) "used" by the choices that I picked or was attracted to, so I was waiting for "YOU" to bring my life to me.

SHE began with the earthy colors of Brown and Beige and then I found this statue "Rebekah"
It was important to have every layer of the heart incorporated/ dream of her with PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!

The story of Rebekah is the story about how the SPIRIT picked the "right one"

The servant devised a test in order to find the right wife for Isaac. As he stood at the central well in Abraham's birthplace with his men and ten camels laden with goods, he prayed to God:

"Let it be that the maiden to whom I shall say, 'Please tip over your jug so I may drink,' and who replies, 'Drink, and I will even water your camels,' her will You have designated for Your servant, for Isaac" (Genesis 24:14).

At home alone, I would light a candle and listen to music and let my dreams form. When my dreams turned to the car I would take the Rebekah statue and place in on the candlelit table and dream and perhaps a word or synch would be added to the growing form.
Table/Altar and Forms

Within a very short time the car appeared.

Someone was knocking at the door but I could not get up in time and get dressed to answer the door.

I found this note on the door that a fellow had heard about my electronic repair and their real estate computer had taken a lightning hit. He left a number so I called it.

I went to look at the computer and it was an S100 bus based system with a black and white monitor. The 19" monitor and the interface were blown up. "COINCIDENTALLY" I had the same monitor and interface among my junk from doing cadd work for years. These units were not used much anymore but it fit perfectly for this system. The stuff was really junk and heavy but it was a "perfect fit" for this man's system. He was blown away at the cost ($70) as having the original vendor come in would have been over a 1000+ parts.

He said "how can I ever repay you" to which I said "you did, you paid me 70 dollars which meant I could eat this week" :D
I then said, "you don't know where I can find an inexpensive car?"

I smile came over his face as he led me out his back door where a line of vehicles were sitting. Immediately I noticed the color and tires of "Rebekah" a brown and Beige AMC that looked very clean and affordable. He said "You can have it". I was going to sell that car cheaply but you can have it." I told him, that I would pay for it (400) dollars but he insisted that I take it then and worry about that when I make money with the business I was starting. So that is how Rebekah appeared into my reality.

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 As often "MY LIFE" teaches me through multiple experiences related to the same theme.

Today, was how "SHE" MY LIFE came to me in the form of a car. And I noticed what I had overlooked before about the synch because Rebekah was "chosen" because of the synch with her grace.
See http://www.propheciesonline.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2443

So Attention (Worship) is how we keep something in our pie as the synch with Bird illustrates.

This also alludes to how we rid our lives of those that misunderstand us, things that don't fit us, people that hate us, or those that dispitefully use us. This is how we wash away sorrow, this is how we say, but don't say "Depart from me, worker of iniquity". (By attention to SPIRIT) Because if attention to it, is how we keep something in our lives then the same thing fresh new and passionate is what pushes out the old. Their intentional misunderstanding is forgiven by starting over with new people and new lives and by them letting go of what is no longer wanted. Like the SPIRIT spoke through the song I use related to my daughter Raine's name.

Feel it on my fingertips
Hear it on my window pain
Your love is coming down like Rain
Wash away "my/their" sorrow
Take away "their/our" pain
Your love is coming down like rain

To JOLT into JOY fresh and new with the SPIRIT is like a heavy stone thrown into the pool of what which is our lives and the concentric water waves pushes out old experience and fills the heart with freshness. Such it is waking each day to ONLY SEE YOU/MY LIFE, in that the layered experience of freshness pushes out what is forgiven and forgot.

Their are also those seeing your pain that want to exploit it, and the SPIRIT has a special plan for such when we keep out attention only on YOU.

Woke up saying
I cannot reach my own over the noise of my enemies so the SPIRIT will use my enemies crying to reach my own.

The coming event which will reach to the heart and reveal the presumptuous woman to be human dogma may be as close as Tomorrow but we continue to see only YOU/SPIRIT that we may pass through the storm in JOY.