Monday, May 04, 2020

So many lies, science misleads also

Not leaders, not science, neither is certain. Last night as I was thinking about how Trump has lifted himself up as the "Ultimate Authority" and blasphemed the SPIRIT so science does the same like in the ad last night that said "Science is the only "Certain Thing" as I was looking at the synch about the prediction of the epidemic (Feb 16, 2019) and thinking about the


 about the vaccinations and about such a problem as we are heading for. 
For you see the smallest of points overlooked in science can cause a worse problem than it fixes. And science MUST NOW BE GUIDED BY THE SPIRIT to keep such a problem from happening when playing with fire.

You have already waited too late related to the message of the SPIRIT as there is going to be a time lag in understanding and presumption and push-back by those that love their interpretation more than they love their children.

Trump, I notice you have made the mistake of beginning to bargain with peoples lives
and promote problems during a pandemic
Your "Right Hand" will do it to yourself
I want the SPIRIT to Sharpen the pencil on the rich and powerful
On those that lie for politics right now and those that love their lies

Which brings me to the next synch last night. And that is the "you lie your children die" synch. They will want to hide their shame as the synchs unfold but that will just increase the death. We need to reach you and the "original intent" was to "fix the problem" Remember

You are not good enough
But I (SPIRIT) am 
Therefore all should seek the SPIRIT
This has been said over and over but your "interpretations" nullify it.
So now will your "interpretations" save you?

Back to the synch about "you lie your children die". So this is the first things I am getting
"He needs to apologize to whom he has lied and he will say that about what I have written but the SPIRIT will make even my fumbling right at the expense of his children. It is not I that needs to be perfect as the SPIRIT will MAKE ME RIGHT! The spiritually weak who lead you, now that is dangerous.  Not the way humans thought as it is not the rightness of the person but what the SPIRIT does through them.  It is easy for him to harden his heart against the SPIRIT and they cannot be reached because they have submitted to him and the interpretations but never sought the SPIRIT.  So I am to say:

There is nothing you "believe you possess" that I cannot taken from you

Son of man, take your staff and point it at their children 
"cry out loud"

You Lie
You Lie
You Lie your children die
(This is a prediction to reach you not to intend this, for it is You that will draw it to them)

3 months, co-delivery because they love you because they love a lie. You lie to my people,so it is yourself that will cause it.

So we cannot judge them but their "right hand" will judge them as they lie they put all under them in mortal danger. When they curse "MY OWN" they curse themselves. So it is that each thing the leader does without true intent comes back to grow his woe.  I would rather start at the top because those at the bottom only follow after them and get everything out of the way of the SPIRIT and man, make straight the way. Believe me you don't want to just let it unfold and deal with horror until finally those that remain find out what they have overlooked.

Everyone's plans are getting ruined right now, don't think that a leader of the free world (yea right) plans should not be ruined too! You presumed "the political right" was right but they are DEAD wrong. Would you rather such a lying leader be in charge of how death unfolds on this planet? Do you want to Trust That!? So of course we don't want the lusts of money and power to do that so, we need the SPIRIT to fix this problem but I guess that will only be for Noah and his own at this rate.

Sick synch
The first "sick" synch happened when I was driving to Cookeville and I was listening to NPR and the person on their was feeling like a bleeding heart and I wanted to let go of that energy so I moved to another channel. I said the word "sick" because I  did not feel good with that energy so I looked for a better energy and as soon as I selected the next channel which was less than a second after saying "sick" the channel came on with the word "sick". I immediately knew the SPIRIT was giving me a synch with that word but knew that "knowing YOU" it would not be what you would think or related to me or my own.

Synchs with this date

I am to place Joplin here which means afflicted
When the broken hearted people living in the world agree. There will come an answer,,,, ALLOW IT TO BE! (Best to just fall on this rock)

We are approaching the last song and you have chosen to try in your own power and via your interpretations to fix what it is the SPIRIT's intent to fix.

You are going to tell me, "I thought you were on my side" and I will have to tell you "no, I thought you were on my side" but you did not begin to reach them, you do it to yourself.

edit to add: So someone deleted my tiny request at gofundme so let those manipulating crap at the top OFF MY PLANET!!!! Sooner than later MY LIFE, I don't need that anyway as MY LIFE provides sustenance.  You are only hurting yourselves you meaningless political manipulators need to find another planet to live. We will keep those with true intent for as long as they cooperate with life.


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