Sunday, January 27, 2019

Native American Synchs have begun

This is a work in Progress/ I started tonight and will finish tomorrow

Synchs with this date Jan 28th or there about
Liberating and Redeeming Those that remain synch from two years ago
My latest synch with snuff is enemies are trying to influence our people

Native American Synchs have begun
I will give it to a people that are not called by my name

If you look up symbols of SPIRIT related to dnatree you will find the same SPIRIT as those that were given life from SPIRIT especially those whose hearts were broken and eyes therefore opened. See dnatree.blogspot.com for all the synchs and symbols,  http://www.stephentree.com/yi.htm 

The first synchs with the Blackfoot Indians started the other day about the equestrian and the passion of the ride. About putting all the passion into that experience and the horse. Equus Story of the Horse PBS

Horse Poem by dnatree
I am HE Victory, driving his chariot along the edge of life and death
They are SHE, the horses, they run as one Spirit and the Crack of my Whip only excites her.

Today we watched the pbs program about Wampum Belts about the shell and my synchs about shells and cameo's and layered things related to dna and those who went before us.

Traditional Wampum Belts | Native America | PBS

And the Totem Poles as the dnatree
Like a tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas I waited for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved, until the painting took form
I had no idea  dnatree

Iroquois and the great law of peace and the Tree

http://www.stephentree.com/twbu.htm Those who went before us

I tried for 20yrs to reach them but they will never be reached,  now this nation will be destroyed and the separation/sin against each other is the sign of that desolation that is to come. This and many many things that are now happening were predicted. They have rejected the SPIRIT over and over and their hearts will be broken and just now I have begun to have synchs about all that I was taught from SPIRIT and now about the native American tribes. It brings to mind all that I have experienced earlier in my life like my interest in Native American Poetry in College and my links to the Cherokee and also my synch about Cherokee Tree back when.  The Native that TRULY look to SPIRIT will be redeemed! The synchs I have been having synchs that have to do with the Great SPIRIT who spoke through Jesus and your fathers but the nations did not hear it and have rejected it. They do not believe in SPIRIT but in the man that spoke. But the man of SPIRIT speaks what the SPIRIT tells him and all those that are fakes and claim to know the prophet really never knew ME! This also is Jesus's words the SPIRIT gave him to speak. The Indian nations are to get prepared for the SPIRIT's redemption as they will receive what the white man and woman have rejected. You must be ready for you are the seed that will grow that tree once again.

Each one of the Native Indian tribes have a connection to the synchs I received from those who went before us in the form of SPIRIT.

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Try to reach as many as possible as the time of many dying is now upon us because they are drawing their own end. This will begin soon as the separation is at a all time high.

If you were to see the landscape of DNA you would find that over the eons what is there has nothing to do with money but rather with finding home, creating love and beauty and bringing together those for synergy of mind. There is no good or evil or the bad ones and the good ones, but there is only YOU and I and this veil that separates us. The SPIRIT is the only way to really reach across the veil. All other interpretations and attempts to bring peace will fail.


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