Sunday, September 09, 2018

The Ongoing synch with Reach One person to the heart

The ongoing "Reach One Person to the heart" came out of the synch with

20 yrs could not reach America, therefore your hearts will break!  But today on Sunday Morning was exactly the spirit of what the synch is saying in reaching "each person" to the heart and the feeling of what that means. This example I want to reference is a person that exemplifies exactly what I am feeling. 

Here are the synchs 

Here is the news story

She was adamant about her beliefs until a heart attack and that reached her to the heart

I want you to see what is happening with Trump as exactly working through the presumption of those that get their ideology from an interpretation that DID NOT COME FROM SPIRIT.
Making what is happening a great thing!

Now my intention of late like the synch on this date about Mar a lago has been to reach that one person to the heart because his attention to power and money blinds him to what this personal beliefs that are not from SPIRIT is doing to America. But it is also playing out the same separation and misconception of those that have listened to a feed of separation ideology for many years and of those making the programs.

If there was a commercial revealing the synchs over the years in the prophecy websites it would astonish people how accurate the synchs were about what was coming but there is a reason it is hated and covered up.... at least until they too are reached to the heart.
If we could reach people with the message their experience would be so much more meaningful and lasting because of what the whole purpose of the lyrics of the synchs reveals.
If you do not get your ideology from

Help ME to get out the message of the SPIRIT through the synchs as no one is backing the SPIRIT though everything is being done by the SPIRIT to reach America and the world

We need the Lyrics of the Synchs to be revealed to everyone so that as they continue to come true everyone can see the uselessness of interpretation over seeking the SPIRIT!

Allow the Benevelance of the SPIRIT to make desolation be of these ideologies that are not of SPIRIT before true desolation with blood rising as high as the horses' bridles is
a reality in this time. The SPIRIT is the one that can transmute this reality as to
the meaning of these words

Lastly the sheep do not know they are being led to slaughter for it is very obvious that this person sitting in the seat of our fathers, has encircled himself with criminals as to what the American people have witnessed with all the indictments etc. Yet the SHEEP continue to mouth the same lies as the person they worship/give all their attention to. They cannot see that backing such obvious criminality also implicates them when this has been so obvious. And those helping to pull the wool over their eyes such as Hannity, FoxNews, and Limbaugh cannot help but see the writing on the wall. As they too will be responsible for leading these sheep to slaughter. The longer they continue to lie and use the law in a manner it is not intended the greater the slaughter will be beyond just the ideology that they believe they "possess" and the further to physical skull pyramid/slaughter these interpretations that did not come from SPIRIT will cause. All this has been predicted but everyone has chosen to bury this fact but when the tables turn how will they who have know this be treated by those that have suffered not knowing this existed? If they follow obvious criminal intent because of money and power then what is coming will reflect the horror of that presumption.



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