Friday, January 23, 2015

Groundhog showed up

Well the groundhog showed up at our door on Jan 21st 2015 and then last night while in Books a Million Pam ran into the dream meaning of the varmint and  turns out to be everything that we are experiencing at the house. (of course) Even my sister who does not want to believe anything was shook by how perfect this fit our experience.

Short video pertaining to the varmint!


Keynote: Mystery of Death without Dying~ Trance~ Dreams

Cycle of Power: Winter

    The groundhog or woodchuck is a burrowing rodent, actually a member of the squirrel family. It has chisel-like teeth, and it lives at the edges and open areas of woods and forests. It is known for its digging and tunneling ability.

    Symbolically this reflects the ability to get deep within an area of interest. It is not unusual to have a groundhog appear at a time when a new area of study is about to open up. Since a groundhog does not fully mature for about two years, its appearance as a totem can reflect an endeavor that may take two years to come to full fruition. This may reflect two years of intensive study, digging, and building.   

    The groundhog makes elaborate dens with multiple exits and storage rooms. It spends half its time underground. The bedroom area is always located above the lowest end of the tunnel. This is so it won't be flooded. They clean up after themselves, burying their own excrement. Within their burrows they have separate toilet chambers.

    Groundhogs are generally non-territorial, but they will not allow others in their tunnel. Groundhogs can tell if a burrow is occupied, as fresh dirt will be piled outside the entrance. For anyone with a groundhog totem, it is important to give definite signals to the boundaries you wish to have respected in your life. (This has been all encompassing for Pam and Sharon) ;)

    Groundhogs go into a true hibernation and spend about four to six months in that condition. They prepare for this by fattening themselves. They gorge through summer and late fall. They will curl up in a frost free chamber of their burrow, and their life processes will slow. Their temperature will drop from its normal 96 degrees to about 40 degrees, barely above freezing. The respiration slows to one breath per minute and the heartbeat plunges from 110 beats per minute to about four or five. They achieve a state of unconsciousness and will usually awaken in later winter or early spring.

    Hibernation has always had great significance to it. It symbolized death without dying. Some societies used methods to induce these states as a symbolic ritual of death and rebirth. Thus hibernation reflected a time of initiation. Winter is the season of power, for that is when the groundhog reveals and uses its most effective medicine~ hibernation.

    It is also a symbol of opening fully to the dreamtime, the heavy winter sleep, allowing the individual to use the dreamtime more powerfully. Those with a groundhog totem will find that there will be increasing ability to develop lucid dreaming~ especially during the winter. Any time groundhog shows up, the clarity and power of altered states will be amplified. Dreams will become more significant.

    Many shamans, yogis, and mystics would teach methods of slowing down the metabolism of the body. This was often used to create trace conditions. This could facilitate healing or be directed toward out of body contacts. It can also be used to develop shamanistic trance. In this form of trance, the individual learns to shut down the body and then leave the body (leaving it protected), and then goes off into other dimensions to learn and to bring back knowledge.

    When groundhog shows up as a totem, there will be opportunity to explore deeper altered states of consciousness. Lessons associated with death and dying and revelations about its process will begin to surface. Groundhog holds the knowledge of metabolic control. Its medicine is that of going into the great unconscious to touch the mystery of death without dying. 

So this seems like the perfect moment for this synchronicity with the groundhog in this forum.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Soul Searcher vs the Accuser

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Re: Mountain's Stream
« Reply #666 on: January 20, 2015, 08:59:59 AM »
I've been thinking, actually meditating about why I have been such a bother.
And in my opinion, and with respect for your opinion, we are not that different, although your intentions are good, your delivery seems somewhat defensive and blameful, and I think that is why I have been responding in a less than positive way.
so I offer my own version of what I think your message is.
"trying to make sense of these times biblical scholars place more importance on the letter of god's word than the spirit of the message.
without the spirit they become increasingly frustrated and insistent that their interpretation be accepted by others.
if they themselves have not found peace, what can come of their preaching but the spread of more self righteous anger and irrational action.
it is simpler than that.
do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
who wants to be barked at or condemned?
a soft spoken voice is more powerful and believable than a loud threatening one.
why insist when people need time to consider and figure things out on their own?
god doesn't convert the masses with preaching, he gently appeals to individual hearts.
the message is frustrating and confusing to those with hardened hearts who relentlessly seek validation by convincing the rest of the world, and yet it can be understood in the open heart of a humble child and confirmed through the inner joy and peace they receive as a result"
That's it
That sums up my interpretation of what I think your true message is to those (whose) intentions are skewed.
No offence!
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Re: Mountain's Stream
« Reply #667 on: January 20, 2015, 04:56:13 PM »
Just read your posts,so much being said,spiritually or otherwise and in this some find it easy to hide. I think why not if it be so comforting,soft and snuggly and all. So I will take comfort in what I find for me to be so and seek no more to struggle with all the rest.

You have been right about some things and know I have tried,but it is in this world we have to live with one another and not eagerly I have had to depend on some others for things with my survival.Things I fought and worked hard for.Things I have been lied to about and cheated out of.Its not that I have not tried.Some should be so fortunate that they haven't the same struggle.least they should know more of me and how things came about.I too have my own mysteries about me.What I have cannot be bought...cannot be sold or traded.

I am an individual.I've strived hard to earn the respect of being me.I am not a carbon copy of another and I seek not to be,only in trying to relate and understand,in earnest Ive tried to communicate,without trying to lose my soul and all I've fought and sought for.All in all I think Ive done a pretty good job,yet never to be given the credit I so deserve.And some who have sought to ruin have sought to discredit and downplay all I have tried to achieve.They only cheat and hurt themselves in the long run.The fainthearted who ask for proof only bring about the lack within themselves.Having so much,why do they doubt?

My comments addressing their questioning me in the first place?  Did they not know the true intention of the heart? Of their hearts? Of my heart? I say"shame,shame"! I have lasted the test of time.They have and will not! This is all I can say.


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Re: Mountain's Stream
« Reply #668 on: Today at 06:53:18 AM »

Yes, and of course the SPIRIT of GOD will reach you about the rest since you are on that lonely path of Soul Searching that is the only life there is. You must already know that you will be hated and all manner of things said about you falsely since you are on that path.


I found it obvious that those faking piety and not soul searching but rather playing like they are"good" when none are should be led into a trap by the very scripture they have stolen to use against men and find themselves guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. These are they that think opposing the SPIRIT is not a sin but apposing them/interpretations/women is. These lie about three things in order to convince those they seek to deceive they are not lying about one. These are the spirit of the devil himself being the accuser always looking for something to have over the heads of men in order to deceive them. This is why they are caught in a net.

for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

“I promise you that any of the sinful things you say or do can be forgiven, no matter how terrible those things are. But if you speak against the Holy Spirit, you can never be forgiven. That sin will be held against you forever.” — Mark 3:28-29 (CEV)

Why, because if we reject the SPIRIT over some interpretation we have rejected the very power that is to lead us to life and away from the death that such separations leads us to.

Therefore those speaking the greatest about the sins of others are committing the greatest sin against the SPIRIT and are PROMISED what they had planned for others. This promise is irrevocable.

Those seeking an argument with someone that is only seeking peace will live that argument for eternity never being forgiven of their own sin. They have rejected starting new "as the sun also rises" new, only seeking more of why they were abandoned in the first place. They were not promised anything but stole what they believe they possess, which even that will be taken from them at death.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hard to Explain

Dreams and Visions / Re: Graylady's Dreams
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Odd synch with this conversation.

Last night Pam watched a movie about a boy touring Europe that was angry and wanted to give a letter to his Danish Grandfather from his father. He got pictures of his father when he was young standing at different places in the city he was born and he visited those places to find out what made his father smile in the pictures. A young girl assisted him in discovering about his past. He found out that he knew his father and had the same experiences as his father about feeling abandoned and he had turned out to be the same angry child. Like in this thread, he went to the same places his father was in the photos to find out the true intentions of his heart.
Movie Trailer

This also reminds me of another post I had done about a similar situation. It's called

It’s your life, now SNAP it up!

The poetry about this moment is the same. It is through the EXPERIENCE WITH SPIRIT that we come to know the true intentions of the FATHER.

The Absent Father on Propheciesonline

Re: The Absent Father
« Reply #30 on: Today at 06:42:09 AM »
Words will never reach you, only the SPIRIT can do that. Until then it is all just presumption.
And what of their testimony, without the SPIRIT it is not valid as Jesus said regarding the pharisees. Without the testimony of the  FATHER through the SPIRIT in our lives our testimony is nothing.
So this generation is like a tavern where SPIRIT's are not allowed they pour the same old flat soda saying Jesus, Jesus but discard the SPIRIT, pretending they believe while never having the witness of the SPIRIT as to what they believe. Their prayers do not penetrate. They act as though they hear but they really don't possess an ear (YOU/SPIRIT are my possession, therefore I am yours) to hear. This is what Jesus was saying about a testimony without the SPIRIT. So say the same thing over and over about Jesus saying the words, I am the way, the truth and the life but never know the FATHER through the SPIRIT that was giving those words to the son at that moment to speak them. If Jesus was to speak the words written by scribes without getting them from the FATHER through the SPIRIT then the miracles and synchronicities would not have taken place in their sight. And believe me, they thought he was arrogant because they could not see the SPIRIT but only the flesh. So it was the witness of the SPIRIT in his life that made him seem arrogant to those that hated him, but really they never knew the true intentions of the heart. They judged, while he did not judge them, but they never knew ME says the SPIRIT. So let the argument end before it leads to sin/separation. She/he who looks for an argument and does not seek peace is to live an eternity of that hell. And just conclude that we don't see eye to eye (because the SPIRIT is needed to unite us) and we will leave this struggle and wait for the SPIRIT to move/reach them.

Monday, January 05, 2015

WhiteStone synch Jan 3rd

January 03, 2015, 07:47:21 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNlsjioo_JY
Stacking wood

My WhiteStone synch having to do with a loved one.
Yesterday I spoke with Dutch a neighbor of mine originally from Holland who also lived on a ketch rig about cleaning the stones before creating walls. I want to believe for this friend and have the synchs increase for their healing.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Sacred Journeys

I have been having this synch for a while and meaning to post it and now that PBS is having "sacred Journeys" I feel I must post.


synchs involved

Pam and my synchs with Finding Home-The Universal dream/fantasy of creating home
June Lake Homestead Dream

My trip with my mother and the time we spent like a baptism related to SPIRIT

The movie Rango and his sacred journey

Pam and My trip to Tennessee

Also this is the reason I tend to "get lost" on purpose such as going to the Smokys and going to Chattanooga and all the trips I took in California in conjunction with what I did there for a living.
Gold Hill

Christmas day Drive

Taking a journey invites the unknown to more readily enter into your experience. We have spoke of late about walking the pilgrimage path in Spain, and of our desire to one day visit India. Last night they had the PBS program about the pilgrimage to India related to Hindu and then also one to Africa. Both were very enlightening and I see the SPIRIT and all it's facets could be experienced in any and all such experiences.
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SPIRIT sent them a lie, because of the deluding nature of scripture
Those that interpret according to the flesh are caught in a net
Those that only see SPIRIT are set free from the book/law because
LOVE indeed fulfills all scribbling by scribes

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Re: Mountain's Stream
« Reply #654 on: Today at 06:26:10 AM »
Had a wonderful New Year's Eve (Boy these folks can party!!!!!!!!!!!!) ;D

Source for pic
We watched Seven Years in Tibet which reminded me of my years alone with YOU/SPIRIT. The pain related to love and children also. Thee part about journeys in the movie was very interesting.

From these quotes the journey is revealed.
At the end of the world his real journey began

A great true story told with honesty that shows a great transitional journey of a man-child into a mature human and the life long friendship that comes out of it.
Gregg Bracke

Plotted as such, the film is really about a reawakening of oneself. We're told that the Tibetans believe that a long, arduous journey cleanses the soul, and Heinrich, who starts as an arrogant loner, transforms into a completely different man by the story's end.

Coming back into my family's lives has jolted them more than it has me. The biggest misunderstanding that just being around me seems to be changing is the intention for peace and harmony. The great Jolt of my existance taught me to love peace and to flee conflict and some in my family took that at first as un-caring about others problems and not wanting to listen to them. But peace is growing now in this temporary home with my siblings. They cannot lie to themselves about your "true intentions" for long. I am learning from those that never evolved that they use shame and lies to try to keep a person in the place they have believed about them in order to cover their own shame of what they really are. And as they reveal their own lie, they are jolted themselves. As they encounter the real intention for peace, they begin to follow suite. They cannot exist for long in this state of denial without it effecting them. So the attention to SPIRIT and sanctuary and peace is more powerful over the long term than any argument.

Religion is not worship, rather


Everyone that argues reveals they never knew SPIRIT and are hiding behind a veil of interpretation that is not real. They use contention and shame to hide from themselves. Everyone fails, but it is those that evolve with SPIRIT's guidance that have moved on. Those who seek contention are creators of war and they live eternal death, forgetting their past mistakes through attention to the mistakes of everyone else. They fall asleep only to wake to conflict, this is the eternal hell.

Conversation with an 81yr old man.
There was a woman that chose a man in order to exploit his apparent weakness. She never loved him, but thought it would be easy to shame and extort him his whole believing he was easy and this would be an easy life. She believed that love was a game and the cards were stacked in favor of women. She laughed and joked with her friends when she was young about how easy it was to manipulate men. She said, "I am a woman, I don't have to work". She thought to herself, "Everyone would believe this person hurt me and not the other way around, everyone will believe I loved him and that he was incapable of love." But time reveals the true intentions of the heart that are hidden.

The snake that bites the heal of a man with true intent is unaware that the day is coming when that heel will crush it's head.