Saturday, May 23, 2020

I am to say goodbye and silence is coming

I am to say goodbye now to those that are leaving us over the next three years and that it is related to the morning of the third day and the SON OF MAN IS RISING

As the son of man was in the earth for three days, and no sign was given them and those that love interpretation have been gathered in a net according to their hate and presumptions for others it is now unto them because they would not allow the SPIRIT to reach them, They will TRY to paint a different picture until the day they are swept away as the Japan prediction indicated....  They meant it for others but it is not according to the snake's interpretations but according to the SPIRIT. For those that remain, the SPIRIT will provide in the manner that I have been shown. and as the SPIRIT has given to me so you too will be given the bread of life. According to your love and true intention of heart toward the SPIRIT that is speaking you will be led to a new life but even those not staying are blessed.

All those such as the leaders, and media and preachers who dangerously placed themselves in the way of the SPIRIT and are not True Servants so as they are to be silenced now, so that all that can be heard is the voice of the SPIRIT in your own moments.

The honeysuckle came to our moments last night and was at a different time and place as first Pam and I found it together at Cane Creek and got home and found abundant honeysuckle everywhere but not in the same place as previously. This made even the same thing fresh and new in meaning as we are now dreaming beyond those that could not be reached.

I thought about North Korea and how they having suffered and are letting go of the deity of the leader  Being the least of them, they seemed poised to hear from SPIRIT while a country having more could  not conceive of what is appointed to them if they could not be reached. 


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