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Wander and Wonder in Silence

Good subject WanderingMonk (Wander and Wonder in SILENCE, knowing SPIRIT ignites wonder which causes the SEED to grow like a tree. Those who accept interpretations of men without growing in wonder, HAVE NOT BEGUN.)

In my early days of Christianity, what I learned from SPIRIT made me glimpse the humility of realizing I knew nothing. Seeking to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus caused me to be silent. How can you have an opinion about what you have not experienced from GOD but only read. That is the problem with religion. They read a book and without ever letting SPIRIT guide, they PRESUME to interpret it. 


Without the smallest of points of SPIRIT which has been demonstrated by the least of you, learned in humility, all who believe they have attained by knowledge or interpretation have actually NOT EVEN BEGUN. 

The way to begin to change this is to take every word spoken in presumption and begin to IMMEDIATELY have these words return to us presumptuous humans what we have overlooked. Those that are awake would be the first to realize 


I recommend what is written in RED, spoken by the SPIRIT through Jesus
As Jesus said "I do not speak but the SPIRIT speaks through me"
Therefore do not believe their interpretation of Jesus but know the SPIRIT
If it takes your whole life, WAIT FOR THE SPIRIT TO TELL YOU WHAT IS WHAT and remain silent until the truth "for you" has been given by SPIRIT and grows like a seed into a tree. When Jesus spoke the words of SPIRIT, it ignited wonder in those who were drawn by the SPIRIT. This is intended to grow like a seed.

The only way to overcome the EXTREMISTS in other religions is to ERRATICATE PRESUMPTION in yourself, by not blindly interpreting scripture without knowing the source of truth as ALL EXTREMISTS that would harm anyone interpret without SPIRIT. The best way not to judge is to ALLOW their own beliefs to judge them. Because the one who wants to punish will be punished.

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After the rain has fallen, after the tears have washed your eyes

An experience I wanted to share with you about the Rain/Tears that came and after the rain has fallen in the song by sting and my siblings (and myself) processing the pain.

I was successful in reviving Ginger enough to take her for a ride with Pam. We began to make sure all the paperwork was in order in the van and though I had put the decal on the plate we could not find the updated registration in the van but I did find a note I had written years ago about my mother's birthday which is coming up Sept. 25th. Likewise "The View" had Michael Douglas on and he and his wife had their birthday also on Sept. 25th. Anyway, here is the note.
Mom's Birthday- It's about the Rose on the Table and the box (Little Women Story and the box)

Before Mom died I had posted this letter about her birthday and about "Let it Rain"

After the rain has fallen
After the tears have washed your eyes
You find that I've take nothing, that
Love can't replace in the blink of an eye

Post about my grief in not reaching You and how I process grief

On our trip down hwy 395 Pam and I stopped again at our favorite nature spots. One of them was Fossil Falls and we stayed there and meditated for a while. I was processing my grief about not being able to reach You and family and was having the same feelings there I used to have about not wanting Pam to fall and get hurt which turned into this synch about Sheparding and Love. But anyway, along came this man a little older than I am who said he wanted to let his mother see this place so he turned around and walked back the difficult trail with all the volcanic stones to step over and got his mother he left at the beginning of the trail. She was 87 years old and the tenderness he had with his mother reminded me of my own experience with my mother of late. We spoke about all of this with them and he understood my grief which was for all of us, not just my mother and my siblings and the pain of not reaching them. The future would make such better sense if what I have shared could be seen. I wanted to keep them alive a bit longer to share more of SPIRIT but they wanted to go on. (Both my dad and mom)

Here is a pic of Pam looking at one of my favorite forms at Fossil Falls. I was recording a video about sheparding at the moment I took this pic.

From an older Post http://www.stephentree.com/threedays/
Here is the thing she is looking at from an earlier post during the rainy season.

He Hideth My Soul in the Cleft of the Rock 

Here is an interesting form I found there

Here I am posting the video about meeting the man and his mother

As we left Fossil Falls we noticed a white car belonging to the Orkin Man was waiting for almost a mile for us to pass before they pulled out behind us. Then the next day the Orkin Man passed us by on hwy 99 between Bakersfield and Fresno.
WPTOM A dream has to be born of the SPIRIT and would then be mutual to all who participate. The synch we are having is changing Lemons to Lemonade in that since it became obvious that the intention was not based on SPIRIT we all are going to wait for the SPIRIT to reinvent this dream and start new.

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From our Post online about "Why we Fight"

From our post about "Why we Fight"   http://www.propheciesonline.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2616

Thanks Eagle and your "think on these things" has been very synchronous to our experience. :D 

By the time we got back to Merced after Leaving Stockton and going over the mountain and spending time alone along hwy 395 things began to become more synergistic and joyful again. We met a lot of wonderful people like George from the Motel that loved speaking about SPIRIT as he had lost everything and started new but his partner had left recently and he wanted to know how to keep the joy. I told him to forget about trying to please them and turn to Romance with SPIRIT and then when your life is overflowing with experience with SPIRIT you will share that with her. "These Treasures" must become first before things or there is no lasting happiness. Back in Merced we stopped at JR Tacos and shared two enchiladas and spoke to a lady who worked in the medical dept of a prison. She knew exactly how fear effects people and makes them act. A lot of times the fearful "do not know what they are doing" (FATHER forgive them) when they take what they need and seem to overlook what they are doing to you. But instead of punishing them we have to look at what we are really wanting. Like myself, I am very happy in my life and wish for my brother to be happy as he has not been so fortunate. Therefore, I need to look at the situation as though we are creating a way for "All of us" to be fulfilled. For those that believe in punishment, this is a time to learn also about humility and compassion and how to let the SPIRIT do the judging. To use a bullet is to judge, therefore "perfect love" is better than a bullet and Kim Jong Un may have been given a reprieve, but that is according to the SPIRIT. (Do you understand?)

So fear makes everyone overlook the other person like this Ebola that pushes all the Fear buttons in the news today. When humans are afraid they don't think about the people or even loved ones they hurt. Most often this is why we fight. The more you kill those fighting you the more you empower their fear and retaliation. So fear is the enemy, and the letter of interpretation is what creates the war (extremist) without SPIRIT all on both sides are scheduled to eliminate each other, while the reality of this reaches to the heart and resurrects the SPIRIT through our spirit.

She Lifts me out of my Complacency (Jacob's Trouble)

This sounded interesting

Jun 28, 2014 - DNA tree, Combination of humanoid and reptile DNA ... extreme separation – whereby their actions, motivations and agendas are ruled by fear, ...

I just like this

So I had a lot of energy come my way and needed to get out in a fresh place. It was great! In all we lost four things and recovered them all. And what we spent we also recovered unexpectedly. Rather than fight I have given the presumption and conspiracy to SPIRIT and know that it is supposed to occur. 

Here are some pics of our time in the mountains

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With SPIRIT nothing is set in stone for the individual that gives their life to SPIRIT

So Tuesday is the 98th day of the synch with Kim Jong Un which matches the day that Kim Jong il died after the synch with him. http://www.stephentree.com/kj/
Tuesday is also meaningful for me in a way I will post after it happens.

Something going on with "Gone Girl" and the mind of someone that works so hard to manipulate. :o
The amount of issues with female Fatale in the news today is shocking in itself. This is a reflection of humans and nature and the intention to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses.

On my blog today Russia has exceeded pageviews over USA and Ukraine :shock:
Next Post
With SPIRIT for the individual all that it appears to be can be picked up and thrown into the sea and a whole new reality completely of SPIRIT can exist. Do not agree with anything (even though you interpret Me) for all this is to reach the heart that you might start new not speaking anything except what is from SPIRIT that it may be so for you completely new. Nothing is set in stone for those that are born of SPIRIT. Without SPIRIT all relationships fail and die including the relationship with the body. Therefore love them by loving the SPIRIT.

Lift up SPIRIT/GOD over all interpretations and appearances and see your world begin to change.

The same thing is necessary with those beheading others, if we lift up SPIRIT even above our Christian interpretations in this world it would reveal they are following an interpretation/letter designed to kill and be killed. For the letter kills, but the SPIRIT gives life.

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Blood Moon Eclipse synchs

Blood moon eclipse synchs
Here is part of the post

Today what happened between my loved ones can only be described by this synch with the eclipse. Trusting the SPIRIT in what it is doing in their hearts.
My hair at 3:30am explains the feeling we had getting up in this love to view the eclipse just now. I was reminded of the eclipse thread and what my family experienced tonight. I wait to see what all this means, but what I saw and what YOU in YOUR benevolence are doing.

Total Eclipse of the heart

As we went for our walk I was very much into whatever might come to help me to say what I need to say. As I walked I noticed that Pam lingered behind me. Soon I turned to find she was crying. The moment indicated there was nothing to say, but only to hold her while she cried. Pam’s son was leaving within a month for Chicago with his fiance and just the other day Pam had wanted to really connect with her family but she failed terribly and felt humiliated in front of her son. As she cried and I held her I noticed the tree behind her was full of humming birds. When she regained herself I told her about all the hummingbirds behind her. When she turned only a few were visible and when she turned away many came out again. I knew it was the veil of pain that was keeping her from seeing “this moment”. I remembered the moment YOU were there for me during that great humiliation and the freshness of starting new with YOU. Just as Jesus said “why have YOU forsaken me” in that moment of pain and humiliation so I came to know that it was I that hid myself. When I remembered not to let myself be clouded by the pain I came to recognize “this moment”.

So YOU reminded me in that moment “Now if ever Your heart is broken again to remember THIS MOMENT”

When one person is going away I have often noticed that such an event occurs. I think it is love, like “therefore I must break Your heart” out of love that the Spirit might be heard. Thinking misunderstands, but wait and what does the Spirit say to You. Just like the humiliation of the cross which was the reason Jesus portrayed “I must go away” so it is that the Spirit left religion a long time ago. For as Jesus told the closest to him,,, even You will deny me in that moment. As everyone that experienced the truth from life and would ever try to convey it would be humiliated. That does not mean we want what is free to do, but if You shame someone they cannot hear to learn from the Spirit the truth that would lead to what You cannot get by the weakness of the law. That is why they were left with only an interpretation that could not be understood without the Spirit.

I asked to understand the true intentions of the heart and what I learned cannot be learned from words or an interpretation.

It was once written: Because of the hardness of their hearts they were given the law.

And: At the reading of the law a veil came over all their eyes.

If You could allow humiliation without shame because they do not know the true intention of the heart,,, then by not having the shame they intend that would keep You feeling the way THEY want You to feel, then You can be focused on the moment and the synch in order to know the truth. If Your attention is taken by shame and pain then You are not where the moment can bless You with the truth.

The movie Spinning the butter is the movie in the background and the minority student could not stay because of the shame of misunderstanding of constant misunderstanding.

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dnatree Guest Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:4
The synchs now with Uranus that is behind the moon as it eclipsed and sister and mother also the clock said 4:44

Here is exactly what happened today

This year can be very upsetting emotionally, as circumstances in your life that provided you with a sense of security become unstable or unpredictable. The underlying issue during this time is that while you need some stability in your life in order to feel emotionally content, you may be holding on to patterns and situations from the past that have outlived their purpose and are actually holding you back from emotional growth. You may be the catalyst for this change, as your inner restlessness causes you to consider radical changes in order to relieve some of the pressure, or you may totally break free from a situation that has become too restrictive. You may also experience sudden changes in your home and family life that are caused by forces completely out of your control. While this is likely to be very frustrating and confusing, you may also feel an undercurrent of excitement about facing the future with a sense of freedom. These new insights will cause you to react more emotionally or erratically when dealing with other people and you’re likely to confuse those closest to you. You may decide to relocate, or be forced to move because of outside circumstances. You may respond to the demands of your family with a more rebellious attitude or be tempted to disregard your responsibilities to other people. This will be more problematic in your relationships to women, especially your mother. Know that by facing the challenges of this time, you’ll find a new level of emotional independence.

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link Original post about kim Jong Un on July 8th 2014
Dove on a Branch wrote:
I am feeling a synch related to anger toward leaders.

I reminds me of the feeling I had when for the first time I posted about Kim Jong il just prior to his death.

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit

Not only do I feel the same way about Kim Jong un but also the arrogance of leaders in our country.

Leaders need to be shaken with the knowledge that [b]WITHOUT SPIRIT YOU ARE NOTHING.

Related disrespectful leaders

I am awaiting the SPIRIT as pertaining to their presumption!

Better than a bullet! Perfect Love!Don't act on anger, but rather give the pain to the SPIRIT Believing.

Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen for weeks and no one is quite sure why

I was moved to post about Kim Jung il three months before he died and this post about Kim Jung un is three months ago.

98 Days after my post Kim Jung il Died Posted Sept 10 2011, Died Dec 17, 2011
80 days as of today since I posted about Kim Jung Un, Posted July 8th 2014, Today is Sept 26,2014

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American Religion, liars and thieves denying the power of SPIRIT

The most powerful reason for learning from SPIRIT is because of the power of death
To actually ask life to learn from death is what was meant by such things written as 


"You don't know what you are asking," Jesus said to them. "Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?"

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body./quote]

Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed."

Early in my Christian Experience Starting about 1980 I saw that Modern Christianity were kidding themselves about this fact and PLAYING CHRISTIAN BUT DENYING THE POWEROF WHAT REALLY WAS THE EXPERIENCE. In reality you are admonished to have nothing to do with these people. Society learns from interpretation, but those who go on to learn from SPIRIT are the only ones that truly are not kidding themselves. What is written is what was demanded but those seeking truth are told the true worshipers worship in spirit and in truth. For this reason I speak of SPIRIT in the manner that I have experienced it and reject the interpretations that have evolved from man's thinking because it has become plane that the purpose of this was to catch all liars and thieves which hide behind a veil of interpretation.

Asking for a near death experience is what "Drink this Cup" is about

For many years I learned from Synchronicity but it did not take on the power of SPIRIT until I drank from that cup.
I understood that synchs with SPIRIT were the key beyond what I could merely see about life, so I knew it was not presumption to ask SPIRIT and learn the language of SPIRIT so that I could know the ORIGINAL INTENTIONS OF THE HEART.

To be broken yet not crushed, meaning we are able to live after experiencing death. The powers that be have always taught us that we should protect ourselves and loved ones from anything related to death but the SPIRIT points to death as the ultimate teacher of life.

It became as though there was no time left for anything THAT WAS NOT PERFECT!
No more time to presume

In the Autumn
That Evening
Twilight Realm
Shadows speak more clearly
And words spoken by fools and Hojas suddenly are meaningful

Carry this gift in your heart

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Are you feeling lost my brothers and sisters?

I only saw Jesus until I too was crucified with him. Then he as well as I died and all that was left was the SPIRIT he knew. i didn't know what I was doing then either! :o 

Feeling lost, that is exactly where You were meant to be when trusting SPIRIT

YOU ARE HERE! :arrow: http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2014/10/you-are-here.html
youarehere.gif [ 12.42 KiB | Not viewed yet ] 

Click on the image,,,, I was humming "We've only just begun to live"


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You are Here!

You Are Here was a great movie Pam really enjoyed. I picked it up because of some of the funny actors and then it turned out to be related to brothers and sisters and YOU and I collide as in my family. The inheritance was divided in such a way that they would have to deal with each other and overcome.


The one line spoken about why their father had chosen this was exactly what was meant by
This is my body which is given to you, do this in remembrance of ME.

Coincidently I also have written a post called "You are Here"

YOU are HERE! Video on Youtube from July 2012