Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Up from the ASHES

I appreciate your post Mairin, 
After 20 years or more at this (Reaching you about SPIRIT) I was particularly down the other day but the SPIRIT "She lifts me out of my situation". The tree has been thrown into the fire but we shall see what the ashes bring.

Today started with my synch about ASHES that began about a week ago with Byrd my dog and the potbelly stove.

This quote came from the movie "Angel in the House"

Up from the ASHES grow the flowers of success.

I am having trouble with finding a new business though I had some success with board sales and repairs here. 

I am needing to get totally present in order to find it as I know it is here.

Anyway the dog has had terrible gas since we got the puppy and we read and laughed when it said charcoal would help. And then I got the stove hooked up and the varmint started eating the ashes and I had to stop him. But he was persistent and sure enough it seemed to fix the problem. "Ashes" was the synch also because of other things that Pam and I noticed. But when this Movie said this it struck a cord, and the movie also was about what I needed.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Butter and Eggs and Purification by Fire... Leaving the forums for wilderness

Butter and Eggs 20-Nov-2016
Weekend Edition

I had a presumption about the humiliation that was coming and thought that it would 

be the Christian and right wing people but like my own experience with "She is

even now at the door"http://www.stephentree.com/yi.htm I had thought, at the time, that my life was coming to me,

 and it was, but first it seemed like the opposite as the purification by fire was that beginning. 

It was such a jolt. And it worked through humility to reach me. Turns out those that 

are dead don't need any of this and are just a tool used by SPIRIT to reach the hearts of "my own". 

(Those I truly wanted to share the reality about SPIRIT with.}

 And it turns out that "my own" are those with true intention of heart that have already left the "right people".

So the synch this morning is Eggs and Butter like what was on.

Before watching TV I felt especially drawn to make toast and Eggs for myself and not have

 Pam prepare it. Then on weekend edition came these two topics.
http://www.cbsnews.com/news/this-week-on-sunday-morning-nov-20/ And then 

sitting by the fire I opened the Victorian Grimoire and was drawn to the list of things

 that the day was about and Eggs were there. So I looked up butter in the back.

Use butter to get on better terms with someone. You've heard the old expression, "butter someone up?" Well, use this association to help a stressed relationship. Take a piece of bread and write the name of the person on it with a toothpick. As you place it in the toaster, envision that the heating energy from the toaster is "warming up" the individual to being more receptive to a calm discussion. Next, apply the butter on to the toast as if it were a healing salve between you and that person. 

Humility, humiliation and where it is needed. (I need to once again leave the struggle as I missed the meaning on several synchs, there is little fruit on this tree as my intent was to reach those about SPIRIT over interpretation and I have not done that. I am sorry to those that do see but I am going away again into my own wilderness with my Pam. There is too much opposition and intentional misunderstanding and little interest on the forums. So many could have benefited by knowing of these synchs but no one cares so I will blog on dnatree.blogspot.com  ) She who needs Purified by fire is not among the dead.

 Sacred fire Ritual and the Light Photographers.https://www.canon.com.au/explore/bhutan-sacred-fire-festival
 I mean the synchs were right on except for where I put 

the one that needed the Purification within the GOP and it turned out she had left there because of 

Trump and was hidden in the masses. You will see what comes out of all this. (PREDICTION) The coming fire
so hot.

Weakness and Rumi

Movie High Rise and Trump Tower analogy of divisions

The loss of SPIRIT without even knowing it because of the system providing what was the SPIRIT to be asked.
When this connection is lost and people feel that disconnect they do not have the humility that is needed to treat each other
well. Such as in the movie "High Rise". It is really too late to go back now and what will play out is already started but for those 
that seek SPIRIT the path will go on. Leave the struggle! Let the SPIRIT handle it and trust as the storm passes over. They may do amazing things
but do not follow them because the  path is set.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


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I sat by the pot belly stove listening to the fire
I heard the stove make a burping sound
It came to mind about Tai Chi and the fire in the belly
and that process of burning

That Rumi Poem then came to me
  You’ve gotten drunk on so many kinds of wine. Taste this. It won’t make you wild. It’s fire. Give up, if you don’t understand by this time that your living is firewood.

I began to look at the idea of fire on different levels and what my life through the synchs had said about it
and about creating energy and a controlled combustion such as in the body

My father the inventor and how he taught me extrapolate

He would sit out on the deck by the helm smoking his pipe and speak to me about the glass of the window, saying
"Don't think about glass or anything in the same way you were taught, rather that it was sand and how it can be formed into so many things."

The synergy of YOU and I of Hillary and Trump

Controlled combustion like fox news loading the kindling into the stove

But what of the SPARK?

Where this is all heading you will not be able to say, because the mind cannot fathom the smallest of points overlooked.

That smallest of points like a spark

And what of the synchs of

Change Posted 2003
A coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind some interpretation that does not come from SPIRIT with nowhere left to hide!


The explosion of Passion 

Anger synch growing and the Hulk

The EVENT, landslide, politics, whirlwind, gas

Where the fire is headed will not be determined by thinking

But by the SPIRIT through that smallest of points the mind overlooks

Who is safe except he who walks with SPIRIT and does not LEAN ON THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

The end of the presumptuous woman

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

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Over the years there have been many telling synchs about what is now happening
First the timing occurred with those on the forums and then it spread to a much bigger expression. Why did SPIRIT use these forms to communicate? The storms including Katrina, Irene and the train crashes such as the great SoCal train wreck. And the Stock Market synch exactly to the day all are related to what is happening. All these things show that we should not fight over who is right but see what the SPIRIT says that reveals what the brain overlooks. This is all to lift up the SPIRIT over interpretations which only separate and lead to death.

Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

Oroborus :: View topic - When You and I collide - Stephentree

YOU and I Collide - Stephentree

DNATREE: YOU and I collide and August  Starting as early as Aug 27th 2005 the synch with YOU and I collide and about the storm that was predicted exactly to hit on my father's death date began to emerge. What is all this saying?

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Gas prices changing right after election and "they followed a lie".
also on Nov 8th 2006
Synchs of late: seattle, emigrant,

(note: The original post had the word prophecy and prophecies changed to Asylum so understand this reading it.)

In conjunction with what has happened I need to say
There has always only been YOU and I
How should we then treat each other since this has always been, this YOU and I
And since every interpretation can be shown to be wrong in an instant because of what has been overlooked by the mind in trying to interpret.

In this election there has been male against female, right against left, us against them and blacks and whites, etc but in reality there is as one man and one women and this veil of words which separates the two but without the SPIRIT and the original intention of the heart every interpretation is but partial and essentially wrong. Even the smartest will be shown to have overlooked the smallest of points.

Both sides have what the other side believes are weaknesses yet we condemn the other, yet no one seeks to know what they have overlooked. Therefore the struggle has gone on endlessly. Because of a misunderstanding of the original intent of the heart we cannot find where our instincts are leading.

But the SPIRIT will reveal what has been overlooked

    he will astonish[a] many nations.
    Kings will be silenced because of him,
    because they will see what they haven’t seen before;
    what they haven’t heard before, they will ponder.

Because of his ego he believes himself smart but the SPIRIT is catching everyone in a net for when the smallest of points overlooked will be revealed and all their knowledge will be shown as foolishness.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Swiss Army Knife synch

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We finished building an addition and traded an old Ashley stove for a potbelly fatso stove that fits where our bed used to be. So we are sitting around the stove this morning with our coffee and we had many synchs which I will begin to post again.

I was working in the barn getting the utensils for the fireplace that we brought from California when I noticed my old Swiss army knife and decided to put it with my tools down at the cabin. We then watched a silly movie called Swiss Army Man the next day followed by Ghost Busters Three the next day which also mentioned the Swiss Army Knife as the right tool to take down the giant Stay Puff Marsh-mellow man rather than a powerful weapon.

Then a tribute to Bill Murray came on last night and spoke of the Ghost Busters and the energy I always have this time of year was also that of a thin veil between the realities related to other dimensions.

Which leads to the latest Carolyn Casey program on KPFA Last night which was about the level of possession going through the roof with trump and those who "see through eyes of hate". That is the problem when people follow an interpretation to extremes such as ISIS and the Hillary haters. But I think that Trump is a necessary self absorbed leader at this time to really show HOW THE SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED BY THE MIND CAN BE revealed best to humans.

Yes it is fixin to be a wild ride friends. 

I do wish that others could have been shown how the smallest of points which ONLY comes from SPIRIT reveals how small the mind really is. But as it is we are reaching many on a one on one basis like the synch with two ladies we met in Knoxville who also said our meeting was a miracle which is what is normal among those we meet. But there is an ego that keeps this from reaching those who need it related to the forums. Though the synchs have been right on in the portrayal of this wild ride that we all are on.