Wednesday, May 06, 2020

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In progress...

Just waiting for the SPIRIT on synchs this morning and to open the door, what are you doing waiting for the grim reaper!! Just get off this planet if you have no passion for the SPIRIT that is life!!!!
#donothingdemocrats and the Trump worshipers are the same manipulated by money to die.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Looking for YOU/ MY LIFE, YOU are MY HOME.

We may have to leave you soon, so let our quest for home remain in your hearts. Time is Short! Therefore, I cling to the SPIRIT that IS MY LIFE!

I don't know for sure who,  First trip out he get's sick and it feels like a sign.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

SPIRITual Weakness of Trump and the only way to overcome

We (SPIRIT and I) have played a flute for you and you would not dance, we sang a dirge and you would not mourn.

Trust,  http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/03/trust.html

To not be able to trust leaders and especially narcissistic leaders and manipulators. How do you not know that they manipulated or caused it and then overlooked the smallest of points. Or that the bear attack synchs are not Putin all along manipulating for world dominance with or through Trump? We just don't know with these manipulators. But the SPIRIT knows. The SPIRIT says it is very complicated scenario but STAND BACK AND WATCH.

 Quote from 2011
You may misunderstand me, (on purpose) but DO NOT misunderstand (none will escape, nor humiliate) the Spirit when it begins SPEAKING through the coming events.

 Trump and his Dangerous Lies

Friday, May 06, 2011

How easily they followed a lie

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The final step to reach America

The final step  to reach America

Back in 1993 when I asked my life to reach you I realized that many would be hiding behind a veil of interpretation and wanting to believe a lie. So if the predictions could not reach you, which they have not, then the SPIRIT would give the right the person they believe they wanted that would seem to do what they wanted him to do. (Trump) I dreamed that he would do amazing things, in their eyes, and lead them astray by doing what they believed was right. But that it would lead to such a situation that they cannot get out of and they would have to turn to the SPIRIT for the answer and then things would turn around. If you would see the level of danger that the world is in at this moment and what everyone has overlooked, it would be like meters turning yellow then red on many fronts from Iran, to North Korea, to China and Russia and many more. All this is being done by someone thinking they are playing hardball when what they are doing is loosing good will at an amazing rate. The situation will result in the world being on the edge of desolation for what, money and power.  Time is Short, Get Ready for the wild Ride!

What needs to happen is for those such as in Christianity need to be reached about the falacy of following an interpretation and not following SPIRIT. The real meaning of what Jesus said was to believe in the SPIRIT and follow the SPIRIT into all truth. This cannot be done without having real passion and love for truth and going to the edge to experience what is real which will be that how "they" will manipulate and use the law and the scripture to control others when that was not the purpose of the law.

Following synchronicity means that SPIRIT sanctifies things and makes them right such as the synch with the horoscope today from Metrozone. If the SPIRIT makes it right no matter how much your interpretation misunderstands it is right for that moment.

Many classic film characters saved the day by not doing something 'by the book.' Their methods may have been seen as dubious or questionable by others, but they worked. We rooted for them, even if we thought there was more madness than method in their approach. Adopting a maverick or unorthodox approach in your world might be met with disapproval initially. However, others will accept your results speak for themselves, even if your actions raise a few eyebrows.

The number of resource and Treasure Hunt synchs in the last few days are insane.







In 1993  I realized I needed to spend my time with the synchs and not keep running after money. I could not pay some bills so I prioritized and found since I had a modest place to live that was paid for that my basic bills including food were little more than 100 dollars and I decided to work out my life with the SPIRIT and it turned out to be the best choice of my life. It takes little to live if you live modestly the SPIRIT has it planned that way. And after you grow a tree of dreams then you can increase your system to become more self sufficient and creative and have more to work with or find things to improve your system as this society throws out more than we subsisted on a couple centuries ago. Big Money could save a lot of lives telling you this right now but they won't because they make money when you are out there slaving for them. But if you will take the time to grow in the SPIRIT you will be much better off than them before too long.  Whatever your situation, if you hear synchs, you will be led to do what you need to do. But I would get out of high rent and if you have any money or property I would secure a small plot and build a hut or outfit a van and live simpler because of what is coming. The simpler you can live in the next few years I think it will prove worth while.


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