Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day Drive

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Drawing inspiration from our discoveries

We went for a joyride on Christmas day exploring all the little hollows that we had not already explored. Just a little distance from the farm we saw this place that looked very similar to what I have dreamed. (Stone masonry and a tower, eclectic look)

We stopped and explored the project which is so similar to our own strange tastes.  ;)


Inside the tower from window

We ventured on and found Flynns Creek boat ramp and Cordell Hule lake Horse Camp where we found a bird house that needed repair and the parts were laying nearby so we fixed it.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Trip to Huntsville

Just wanted to say that Pam and I enjoyed the visit to Huntsville, where I always go by my daughter Sarah's childhood home so that I can keep her in my heart though she and her family have rejected me over the years. Really enjoyed showing Huntsville and Intergraph to Pam and also Big Spring park where I prayed often to reach Sarah. We did meet up with Raine in Albertville after staying in Fort Payne and visiting Little River Canyon.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Absent Father

The Absent Father
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A new format, a new forum...

A new day?

If you accept the concept of God as "Our Father" (Lord's Prayer God)-- then really--  What kind of a Father is He?  Really...

He is a father who doesn't write.  He doesn't call.  He doesn't involve Himself in our lives.  Should He?

I have in my possession a letter from my Dad.  It's the last thing he wrote to me.... and it's more than two thousand years old.  Dad!  I'm right here!  Pick up the phone and call!

Don't you ever feel like this?

I have a crusty, yellowed letter.  I'm right here.

Don't you love me?

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Re: The Absent Father
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My life was intended to answer these questions and fits perfectly toward this question. I also know that this question is asked with true intent because it fits this moment with me.  I too, have been absent because of a veil of interpretation that filled the cup for my own children. They were "not allowed" to believe the truth about me. It had to be the story given them by those that really never knew me. By those that profited by changing the story "just slightly". So it is with the SPIRIT. In our freewill we have veiled ourselves from "the father" The same anger, frustration that the "interpretation" left in my children that made me have to appear as something I am not to them is at work in you about "The FATHER".

The Veil of interpretation is what is separating You from me.
You should never have been taught shame or blame
Remember the pain in YOUR secret garden
You chose to live alone and hide youself behind your tears and like a veil
You have hidden yourself from me.
I am standing, (in this moment) waiting at the door between our two realities
until the moment you take me back
Remember the covenant we share, remember we created the sunrise to remind us to start new each day.

Therefore, each day I seek the SPIRIT fresh and new that I might grow in YOU.

I had to let go of the veil of interpretation that I had about GOD. I had to empty the filled cup. This is humility.

But the idea of God as father is only a parable. YOU/SPIRIT had to become new. All things were to become new. For YOU also are lover (as she, flesh betrayed me, yet YOU never left me) Because of the veil of interpretation those around me had and they loved this more than they loved me. Therefore, they would not allow me, even while I was allowing them to believe in god as their interpretation demanded. So they felt they could betray me. I had to live alone for many years.

It is yourself doing the hiding, a person that believed one way for so long will not see another way until they have believed in SPIRIT for some time and then the truth (for them) will be contrary to everything they before believed. Trust, Grow.

I believed in Jesus and in the father but the true experience with the SPIRIT revealed that "YOU ARE EVERYTHING". The idea of the father stemmed from the need for a father figure as started through Abraham and SPIRIT fulfilled that intention. But the reality of SPIRIT is that as I began to have synchronicity YOU became "MY LIFE".  I did not need a father as the Israelites had seen YOU/SPIRIT and that was necessary for them. But in the NEWNESS of the SPIRIT I found that YOU became like what the emptiness of my heart ached for. I felt BETRAYED by even those close to me as they could not understand what I had experienced and so my lover, my friend became YOU/SPIRIT. Whom I found I could trust. What created all things turns out to be SPIRIT, and me/you. SPIRIT through this one being that has become many. So who is SPIRIT to be for all of us.

That leads me to how Pam and I and even my family are evolving SPIRITUALLY. The same synergy and synchronicity that happened on the web but more focused toward what we as a family need is growing. It is evolving out of the trust I have for my life, the trust Pam has for her life "with me". Therefore, Pam trusts as she has learned to trust "my life". As the Israelites came to see YOU/SPIRIT and YOU had many names. Wonder-------ful, Councelor, Almighty God was some of the terms used for the SPIRIT that was "THE LIFE". Now if folks were part of a group and came to rely as on the edge of death in the growing experience as "ONE FAMILY" that trusts in the SPIRIT perhaps how we speak of this SPIRIT might also evolve along with this trust.

Those that never knew SPIRIT and therefore never knew the "true intentions of the heart of Jesus" evolved a belief system apart from SPIRIT that demands attention as the LAW demands attention. But this was not the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus.

All the birds are swarming here in Tennessee and Alabama and Pam and I have been having synchs which describe how love works in a group or family and how trust is focused toward the SPIRIT and not the person. It was the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus saying "I am the way, and I am the truth as well as the very life you live". But they demanded a king and want to see him "according to the flesh." But those growing in the SPIRIT no longer see him, (Jesus) according to the flesh but only see the SPIRIT. For all we know the letter of the law even of the new testament has been doctored and therefore we must get out truth from SPIRIT. I can easily see that those that don't are caught in a net set by the intentions of Jesus to reveal those hiding behind a veil.

My evolving love of SPIRIT has led to many experiences in wonder. Because YOU ARE WONDER----FUL!

Here are some of the synchs with swarm theory. A little more trust, a little more love, and perhaps a little more life getting to the point where trust is more important than what we already $trust$ is needed and then we will all see what is intended. Life on the edge is a teacher and this is common to all flesh.

My brother has run into difficulty with his arm and trying to finish things too fast. He is very knowledgeable in many areas but still needs to slow down to do it well. We both know each other and know that we are both capable and he is learning to trust life as well now.


Eli who?Smiley (click links)
If it is a sign in the sky I would imagine we all would have been able to SEE it and we would have had synchs that were connected within the vine. Now after the fact like the presumptuous thread that caused so much ummmmm presumption (Sorry to have gotten your dander up, well not so sorry  SmileyWe have to laugh at ourselves  Wink as we learn to recognize even to the fragrance) I feel that the actual Hammer of God is related to exactly this hype and presumption. But like Katia (she was pure hype) I don't feel that on a greater level that that thing was given much energy by the body of the Spirit on the earth. The Shepard leads the flock to GREEN pastures and the sheep KNOW HIM (the SPIRIT, not a person) even to the fragrance.

Swarm Theory, by Peter Miller, talks about how some animals, as individuals, aren't smart, but as a group or a swarm, they can do amazing things. The above is a flock of starlings that can change shapes even though no single bird is the leader.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pics of the build

What a wonderful coincidence!

So we went to Nashville to the Harbor Freight store and bought a lot of pneumatic tools and got to pay for them and the before the discounts it was about 400.00 dollars and then the girl said "Watch this" and she started doing all the deductions because it was the last day of a sale and also there were advertised specials and things that were 37.00 dollars ended up being like 12.00 dollars and so it turned out to be only 285.00 dollars. I love this synch with timing and watching this seed grow. Still need my own 10 gallon compressor though. Don't like borrowing the farm unit that is only 6 gallons anyway. 

So then we went to Nashville and had a blast listening to music and meeting folks from Switzerland and Miami, and Ohio. Oh, and the White Lightning starts at 40 percent Alch. and goes to 103 :shock: :D 

So my synch is about this growing seed and the ever present help of the SPIRIT and how there is a time for everything but we must be in synch with our lives and our dreams.

I have been clearing land and making "flat land" with the tractor. Got one of four teeth for the box blade scraper so that it will dig dirt faster so I can move and fill in faster. I call it my "one tooth, hillbilly tractor". LOL My lot has increased to almost 75 feet of flat surface and the road down the property has been widened and is ready for more gravel. I put stakes down the road so my neighbor that has a tractor with a bucket can put stacks of the gravel at each one and I will spread it with the tractor. I love that tractor. LOL

John has been very helpful in ideas and tools and is redoing the bathroom for two days so Pam and I are going to spend two days visiting family and friends in Alabama. So we are off to Chattanooga this morning.

I intend to have more synchs about how my life works with SPIRIT as it has developed for this "new creature" and to write more about them. This does not mean it will work the same for others as each relationship with SPIRIT evolves independently and it is according to Your Faith in what SPIRIT has told you that matters. Faith in what a preacher or your own interpretation that did not come from SPIRIT amounts to a veil over the eyes really that is leading to an end. Best to be born of SPIRIT and not just the water of some religious interpretation. Those waters turn to wormwood eventually.

This is the basic web address for the pics of the road and build site, you can change the pic number (14) to anything you want up to about 23.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Were fixin to make somethin!

What can I say, but that we have had three great days. Sure it was raining yesterday while we were unloading lumber but it is kind of meditative to lift one 2X10X15 and stack it over and over again. :roll: See on the way to Gordonsville to pick up the box blade and scraper we passed by the old feed Mill in South Carthage where Al Gore is from and his family owned it. They were tearing it down and selling the 150yr old lumber for CHEAP!!! So we packed as much as we could around the equipment on the trailer and headed back to the hollow. But on the way we stopped in Granville at the Sutter Store where we found they were having the Andy Griffith Follies and dinner for 16 bucks and of course the famous Blue Grass Music tonight so we signed up to go. Hope to have a good video for yall later. Pam has found that this evolving into change can be very good and fun. We felt very productive especially yesterday after unloading about three tons of lumber.
So things are coming along nicely though I had to lay down the law with those that think they run the house :twisted: but they adapted as well. :mrgreen: 
The old Feed Mill
Video loading Box Blade and scraper
Video Al Gore Family Feed Mill Carthage
Well guess I need to put some prediction energy here as that is what this sight is about so here goes. One prediction is how Pam and I had made that Gothic Pic of ourselves in Berkeley and now,,, well we are one. We got our overalls from the Sutter store and now we feel like we are at home.

So here is the first pic leading to the creation of this reality. :o 

Monday, December 01, 2014

Trip through the Smokys

Thanks Eagle, things keep getting better.

Wanted to get away for the weekend from the farm so we just took off toward Knoxville in the Mazda.


Knoxville was cool but I remembered Gatlinburg from when I was a teenager so we headed in that direction. Pam was blown away with all the resorts and rides on the way there and now she thinks much better of Tennessee. :D We just kept driving over the Smoky mountains yesterday and ended up staying in a cheap place in Cherokee. I dreamed last night that it was providence that led me here and so I woke up and went to get a to-go breakfast from Granny's that Pam and I ate for 8 bucks. :mrgreen: 

All the lights "coincidently" had been set up and this was the first night of the Christmas Drama at the Cherokee Nation. The motel was called the Drama Inn across the street from the festivities. We met one Santa last night and then this morning another was staying next door.

I found out that Santa "would not shut up!!!!!!!!!!!" :shock: :lol: 

So we are having a great time and this pic was taken near the top of the Smoky Mountains Yesterday.